Friday, November 9, 2012

Nov. 7, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday, November 7th , 2012

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6:20pm       100 blk Brookdale        Robbery Arrest
Officers Trail and Peregoy went to investigate a call of a robbery that had just occurred on the 100 Block of Brookdale Avenue. The Officers met with the victim who stated she was walking up Brookdale listening to music on her cell phone, which she was holding in her hand. She then saw an acquaintance walking on the same street, who approached her and engaged her in a conversation. Suddenly, the known suspect grabbed her cell phone out of her hand and to run away.
The victim chased after him but lost sight of him as he turned the corner. The victim turned the same corner and saw the suspect standing and talking with four other males. She repeatedly demanded her phone, but the suspect insisted he didn’t have her phone anymore. She then went to the suspect’s residence and told his grandmother what had just occurred.
The victim also contacted her mother and told her as well. All parties then confronted the suspect who still denied he had the phone. Officer trail spoke to the suspect, who ultimately confessed he took the phone, but had handed it off to one of the other guys in the group and didn’t know where it was now. The suspect was ultimately arrested and charged for the robbery.  
Because this victim did not give up and went to the suspects’ home and told grandma, and the fact that the officers were able to persuade the suspect to tell the truth, he now sits in jail. This is because he was not too bright! Happy Thanks Giving. Report number 120902704. This the
                                  ***Best Arrest of the Day***

Serious Incidents:

10:15pm     Unit blk of Eugenia      Attempted Robbery
Officers Anderson and Ferronato responded to the unit block of Eugenia regarding a call of an attempted robbery involving two victims.  They had just finished having dinner at a restaurant close by and were walking and having a conversation. During their conversation, they observed three suspects walking down the street headed in their direction. Both victims split up and went on their separate ways. One of the suspects approached one of the victims and demanded his phone and items. The victim didn’t take the suspect seriously until he turned the other way and saw the other two suspects assaulting his friend and demanding his items as well. After being slapped in the face by the first suspect, the victim yelled out for the police. The other two suspects heard this and all three suspects ran from the scene. The victim helped his friend to his residence where he took a cab to the hospital.  The victim’s friend sustained a three part fracture to his left ankle as a result of the attack. Both victims said that the suspects did not get anything and ran away empty handed. Report number 120903332

Vehicle and Other Incidents:
2:39am            Brunswick/Roemer                 Traffic Collision
7:00am            Harrison/Alameda                   Stolen Vehicle
10:45am          Unit Blk  Foote                       Recovered Vehicle
11:00am          100 Blk Brookdale                  Theft
1:15pm            1000 Cayuga                           Theft
4:00pm            Avalon/Mission                       Stolen Vehicle
4:30pm            Mission/Harrington                 Theft from Vehicle
5:30pm            Unit Blk Vienna                      Stolen Vehicle
7:00pm            Mission/Ney                            Stolen Vehicle
8:30pm            900 Blk Cayuga                      Stolen Vehicle
8:37pm            3300 Blk Mission                    Theft
9:00pm            200 Blk Lawrence                   Stolen Vehicle
9:30pm            Brazil/Naples                           Traffic Collision
10:47pm          600 Blk 30th                            Recovered Vehicle

Burglaries with suspect description:

No incidents to report