Friday, November 9, 2012

Nov. 6, 2012

Incident Date:
Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

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10:06pm     100 Blk Blythdale          Drug Arrest
Officers Seavey and Padilla were on patrol near the Sunnydale Housing when they encountered a suspect they knew to be on active parole.  After confirming his parole status they began speaking with the suspect near a vehicle he had been driving.  A parole search located several plastic baggies containing a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine.  The officers also located a digital scale and a large amount of cash.  The suspect was arrested and transported to Ingleside Station.  A presumptive test of the narcotics was positive for cocaine. The officers took pictures of all evidence and booked them at the station.  Report Number 120900184

11:28pm     900 Blk Geneva            Robbery Arrest
Officer Contreras was dispatched to investigate a fight. The officer met with the victim who had blood all over his face. The victim told the officer that the suspect approached him trying to sell a late night MUNI transfer. The victim responded “no”, in which the suspect started to verbally assault him. Afterwards, the suspect swung his fist at the victim in an attempt to hit him. The victim told the officer that he was able to avoid the contact by deflecting it. Both men fell to the ground and a struggle ensued. While on the ground a second and third suspect approached. The suspect yelled out to the two other suspects to take the victim’s laptop and power drill. The suspects picked up the victims property, then fled on the area. The victim held onto the first suspect till the officer arrived. Officers searched the area for the other suspects with negative results. The suspect was arrested and then transported and booked at the County Jail.  Report Number 120900300

Serious Incidents:

3:21pm       Ocean/Howth                Robbery
Officers Yuen and Archilla were dispatched to a robbery case.  The victim told them that she was waiting at the bus stop when a male suspect approached her, grabbed her cellular phone out of her hand and fled the area.  The victim was not injured and said she could not identify the suspect if she saw him.  She provided a description of the suspect but officers were unable to locate him.  Report Number 120900178

9:05pm        Russia/Madrid              Att. Robbery
Police Services Aide Flynn prepared a report regarding an attempted robbery. The victim, who came to the station, told the PSA that he was walking on Russia Street when he felt people walking behind him. The victim said that all of the sudden he heard a voice right behind him say to him, “Empty your Pockets!”  The victim immediately began running and yelling for help. Hearing and seeing this, the suspects fled the area.  The victim was not injured and said he could not identify the suspects if he saw them again.  Report Number 120900178

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

  7:19am          400 Blk Murray           Stolen Auto
  8:45am          200 Blk Holly Park     Recovered Auto
11:00am          300 Blk Brazil             Theft
12:21pm          4700 Blk Mission        Warrant Arrest
12:45pm          400 Moscow               Theft
  2:00pm          Unit Blk Cameo          Recovered Auto
  6:00pm          Alemany/Ocean          Traffic Collision
  6:15pm          Geneva/Athens           Vandalism to Vehicle
  6:26pm          Mission/Park               Traffic Collision
  6:30pm          1000 Blk Chenery       Traffic Collision
  7:23pm          Unit Blk Rice              Warrant Arrest

Burglaries with suspect description:

No incidents to report