Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nov. 3, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

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2:00pm       Unit Blk Russia             Att. Robbery
Officers Archilla and Lim responded to a call regarding a battery. The officers spoke with the victim who stated that she was walking with her child when two unknown suspects snuck up from behind and began to pull at her jacket trying to take her purse which was wrapped around the stroller. The victim was unable to fight back because her only concern was to keep the stroller upright so her baby would not fall out and  hit his head on the concrete. The victim said she was going to call the police, and the two suspects left the scene. While responding Officer Baldovino heard the description of the suspects from dispatch.
Officers Baldovino saw two subjects that matched the description broadcast and detained them. The victim positively identified both suspects! The two suspects were arrested and booked at Ingleside Station for attempted robbery, felony child endangerment, and conspiracy to commit a robbery and battery. Oh did we mention that theses two rocket scientist had drugs on them too? They were booked for that too!  Report Number 120889447. Once again Ingleside station officers are able to catch two thugs that were willing to injure a child and his mother just to steal her purse. That is why this is ***The Best Arrest of the Day***

5:08pm       600 Blk Banks              Public Nuisance
Officers Leong and Hom were dispatched to a call regarding the well being of a person. The officers arrived on the scene and found the victim lying under a tarp with misc debris around him. The victim was transported to General Hospital and treated for any injuries he may have sustained. The officers were able to speak with the victim who was under the influence of alcohol, and stated that he had blacked out at the farmers market, and a friend walked with him to his home. While the offices were on scene investigating the suspicious call they observed a large amount of debris and trash around the property consisting of shopping carts, broken appliances, broken lamps, rusted paint cans, broken wood and other assorted trash. The officers then spoke with the resident who allowed them inside the house.
Once inside, the officers smelled a pungent odor which resembled rotten food, fecal matter, body odor and stale beer. Due to the state that the residence was in, inside and out, the resident was brought to Ingleside Station for their investigation. The resident was subsequently sited for public nuisance violation and released from Ingleside Station. Report Number 120889920. The quality of life issues were the major contributing factor for the officers at the scene to contact Lieutenant Engler to respond.  Lieutenant Engler quickly decided that this was an issue that needs to be addressed for the sake of the neighborhood.

Serious Incidents:

There were no serious incidents to report.

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

12:40am          3400 Blk Mission                    Vandalism to Vehicle
  1:15am          Unit Blk Garrison                   Vandalism to Property
  2:00am          Paris/France                             Traffic Collision
  3:00am          500 Blk Laidley                      Theft from Vehicle
  6:32am          Unit Blk Crescent                   Warrant Arrest
  8:00am          1500 Blk Geneva                    Graffiti
10:36am          400 Blk Cordova                    Recovered Auto
12:00pm          500 Blk Chenery                     Burglary
  1:40pm          400 Blk Huron                        Recovered Auto
  2:00pm          3100 Blk Harrison                   Vandalism to Vehicle
  3:00pm          100 Blk Loehr                         Theft from Vehicle
  4:05pm          Alemany/Cotter                      Traffic Collision
  6:30pm          800 Blk Moscow                     Stolen Auto
  7:00pm          5200 Blk Diamond                 Theft from Vehicle
  9:30pm          300 Blk Precita                       Stolen Auto