Thursday, August 9, 2012

July 30, 2011

Incident Date:
Monday, July 30th, 2012

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11:49am     100 blk Blythdale         Threat/Force to Officer
Officers Uang, Hopkins, and Trail were on patrol when they observed a known suspect exiting a car that had prior arrests for theft. The suspect was on active probation. The officers exited the patrol car and conducted a probation search on the man. During the search, the suspect was uncooperative and started to verbally cussing at the officers. The suspect started to get physical with the officers so the calmed him down by handcuff him. The suspect continued to verbally abuse them and then made threats to the officers to cause bodily harm the suspect was booked at Ingleside Station for making threats and resisting the officers. Report number 120601332

2:30pm       2100 blk Bayshore        Vandalism
Inspector Creed, Lieutenant Dudoroff, and Officer Jones were driving north on Bayshore when they were flagged by a man who was arguing with another person. Two men were arguing in front of their home and one man accused the other for shattering a window on the front door. A man was letting his friend stay with him for several months and wanted him to leave because he was always arguing with his girlfriend and supposedly on drugs all the time. The unwanted roommate argued with his friend and then threw a chair at the wall, and punched the front window of the door. The officers on site observed the broken window and the unwanted roommate admitted his broke the window with his fist. The suspect was cited for vandalism and the victim was advised on how to obtain a restraining order against the suspect. Report number 120601796

3:47pm       3300 blk Mission          Theft with priors
Officer Chew responded to a local supermarket regarding a shoplifting incident. The suspect was caught by store security for shoplift 21 bags of coffee. Officer Chew conducted a background check and revealed that the suspect had several arrest for burglary and grand theft. The suspect was transported to Ingleside Station and booked for theft with priors. Report number 120602045

6:20pm       Unit blk Visitacion        Possession of a Weapon
Officers Campos and Burke responded to a call regarding shots fired. The officers observed a possible suspect sitting on a bench near the area where the shots were fired. Officers made contact with the male and ordered him to stand up with his hands clearly shown. The officer conducted a search of the suspect and discovered a loaded semi automatic pistol in his pocket and an extra loaded magazine. The suspect was placed under arrest. A criminal records check of the suspect showed that he was convicted felon and is prohibited from owning or possessing firearms. All evidence was booked at Ingleside Station and the suspect was booked for unlawful possession of firearms by a prohibited person. Report number 120602631

Other Incidents:

12:01am     Unit blk Otsego             Vandalism
Officer Castillo prepared a report regarding a vandalism incident. an unknown suspect had deeply scratched her car’s side doors and front hood. The victim believes that the suspect is a person that she has a restraining order against. Report numbers 120603388 & 120600958

3:20am       Unit blk Westwood       Theft
Officer Chew received a report from a person who stated that someone had broken into her car. The victim left her car fully intact in front of her home when a neighbor told her that he heard the sound of broken glass from her car. Several items were stolen which included two bags full of clothing. Report number 120598836

9:15am       400 blk Monterey         Threat/Trespassing
Officer Conceicao was dispatched to investigate a threats incident. A known customer was threatening the victim after he was told to stay away from the shop. The suspect made several threats towards the victim. The suspect left the business before the officer got there. Report number 120598375

12:00pm     200 blk Whitney           Embezzlement
Police Services Aide Cato prepared a report regarding a fraud. The victim stated that an unknown suspect had been taking financial advantage of his mother. She had recently been diagnosed with dementia. The suspect had somehow convinced the victim to withdraw and send thousands of dollars away from her bank account to another’s through the use of cashier checks, gift cards, and other checks. Due to the victim’s dementia, she could not recall on who and why she transferred the money. Report number 120601956

1:35pm       4000 blk Mission          Theft
Officers Quintero and Shugars were on patrol when they were flagged them down by a victim of a theft. The victim told the officers that someone had entered her unlocked vehicle and removed several items from the glove box. Report number 120603021

3:30pm       180 blk Bemis                Burglary
Officers Sanchez and Curry were dispatched investigate a burglary. the victim told the officers that several items in a garage belonging to a tenant of the home were stolen. The victim stated that she locked the back door and that the front garage door was rolled down and locked. A friend of the victim called and notified her that her garage door was open. She came back to find that someone stolen several speakers and clothes from her garage. Report number 120598579

4:30pm       4800 blk Mission          Theft
Officers Quintero and Shugars were flagged down while on patrol. A victims car had been broken into and several items stolen. The unknown suspect had broken the passenger’s rear window and removed a video camera and a laptop. Report number 120602960

6:20pm       100 blk Cuvier              Robbery
Officer Chew was dispatched to investigate a robbery incident. The victim told the officers that she had been pushed into nearby bushes while a suspect snatched her purse. Several credit cards, money, and other items were in the stolen purse. The victim told the officers that the suspects run away and could recognize them if she saw them again. Officer Chew searched the surrounding area for the suspects with negative results. Report number 120602647

8:00pm       200 blk Harkness         Theft
Officer Chew responded to a burglary incident on Harkness. A couple of friends were house sitting another friend’s home when one of them discovered that a few items were missing from the living room. The television, a Blu-Ray player, and a videogame console were stolen from the living room. The reportee watching over the victims home believe that their brother may have stolen the items. The suspect did not pick up his phone and the reportee was not able to provide any additional contact information. Report number 120601752

8:08pm       Mission/30th                  Battery
Officer Gomez and Leong were dispatched to investigate a battery incident. Several subjects were involved in a fight on the street. A small group of combatants separated and dispersed. The officers were able to locate one of them based on the descriptions provided by dispatch. They officers interviewed to the subject who had a cut above his eye but not serious. He stated that a suspect drove up to him and accused him of being a gang member. The victim stated that he wasn’t a gang member but the man in the car got out and started to punch him. Several friends of the victim were watching the incident and joined in to help the victim. The suspect fled the scene in his car. Report number 120597189

10:00pm     Sunnydale/Santos           Shooting
Officers Khan and Dilag were dispatched to investigate that several shots had been fired. The officers spoke to security officers in the area and were taken to where there were nine expended casings. The security officer also told the police that he saw several males running away from the scene. As they were conducting their investigation, Officers Thompson and Altramirano broadcasted that had been flagged down by a driver who said that his car was being shot at. There were several bullet holes in the car. Sergeant Gasanyan arrived to the scene and took over the investigation. All evidence was booked at Ingleside Station and this is an ongoing investigation. Report number 120603190

10:34pm     400 blk Naples              Robbery
Officer Lundy was dispatched to investigate a robbery incident. The victim told the officers that the suspect grabbed his iPhone from his jacket pocket and pushed him to the sidewalk causing an injury to his lip.  The suspect then got into the passenger side of a getaway car and fled the scene. The victim was unable to get the license plate number. Officer Lundy provided a follow up form, a Victim of Violent Crime Notification, and a Marcy’s card. Report number 120603281

11:00pm     Unit blk Velasco            Theft
Officer Marino responded to a theft incident regarding three vehicles. Three vehicles belonging to one family were broken into. Several items such as speakers, sub woofers, and power tools were stolen from the vehicles. Officer Marino searched the vehicles for finger prints to no avail. The officer advised the victim of the follow up procedures and gave him a follow up form. Report number 120600710


   6:08am           Unit blk Harrison        Recovered Vehicle: 2001 Ford E150, 3D, Wht
   8:30am          Unit blk Niagara         Stolen Vehicle: 1992 Acura Integra, 4D, Blk
   3:00pm          Unit blk Ocean           Stolen License Plate
   6:31pm          Amazon/Athens          Traffic Collision
   7:00pm          830 blk London          Stolen Vehicle: 1998 Honda Civic, 4D, Black
   8:00pm          60 blk Lisbon             Stolen Vehicle: 1996 Honda Civic, 2H, Red
   8:00pm          28th/Sanchez              Stolen Vehicle: 1989 Nissan Maxima, 4D, Green
 10:01pm          440 blk Hearst             Recovered Vehicle: 1986 Toyota Celica, 2D, Red