Thursday, August 9, 2012

July 29,2012

Incident Date:
Sunday, July 29th, 2012

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12:59am     1300 blk Shotwell                            Warrant
Officer Baldovino was dispatched to an incident regarding a person sleeping in a parked vehicle. The officer searched the vehicle and found a man sleeping inside with the window open and doors unlocked. The officer woke up the man and told him he was blocking a driveway. When the officer asked for identification the man became belligerent. After a while the officer was able to obtain a valid ID and conduct a computer check. It revealed that the man had a suspended license and an outstanding arrest warrant. The suspect was transported to Ingleside Station where he was booked for the warrant. Report number 120597838

Other Incidents:

12:10am     Unit blk Capistrano               Theft
Police Services Aide Cato was on station duty when a woman came in to report a theft. Someone had broken into her car, shattering the driver’s window, and stealing several items. One of the items stolen was a credit card where there was a failed attempt to charge for $368 dollars later that day. The victim canceled all her credit cards. Report number 120599953

12:30am     640 blk Bosworth               Vandalism
Officer Conceicao was dispatched to Bosworth regarding a vandalism incident. The owner of a dry cleaning store found his store vandalized with graffiti. Earlier that day, he saw a group of people sitting near the store and kept on looking at the store. The owner believes it may have been that group of people responsible for the graffiti. The victim also stated that this wasn’t the first time his store had been vandalized with graffiti. Conceicao booked photographs of the graffiti at Ingleside Station for evidence. Report number 120598262

1:00am       200 blk Vienna                  Battery
Officers McMilton and Peregrina responded to a battery incident. The victim who was attending a house party was grabbed and scratched by a known female suspect. The victim told the officers that she has been assaulted by her previously. The officers observed redness and some swelling where the victim’s arm was grabbed at. Officer Report number 120597935

2:15am       350 blk Precita                Vandalism
Officer Baldovino was dispatched to an incident regarding vandalism to a motorcycle. An unknown suspect had tipped over a motorcycle parked in front of the owner’s home. The owner was calling out for his cat when he noticed three men standing outside. He believes that they were casing vehicles and he went out to check on his motorcycle. As he approached the three men, they started to run. When the owner got to his motorcycle, he found it to be on its side and did not see how the motorcycle was tipped over. The officer also noticed another motorcycle down the street also knocked over. The officers’ took photos of the motorcycles and booked them as evidence at Ingleside Station. Report numbers 120597929 & 120597941

8:53am       100 blk Towerside        Firearm Discharge/Vandalism
Officers Park and Chang responded to the area on a call regarding multiple shots had been fired. Multiple cars had been shot at suffering damage to their windows and side doors. numerous people in the neighborhood heard the shots but did not see who was responsible for it. The officers collected all the bullet casings as evidence. Report number 120598325

12:05pm     Unit blk Bayshore        Counterfeit Money
Officer Park and Chang responded to a convenience store regarding the use of a counterfeit bill. A man went to the store and bought some food with a counterfeit $20 dollar bill. The clerk didn’t realize it was a fake until after the man had made the purchase. The clerk ran outside and stopped the man and demanded that he return the food back. The man insisted he gave the clerk a genuine $20 dollar bill and that bill that the clerk showed was not the bill he originally gave. Secret Service was notified on the counterfeit bill. Report number 120598676

3:45pm       Unit blk Moultrie           Theft
Officer Sugitan and Fung responded to an incident regarding theft. An unknown suspect had stolen two scooters from the park. The suspect asked one of the victims if he could borrow the scooter. The victim allowed the suspect to ride his scooter in which he ran off while stealing a second scooter from another victim. a relative of one of the victims chased the suspect but was unable to catch him. Report number 120599226

8:00pm       50 blk Chenery             Vandalism
Officer Morgante responded to the area regarding incidents of vandalism. Multiple cars had been vandalized with broken windshields and dents on the hoods. There were metal pieces on the sidewalk that are believed to be used to smash the windows. Photos of the damaged vehicles and the metal pieces were booked as evidence at Ingleside Station. Report number 120598400

9:40pm       Mission/Onondaga       Theft
Officer Ferronato was dispatched to investigate a theft. The victim was talking to the suspect when he suddenly grabbed her iPhone and fled. The victim stated that she also had two $100 dollar bills inside the phone case. The victim knows the man by his nickname and knows the general area he lives at. Report number 120600049

11:40pm     Unit blk Murray           Robbery
Officer Ferronato was dispatched to investigate a robbery case. The victim told the officer that he was ambushed by two suspects who stole gold necklace from the victim. The victim told the officers that he was walking through a park when the two suspects hit him from behind and punched him numerous times in the face. He was bleeding from his nose and mouth and paramedics were called in. The victim told the officers that he could recognize the two suspects if he saw them again. The injuries were not serious. Report number 120600243


  8:00am          Unit blk Paris              Stolen Vehicle: 1989 Mazda 323, 4D, Gray
  9:00am          2050 blk Alemany       Stolen Vehicle: 1992 Honda Civic, 4D, Maroon
  5:16pm          Church/30th                Traffic Collision
  7:30pm          40 blk Sala                  Stolen Vehicle: 1994 Honda Civic, 4D, White
10:00pm          Naples/Italy                 Stolen Vehicle: 1996 Ford Thunderbird, 2D, Black