Thursday, August 9, 2012

July 28, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, July 28th, 2012

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No Reportable incidents

Other incidents:
1:00am       3500 blk San Bruno     Vandalism
Officers Altamirano and Thompson were sent to investigate subjects fighting. When the officers arrived on scene they saw no one fighting but they were approached by a building owner whose building was damaged during the fight. The owner told the officers that he received a call from one of his tenants telling him that there was a large crashing noise earlier in the morning and when the tenant left home he saw that the front door glass broken had been broken. The building owner believes to know who the suspects are. Report number 120595729

2:45am       600 blk Duncan                 Robbery
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel responded to investigate a robbery. When the officers arrived to the scene they met with the victim for an interview. The victim told the officers that she was out with friends and that she noticed the unknown suspect sitting alone. The suspect seemed to be nice asked the victim to join him which she accepted. After a short time they both went outside and to the suspect’s car where they sat. The suspect began to drive while engaging the victim with small talk. The victim told the officers that the suspect made an inappropriate advance towards the victim. The victim refused the suspects advances and that is when the suspect grabbed her purse and began driving recklessly so that the victim would not exit the car.  The suspect suddenly stopped the car. The victim, seeing an opportunity to get out of the car, attempted to quickly garb her purse from the suspect but was met with force in the form of a punch to the face. The victim told the officers that the suspect reached under his seat, as if to grab a weapon and told the victim he was going to kill her. The victim got out of the car and ran yelling for help. The suspect drove off with the purse and its content. The victim was not seriously injured during the robbery, she refused medical attention. Report number 120595105 


10:00pm          San Jose/Mt. Vernon               Stolen Vehicle: 1992 Honda Civic, SD, White
10:30pm          900 blk Cayuga                       Stolen Vehicle: 1997 Acura TL, 4dr, Gold
  2:00am          1700 blk Dolores                     Stolen Vehicle: 1997 Nissan Maxima, 4dr, Green
  2:21am          Mission/Precita                        Traffic Collision
  2:00pm          Mission/Mt. Vernon                Traffic Collision: Hit & Run
  2:30pm          Portola/Evelyn                         Traffic Collision
  7:30pm          Moultrie/Crescent                   Traffic Collision: Pedestrian

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