Thursday, August 9, 2012

July 31, 2012

Incident Date:
Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

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10:57am     3100 blk Harrison        Warrant
Officer Pai was on patrol when he saw a car with expired registration. The officer turned on his lights and sirens and pulled the vehicle over. The officer advised the driver why he was stopping her and got her license. The officer returned to his vehicle and conducted a records check of the subject. The officer found that the driver had a no bail warrant and a suspended license. The officer arrested the suspect and brought her to county jail. Report number 120603996

Other incidents:

12:01am     400 blk Monterey                   Theft
Officer Lundy was dispatched to a call about a theft. When the officer arrived he spoke with the victim who stated that he was at a bar the night before and met the suspect. Soon after, the victim had no recollection of the night and believed that the suspect spiked his drink. Both went back to his house and when the victim woke up the next morning several items were missing from his house. Report number 120605641

8:00am       100 blk Monterey                   Burglary
Officers Hermosura, Contreras, Campos and Burke responded to a call of a burglary. When the officers arrived they did a walk-through of the house and found it ransacked. The officers then spoke with the victim, she told the officers she had left her house the night before and that she had house guests staying at her house that were leaving the morning of the incident. The victim then returned home at night went downstairs and saw the room had been ransacked and that a TV was stolen. The victim immediately left her house and called the police. The officers then stayed at the residence until CSI arrived to process the scene, further investigation revealed more stolen items. Report number 120605594

12:10pm     3100 blk Mission          Theft
Lieutenant Engler responded to a call of a purse snatching. When he arrived he spoke with the victim and several witnesses. The victim stated that she was standing at the passenger side of her vehicle when the suspect grabbed her purse and ran off, while running he grabbed various items out of the purse and left the purse behind. He got into a car then drove off. The area of the crime has video surveillance and an accurate picture of the suspect will be attained. Report number 120604295

1:00pm       300 blk Ashton             Theft
Police Services Aid Cato prepared a report for a victim of theft. The victim told PSA Cato that she was in her parked and locked car talking on her phone. Her driver side window was partially open and that the suspect approached the vehicle from behind and then snatched her purse which was sitting on the driver side seat. Report number 120605287

4:50pm       200 blk Andover           Battery
Officers Morse and Chan responded to a call of a battery incident. When the officers arrived they met with the victim. The victim told the officers that the suspect punched her in the face and sustained a cut to her lower lip. The victim told the officers that the suspect was still inside the residence when they went to investigate he fled through the back door, the officers tried to pursue the subject but could not make visual contact. The suspect is known to the victim and the victim will press charges. Report number 120605168         

  7:13am          1400 blk Alemany       Recovered Vehicle: 1992 Honda Accord, 4dr, Grey
  8:26am          Unit blk Regent          Recovered Vehicle: 1987 Mazda RX-7, 2dr, White
10:00am          200 blk Oxford           Recovered Vehicle: 1989 Honda Civic, 4dr, Silver
  2:30pm          San Jose/Monterey      Traffic Collision: Bicyclist     

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