Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 9, 2012

Incident Date:
Thursday, August 9th, 2012

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8:48pm       3000 blk Mission           Narcotics
Officers Gomez and Archilla were out patrolling when they saw a man driving on his cell phone. They conducted a traffic stop due to the vehicle code violation and asked the driver for his license. The suspect stated that his driving license was somewhere in his car and started looking in his glove box. He brought out a wooden box and told the officers that his license was probably inside. However, when he opened the box, a strong odor came out and there were three large bags of marijuana inside. Due to the officers’ vigorous training and experience in marijuana related cases, they were able to identify the appearance and odor as marijuana. The suspect was asked to exit his car and he agreed. Officer Gomez searched the front part of the vehicle and found several notebooks containing transactions for marijuana and a scale to measure the substance. The officers couldn’t search the back of the car due to a large pit bull in the backseat. Officer Archilla requested Animal Care and Control to control the dog and Officers Cassinelli, Pereira, and Sergeant Riskin arrived to assist in the investigation. In addition, Officer Archilla requested an SFPD K-9 narcotics dog to find more drugs in the car. The K-9 narcotics dog was successfully able to locate more marijuana. Officer Gomez asked the suspect if he had a medical marijuana card and proper documentation for a medical marijuana business. The suspect provided two unverifiable photocopies of a possible business and a non-San Francisco, non-verifiable medical marijuana card. The suspect was transported to Ingleside Station and booked for possession of marijuana with intent to sell and for the initial traffic violation of using a cell phone while driving. Report number 120631674

Other Incidents:

12:01am     300 blk Naglee              Theft
Police Services Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi took a report regarding a theft. The victim stated that an unknown suspect shattered his vehicle’s left front window and rear window. The suspect stole a watch and sweater from the vehicle. The victim told Heckenberg-Tognozzi that his neighbor has a camera that caught the incident on tape. Report number 120627087

1:00am       400 blk Persia               Threatening Statements
A tenant receiving threatening statements from another tenant came to Ingleside Station to report his case to Police Services Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi. The victim told PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi that another tenant living below was revving his car’s engine at 1:00am. The victim asked the suspect to be quiet from his bedroom window. The suspect started to swear at the victim and told him to come outside and fight him. The victim called police but the suspect left before the police came. However, when the officers left, the suspect came back again and went to the victim’s bedroom door. The suspect started to bang on the door and told the victim he wanted to fight and was going to shoot him. The victim called police a second time, but the suspect left before the police arrived. The victim stated he does not know if the suspect has a gun or not. Report number 120627322

9:30am       600 blk Duncan            Trespassing
Officer Ocreto responded to the area to take a report of a burglary. The victim told Officer Ocreto that he was sleeping when he was awoken by the sound of a sliding glass door being unlocked. He assumed that it was one of his housemates opening the door and went back to sleep. Several seconds later, he woke up again to an unknown suspect sitting at the foot of his bed. The suspect said hello to him and the victim told the suspect to leave immediately. The victim escorted the suspect out of the home and watched him walk away.  Report number 120632785

11:00am     100 blk Burlwood         Burglary
Officers Cassinelli and Pereira responded to a burglary incident. A victim’s home was broken into and several Macintosh computers and a plasma TV totaling $6000 were stolen. The suspect broke through the front door and caused the door frame to break and split. CSI was notified of the incident. Report number 120630911

2:10pm       200 blk Phelan              Theft
Officer Araujo was dispatched to respond to an incident of theft. The victims told Officer Araujo that two unknown suspects posing as employees of the Health Department were looking at items on the side of their house. The suspects told them that they had to pay $1000 dollars or else they would take them away to a “shelter” and shut down their home. The victims asked for identification but the suspects starting shouting and stating they didn’t have to provide any identification. The victims tried to write a check but they denied it. Instead, one of the victims opened their wallet which contained $500. The suspects took the money and drove away. Officer Araujo informed the victims that if anyone posed as a Health Department employee, call the police to confirm their identity. Report number 120630585

3:00pm       100 blk 29th                  Burglary
Officer Preston responded to an incident of burglary. A witness told the officer that she saw someone stealing her co-tenant’s bicycle. The suspect carried the bicycle through an emergency side door and started to walk away. She recognized the bike as her co-tenant’s because the owner usually parks his bike near her car. The witness confronted the suspect and asked him what he was doing with her co-tenant’s bike. The suspect told the witness he was visiting a friend living in the same building. The witness was unsure what to do and left the scene to call the police. When asked, the witness told Officer Preston she could identify the suspect if she saw him again. Report number 120630701

5:51pm       Unit blk Eugenia           Fire
Officer Archilla and Officer Gomez were dispatched to respond to a small fire. The SF Fire Department was on scene and told them what happened. A set of hanging potted plants caught on fire from a small oval shaped object with reflective material on it. The reflective material on the object caused a beam of sun light to focus on the plants and caused it to catch on fire. Neighbors noticed the burning smell and called the fire department. Some neighbors initially used a fire extinguisher to put out some of the flames but the fire was completely put out by SFFD. Report number 120631254


1:30am                        400 blk Raymond        Stolen Vehicle: 1996 Honda Accord, 4D, Grn
7:20am                        Geneva/San Jose         Traffic Collision: Bicyclist hit
7:30am                        Duncan/Diamond Hts  Traffic Collision: Bicyclist hit
11:00am                      4200 blk Mission         Unfounded Vehicle: 1990 Volvo 240DL, 4D, Gld
5:00pm                        100 blk Rousseau        Stolen/Recovered Vehicle: 1996 Subaru, SW, Grn