Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 10, 2012

Incident Date:
Friday, August 10th, 2012

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5:11pm       Unit blk Brumiss           Possession/Sale of Narcotics
Officer Hurwitz was conducting patrol in the Ingleside when she noticed a car illegally parked on the sidewalk. The officer walked up to the vehicle and saw two people sitting in the car, a male and female suspect. They were unable to provide the officers with proof of identification. Hurwitz ran a computer check and the female suspect had been cited before for driving without a license. The two were detained and the vehicle was to be towed. At this time, Sergeant Ly and Officer Rueca arrived on the scene to assist. Hurwitz conducted an inventory check of the vehicle and discovered a green bag in the back seat. She opened the bag and searched through its contents. Inside the bag was a digital scale with white residue on it, a glass smoking pipe, and a small bag containing a white crystal substance. Based on her training and experience, Officer Hurwitz determined that the white crystal substance was methamphetamine. The two suspects were transported to Ingleside Station and questioned.  The male suspect was questioned and released. However, the female suspect’s phone messages showed officers that she was selling the methamphetamine to other people. The suspect was booked on charges of possession of methamphetamines with the intent to sell. Report number 120634048

Other Incidents:

10:00am     400 blk Anderson          Vandalism
Officer Bernard responded to an incident of vandalism. The victim told the officer that he had laundry hanging outside in his backyard. When he went to go retrieve the clothes, he saw his neighbor duck behind a wall in an effort to avoid being seen. He noticed that there was some type of substance spilt in the yard and on the clothing. The victim thought it was bleach and brought the clothes inside. In the past, the victim and neighbors have had problems with the suspected neighbor and even had a restraining order against them which was expired. Officer Bernard advised the victim to obtain a new restraining order. Report number 120633846

6:05pm       3400 blk Mission           Vandalism
Officers Cassinelli and Chan responded to a nail salon on a report regarding a vandalism incident. A suspect had walked into a nail salon asking for service when the victim told her that all of the employees were busy with other clients. The victim told the suspect to come back at a later time. The suspect came back and was told that the salon was busy with appointments and that she wouldn’t be able to get her nails done today. The suspect became angry and started yelling at the victim. The suspect started knocking over nail polish bottles and broke two ceramic bowls. The suspect left the scene and the victim told officers that she has never seen her before. Report number 120634151

7:00pm       Unit blk Raymond       Theft
Officer Dockery was on motorcycle patrol when the victim flagged down the officer. The victim told Officer Dockery that someone had smashed his car’s window and stole a trim piece off the center console. The victim left his car parked for 15 minutes when he found his car broken into. Report number 120636141

9:45pm       Geneva/Carter            Robbery
The victim of a robbery came to Ingleside Station to report his case and Police Services Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi assisted. The victim stated that he was waiting for the bus to arrive when he saw three male suspects walk towards him and looking at his bag. He started to walk away and tried to call his father. The three suspects surrounded him and blocked him against a secluded area. One of the suspects pulled out a pistol and demanded the victim’s bag. Inside the bag was the victim’s laptop. Another suspect grabbed the victim’s cell phone and wallet which had his debit card. The suspects ran off with the stolen items. Sergeant Castillo of the Ingleside SIT team was notified and PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi advised the victim to cancel his phone and debit card.  Report number 120635911


12:24pm          Unit blk Joost              Recovered Vehicle: 1994 Acura Legend, 4D, Grn
4:40pm            300 blk Virginia          Stolen Vehicle: 1996 Subaru Legacy, 4D, Dark Blue
5:00pm            300 blk Banks             Stolen Vehicle: 1988 Honda Civic, 4D, Whi
11:40pm          Mission/Fair                Traffic Collision