Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 11, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, August 11th, 2012

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2:24pm       2100 blk Geneva           Vandalism
Officers Dockery and Miranda were in the area patrolling when they observed a male chasing after a bus. The suspect banged on the right side of the bus in an attempt to stop it. The officers told the suspect to stop banging on the bus. The bus stopped and allowed the suspect to board. However, the bus stood still for a period of time and the officers boarded the bus to see what was wrong. The driver of the bus told officers that the front door window was broken and it wasn’t damaged before the suspect boarded. The suspect attempted to change his appearance by taking off his hat and jacket, and also fixing his hair. Officers detained the suspect and told him that he broke the front window while banging on the bus earlier. The suspect was cited for vandalism to a bus. Report number 120636486

Other Incidents:

12:01am     Sunnydale/Santos          Theft
Officer Brown was working as Station Keeper when a victim of a theft came in to report her missing iPhone. The victim told Brown that she was meeting an acquaintance of hers. The friend asked the victim to borrow her phone to make a phone call. The victim handed over the phone and he went around the corner to make the call. Ten minutes later, the victim checked around the corner if the suspect was still talking on the phone. Instead, he was gone and stole her phone. The victim does not know where the suspect lives but she deactivated her iPhone. Report number 120635256

1:00am       100 blk 29th                   Vandalism
Officers Peregrina and McMilton were dispatched to respond to a possible break in. The victim told the officers that she heard loud pounding on her front door and then the sound of broken glass. She dialed 911 and believed that someone was trying to break into her home. A window was shattered by a thrown rock. The officers searched the area for the suspect or any witnesses but were unsuccessful. Report number 120635212

8:39am       1600 blk Valencia         Theft
Officers Chang and Park responded to an incident regarding a theft. The victim was an owner of a laundromat who reported that someone broke into his soda vending machine. He noticed a small opening on the machine and found out that all the money was missing. The suspect checked his surveillance video and saw the suspect tampering with the vending machine and stealing the money. The surveillance tape was sent to the investigators. Report number 120638880

7:15pm       3700 blk Mission           Assault
Officers Naval and Morrow were dispatched on a report of a person who was stabbed. Officer Preston was already on scene before them and performing the initial investigation. Sergeant Gasanyan arrived on scene and took over the investigation. The victim was at a bar playing pool when some of the people inside were getting rowdy. He decided to leave after a lot of people started to fight. The victim was very intoxicated after the leaving and walked to the bus stop. He noticed that he was bleeding from his neck and told a nearby person to call 911. Paramedics and SFFD arrived to provide aid. The victim suffered two lacerations on his neck but didn’t suffer from any other internal injuries. He told officers he didn’t know who may have stabbed him. Report number 120637462

8:30pm       Unit blk Lisbon             Theft
Officers Park and Chang responded to a theft incident regarding an auto boost. The victim’s vehicle was locked and secure the night before but when she returned the next morning, she noticed several items missing. The victim opened the trunk and saw that a few lamps and shopping bags containing new clothing were also missing. Her vehicle did not have any damages and she did not want her car fingerprinted for evidence. Report number 120638664

10:00pm     Unit blk Cassandra      Vandalism
Police Services Aide Zabarte was on station duty when a victim came in to report their damaged vehicle. The victim stated that someone inflicted multiple scratches on the front hood and driver’s side door.  Report number 120638608


12:30am          300 blk Baltimore       Stolen Vehicle: 1997 Honda Accord, 4D, Grn
5:49am            Cortland/Ellsworth      Traffic Collision: Hit and Run
9:34am            Bosworth/Mission       Recovered Vehicle: 1994 Nissan Sentra, 4D, Whi
10:31am          Alemany/Lawrence     Traffic Collision
12:45pm          Unit blk Arleta            Recovered Vehicle: 1994 Honda Civic, 2D, Blk
5:15pm            3300 blk Mission        Traffic Collision: Cyclist Hit
9:00pm            Unit blk College          Stolen Vehicle: 1993 Honda Accord, 4D, Grn
10:30pm          Ellsworth/Jarboe         Traffic Collision: Hit and Run