Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 7, 2012

Incident Date:
Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

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4:11pm       3300 blk Mission Theft
Officer Chew responded to an incident regarding a shoplifter. The suspect had attempted to steal several items that included coffee, painkillers, lemonade, and hygiene products. However, the suspect was caught by store security and then turned over to police. The suspect was cited for shoplifting.  Report number 120625100

Other Incidents:

8:00am       Unit blk Geneva  Assault
Officer Ocreto responded to an assault incident. The victim told the officer that he was slapped and pushed down by a female suspect. The two were drinking on the sidewalk when the suspect asked the victim to use his phone. He denied and she became angry. She started yelling at him and slapping him. He walked away with his back towards her. She then pushed the victim down to the sidewalk, causing a large abrasion to his face. Officer Ocreto requested paramedics who treated the victim’s wounds.  Report number 120623881

11:45am     200 blk Mullen    Theft
Officer Curry was dispatched to the area regarding a bike theft. The victim told the officer that his bike was stolen and his lock still intact. However, the suspect left his old bike leaning on a fence nearby. The neighbor of the victim told Officer Curry what she saw. She stated she saw the suspect doing something on the side of the victim’s home while holding the victim’s bike. They made eye contact and the suspect said hello. The witness didn’t know if the suspect was a friend of the victim’s. The suspect rode the victim’s bike away and left his old bike. Officer Curry seized the old bike as evidence and advised them to call the police if they saw the suspect again. Report number 120624572

2:00pm       400 blk Cortland Theft
Officers Suguitan and Fung responded to an incident of theft. The victim was sitting in a café when she was approached from behind by a suspect. The suspect asked her for directions to the Castro District. At the same time, there was another suspect standing in front of her table. By the time she was done giving directions, she noticed her iPhone was missing from the table. The victim told officers that she would be able to recognize the suspects. Report number 120624914

2:30pm       100 blk Rutledge Theft
Officer Lim responded to an incident regarding a petty theft. The victim told Officer Lim that someone stole his plants. The neighbor of the victim witnessed the event and told Lim that he observed the suspect cutting plants out of a planter box. The suspect gathered the cut plants in her arms and got into a white car and drove away. The victim estimated the plants to be worth around $45 dollars. Report number 120624958
8:00pm       3300 blk Mission Burglary
Officers Fung and Sugitan responded to an incident regarding a burglary. The owner of the burglarized store told officers that an unknown suspect cut his kryptonite lock on his gate. The suspect then stole $2000 from a nearby cabinet. The victim had a camera installed, but said it wasn’t working. Report number 120627548


6:00am             Roanoke/Arlington     Traffic Collision
10:00am          Unit blk Wanda          Stolen Vehicle: 1990 Toyota Corolla, 4D, Red
2:00pm            Unit blk Cotter           Recovered Vehicle: 1997 Honda CRV, 4D, Grn
6:25pm            Alemany/Ellsworth     Traffic Collision: Hit and Run
11:30pm          100 blk Precita          Stolen Vehicle: 1999 Nissan Sentra, 4D, Gray