Friday, August 31, 2012

August 26, 2012

Incident Date:
Sunday, August 26th, 2012

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There were no arrests to report on today’s date.

Other Incidents:

8:00am       Unit Blk Precita            Theft
Officers Casinelli and Chan responded to a theft call.  They met with the victim who told them that she left her bicycle unsecured in an unlocked common hallway and when she returned the bicycle was missing.  She was unable to provide any further information.  Report number 120681293

8:30am       5200 Blk Mission          Theft
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Heckenberg that she brought her purse to work and placed it under her desk area.  She was ready to leave work and when she went to grab her purse, it was gone.  She told the officers she didn’t know who might have taken the purse and there were no surveillance cameras in this particular office.  Report number 120677446

6:00pm       900 Blk Cayuga            Burglary
Officers Shugars and Paris were sent to investigate a burglary.  The victim advised that he was sleeping when he heard his neighbor banging on his door.  The neighbor told him that someone was inside of his garage and taking his bicycle.  The victim went downstairs and noticed damage to the garage door lock and his bicycle missing.  There was no other sign of forced entry and CSI was not notified due to the lack of physical evidence.  Report number 120675876

8:45pm       4500Blk Mission           Robbery
Officers Rouede and Pereira and several other Ingleside officers responded to the call of a robbery with a gun.  The manager of the establishment advised that several men came inside, ordered food and began lingering around.  One of the men went to the back of the room and another walked around the counter to the cash register.  He brandished a gun at the employee and told her to open the register.  The employee complied and all employees were escorted to the rear of the business where the safe was.  They were asked to open the safe but none of them had the combination.  After emptying the register, all men left the area in an unknown direction.  None of the employees were injured.  The officers contacted CSI who responded to the scene and dusted for any latent fingerprint evidence.  The officers ordered copies of any video surveillance video in the area.  Report number 120681447

8:54pm       4900 Blk Mission          Counterfeit
Officers Dilag and Khan were dispatched to investigate counterfeit currency.  They met with the store cashier who told them that a suspect had attempted to purchase items with dollar bills whose currency felt strange.  After confirming with the manager that the items were counterfeit they called the police.  The suspect fled in an unknown direction after suspecting that the employees noticed the money wasn’t real.  The employees were able to retrieve the video footage for the officers and pointed to the suspect in the video.  Officers searched the area unsuccessfully for her.  The United States Secret Service was advised of the incident and the counterfeit bills were booked into evidence.  Report number 120680972


10:00am          100 Blk Concord        Stolen Vehicle:  1991 Honda Accord, 2dr, White
11:49am          Unit Blk Mt. Vernon   Recovered Vehicle:  1995 Honda Accord, 2dr, Blue
2:57pm            Amber/Amethyst        Traffic Collision