Friday, August 31, 2012

August 25, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, August 25th, 2012 and

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11:45pm     1800 Blk Sunnydale     Battery
Officer Apodaca and Officer Gabriel responded to the 1800 block of Sunnydale Avenue regarding a call involving a physical altercation. The officers arrived and met with Officers Antonian  and Quintero who were already on scene. The officers spoke with the victim who stated she was allowing a friend of hers to stay at her residence, while that friend was able to get back on her feet and find a place to live. The victim left her house late in the night, but returned half an hour later. She entered her residence and found her friend and another unknown subject sitting in the living room and heavily intoxicated. A verbal argument erupted and both intoxicated subjects attacked the victim. While talking with the victim, one of the two subjects involved was seen leaving the residence. The subject was immediately detained, while the investigation continued. The officers on scene searched the residence but were unable to locate the second subject. The subject detained was transported to Ingleside Station and later cited for the battery and released. Medics responded and attended to the victim’s injuries. Report number 120676448

Other Incidents:

8:00am       Unit Blk Sequoia          Burglary
Officer Naval responded to the unit block of Sequoia regarding a burglary call. He spoke to the victim who had left her house locked and secured early in the morning. She returned a few hours later and found the door next to the garage open. The victim entered her home and noticed that the rear door was also open. The victim found forced entry had been made through the rear door. She walked through the home and found her flat panel television and numerous jewelry pieces missing. Pictures of the scene were taken for evidence.  Report number 120675161

9:09am       800 Blk Faxon              Burglary
Officer Conceicao and Officer Araujo met with a victim of an attempted burglary. The victim stated he was inside his home at the time of the incident. The victim was in his living room, when he observed an unknown subject standing across the street in front of a driveway. The victim also observed a strange vehicle parked in front of that same driveway. The victim stated he did not recognize the vehicle from the neighborhood. He then heard what sounded like wood breaking coming from his kitchen area. The victim went to investigate and found the kitchen door to have been forced open, possibly kicked in, with no one standing there. He then went back to his living room and saw the same subject run past the side of his house and down the street. The vehicle drove down the street behind the subject. A search of the area was conducted for both the subject and the vehicle with negative results. Report number 120674088

2:25pm       5200 Blk Mission          Battery
Officer Naval responded to the 5200 block of Mission Street regarding a call of a physical altercation inside a nail salon. Officers Padilla and Sullivan responded to assist and located both parties involved, one of whom had visible scratch marks to her face. During the investigation, it was revealed that both parties knew each other and had an ongoing dispute between the both of them. Both parties refused to press charges against each other and refused further police assistance. A report was generated for documentation purposes. Report number 120675412

4:00pm       Coso/Mirabel                Theft
Officer Rueca and Officer Elton responded to the area on a call regarding a theft from a vehicle. They spoke to the victim who stated he parked his Toyota truck on the corner of Coso and Mirabel Street at approximately 4:00 P.M the day before. He started his vehicle today in the morning and noticed that the engine sounded louder than normal, as if it had no muffler. The victim stepped out of his vehicle and checked underneath, only to find out that someone had taken his catalytic converter from underneath his vehicle. No witnesses were located and no suspect(s) were seen in and around the vehicle. Report number 120677383

7:00pm       5900 Blk Mission          Shoplifting
Officer Tam responded to a cell phone store, located on the 5900 block Mission Street, regarding a theft. Officer Tam spoke with the store employee, who stated a known subject from the neighborhood came into the store and asked to see an Iphone from inside the display case. The employee took out the new Iphone and set it on the counter. The subject grabbed the phone and ran out of the store and fled the scene on foot. The store employee gave chase for a few blocks, but lost him in the area. The employee was told to contact the police if the subject returned.  Report number 120675600

6:00pm       800 Blk Edinburgh      Vandalism
A victim came to Ingleside Station to report a vandalism to her vehicle. She stated she parked her new car on the 800 block of Edinburgh Street, on 08/23/2012, at approximately 6:00 P.M.  She then returned to her vehicle the next day and saw that both the right rear and left rear tires were flat, possibly slashed. The victim also noticed a large scratch on the back left door of the vehicle. The victim had no idea who could have caused damage to her new vehicle. Report number 120674191

6:15pm       3700 Blk Mission          Weapons
Officer Chan and Officer Kerlegan responded to the 3700 block of Mission Street on a report of a subject with a gun. Several Ingleside units responded and were directed to the area the subject was last seen headed off too. Officer Chan spoke to the victim, who stated he was inside a bar having a drink when an unknown subject walked up behind him and pat him on the back. The victim turned around and told the subject that he did not know him. The unknown subject became angry and pulled out a black semi-automatic handgun, inserted a loaded magazine and threatened the victim. Fearing for his life, the victim went outside to call for the police. The unknown subject left on foot, last seen headed down Park. A search of the area revealed negative results. Report number 120675650

7:00pm       1800 Blk Sunnydale     Vandalism
Officer Suitan and Officer Fung responded to a vandalism and theft report on the 1800 block of Sunnydale. They met with the resident/victim who stated she had an argument with a friend who was staying with her at her residence. The victim decided to leave for a couple days to let things settle down. When the victim returned, she found her bedroom television and DVD player missing and her living room television vandalized. The friend could not be located at this time.  Photos of the vandalism were taken at the scene. Report number 120680922

7:00pm       100 Blk Peru                 Theft
Officer Conceicao spoke to a victim who came to Ingleside station to report a theft from a vehicle. The victim parked his locked and secured vehicle in front of his house. He returned to his vehicle the next day and found the right rear window shattered. He searched the interior and found a pair of sunglasses to be the only item missing from his vehicle. The victim could not provide additional information as to who broke into his vehicle. Report number 120677678

9:30pm       1600 Blk Dolores          Theft
Officer Curry and Officer Sanchez responded to a call of an attempted theft from a vehicle. They met with the victim who stated she parked her vehicle inside the building garage, which she shares with other tenants. She came downstairs on, 08/24/2012, at approximately 6:48 AM and saw that the side garage door was open. She walked to her vehicle and found the right rear passenger window shattered. The victim inventoried her vehicle and found nothing missing. The vehicle was not ransacked. Report Number 120673789


07:46am          400 blk Nevada           Stolen Vehicle: 1993 Honda Civic, 4Dr, White
08:15am          Mission/Niagara          Traffic Collision
08:53am          300 blk Andover         Recovered Vehicle: 1997 Honda Civic, 2Dr, Silver
09:00am          200 blk Bennington     Recovered Vehicle: 1994 Honda Accord, 4Dr, Green          
09:22am          Unit blk Miguel           Recovered Vehicle: 1997 Honda Civic, 2Dr, Black
10:00am          Anderson/Tompkins    Recovered Vehicle: 1995 Infiniti J30, 4Dr, Gold
11:00am          1300 blk Shotwell       Recovered Vehicle: 1995 Saturn Twin Cam, 4Dr, Green
02:13pm          400 blk Judson            Recovered Vehicle: 1993 Honda Del Sol, 2Dr, Grey
04:30pm          Unit blk Porter             Stolen Vehicle: 2000 Dodge Caravan, Van, White
06:20pm          Harrington/Alemany    Stolen Vehicle: 1997 Nissan Sentra, 4Dr, Silver
08:00pm          Geneva/Cayuga           Stolen Vehicle: 1995 Infiniti G20, 4Dr, White
08:30pm          100 blk Curtis             Stolen Vehicle: 1995 Infiniti J30, 4Dr, Gold
10:45pm          Mission/Brazil             Traffic Collision