Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 18, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, August 18th, 2012

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1:51am       Unit blk Kingston                   Vandalism
Officer Hauscarriague along with Officer McCall, Officer Lozano, Officer Benavidez and Officer Almaguer responded to the unit block of Kingston on a possible Burglary in progress. Upon arrival, they were informed by the victim that two subjects were seen breaking a light well window inside the building and making their way up to the roof. All of the officers made their way to the roof top area and began a search. Officer Lozano observed one of the subjects hanging from the roof top, where he fell from the second story to the ground level. The subject sustained injuries as a result of the fall. Officer McCall responded to the subject’s location and immediately requested medical assistance to the scene. The remaining officers continued their search, but were unable to locate the second outstanding subject. The first subject was transported to San Francisco General Hospital for further evaluation and was eventually cited for trespassing and vandalism. Report number 120656343

Other Incidents:

1:00am       3300 blk Mission                   Agg. Assault
Officer Castillo and Officer Morse responded to San Francisco General Hospital to speak with the Spanish speaking victim of an assault. Officer Castillo, a certified Spanish speaking officer, was able to communicate with the victim. The victim stated he went to a bar with friends located on the 3300blk of Mission Street. After consuming three beers, the victim left the bar alone at 0100 in the morning. While walking along Mission Street, He was confronted by three subjects in front of Safeway, near Mission and 30th Street. One of the three subjects grabbed the victim by the collar and punched him in the chest. Frightened, the victim turned to run away and was hit or kicked from behind. The impact caused the victim to fall to the ground and hit his head on a cement parking barrier. Feeling dizzy and disoriented, the victim got up and ran away on Mission Street, then towards 30th Street. All three subjects followed him down the block yelling and screaming. The victim kept running and ultimately climbed a fence and got away. The victim sustained multiple injuries to his head/face, hands and feet and received medical treatment at SFGH. Report number 120663906

5:59am       Unit blk Brookdale             Harrassing Calls
Officer Jones responded to the Unit block of Brookdale Avenue regarding a violation of a restraining order. Officer Jones met with the victim, who stated she had a restraining order against a known acquaintance. The victim stated that someone had knocked on the front door of the residence. The victim answered the door without checking to see who it was and was surprised to see the suspect standing outside. The suspect began cursing and spitting at the victim. The victim immediately called the police and the suspect left. Several officers searched the area and were unable to locate the suspect. Report number 120656503

7:00am       Unit blk Bradford               Auto Boost
Officer Hornstein responded to the Unit block of Bradford Street regarding an auto boost. The victim advised she had her vehicle broken into, which was locked and secured in front of her home for the past week. The victim’s boyfriend returned to the vehicle at 0700 am and saw a suspect inside her vehicle. The suspect then fled the scene in an unknown direction. The victim then came out to her vehicle and found a couple of items missing from inside her vehicle. Officer Hornstein inspected the vehicle and could not determine a point of entry as it was free of any damage. The victim found three keys close by and was not sure if they belonged to the suspect, or if they were used to open her vehicle. Officer Hornstein took possession of the keys and booked them as evidence. Report number 120657272

11:30am     Unit blk Brookdale            Burglary
Officer Obot, Officer Hart and Officer Phillips responded to the unit block of Brookdale Avenue regarding a burglary call. Officer Obot spoke with one of the two residents who said they both left their residence at 1200 pm. Both victims returned later in the day at approximately 1630 hrs and found the rear kitchen window broken. The victim also noticed that the rear door was also unlocked but closed, which she said was secured prior to leaving the residence earlier in the day. The victims entered the residence and found the kitchen and living room area to have been ran-sacked. After checking the entire residence, the victim found several items to have been stolen from inside the residence. CSI was contacted and responded to the scene as well. Report number 120657868

8:25pm       1800 blk Sunnydale        Agg. Assault
Officer Pedersen and Officer Jones responded to the 1800 blk of Sunnydale Avenue regarding a shots fired call. While en-route, shot spotter recorded and identified eight distinct gunshots in the area at the time of the incident. Upon arrival, Officer Pedersen spoke with the victim who stated that a known subject vandalized his car by setting off an “M-1000” in the front seat causing damage. The victim went to confront the subject, and while walking back to his residence, was fired upon. Officer Pedersen inspected the victim’s vehicle and in fact found damage to the front seat. Officer Jones located eight spent bullet casings along the same 1800 blk of Sunnydale Avenue. Officers searched the area and were unable to locate the known suspect. Officer Pedersen took several photos of the scene and booked all the casings as evidence. Report number 120656359

8:30pm       500 blk Edinburgh       Agg. Assault
Officer Rouede and Officer Pereira responded to the 500 blk of Edinburgh Street regarding an assault. Upon arrival, they met with a victim who was sitting on the front steps to her home. The victim was bleeding from her head and was applying pressure with a towel to stop the bleeding. Officer Contreras, a Spanish speaking officer, responded and spoke to the victim, who only spoke Spanish as well. The victim was walking home along Edinburgh Street when she noticed a subject knocking on doors. As the victim continued to walk, she was suddenly hit in the head with a bottle by the same subject seen moments earlier. The subject then fled on foot. The victim stated she did not know who the subject was and that there was no communication between the two. Officer Pereira followed the blood trail and located the glass bottle used to strike the victim. The bottle was collected as evidence for CSI. The victim was transported to the hospital for medical treatment. Report number 120658587


4:00pm            Unit blk Raymond      H&R
5:00pm            600 blk Vienna          Stolen Vehicle:  1995 Honda Civic, 2dr, Grn
8:00pm            100 blk Staples          Stolen Vehicle:  1996 Honda Accord, Mar
8:00pm            Elliot/Teddy               Traffic Collision
11:20pm          Geneva/San Jose       Traffic Collision