Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 17, 2012

Incident Date:
Friday, August 17th, 2012

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Other Incidents:

8:45am       600 blk Foerster            Burglary
Officers Tam and Sugitan responded to a burglary incident in the area. The victim stated he left his home locked and secured as he left for work.  His neighbor later called him and told him that someone kicked in his door. The suspect stole his television, a laptop, and speakers. The officers searched the area for the suspect to no avail. Report number 120653822

11:30am     800 blk Ellsworth          Burglary
Officers Barajas, Phillips, and Hart were dispatched to a burglary incident. The victims told officers that an unknown suspect ransacked their living room and bedroom. The suspect stole jewelry from the bedroom and a flat screen television and laptop from the living room. The determined point of entry was the back door to their residence. The victims stated they locked everything before they left, but the officers were unable to find any signs of forced entry. Photos were taken of the scene and booked as evidence at Ingleside Station. Report number 120648005

12:20pm     50 Phelan                      Vandalism
City College Officer Smith was on foot patrol when a student flagged him down to report a vandalism incident. The student told Officer Smith that someone had punched a glass door and shattered it. Other witnesses in the area told officers that a student was upset with a bookstore policy and punched the glass door on the way out. The estimated repair cost for the glass door was $500 dollars. Report number 120657216

5:00pm       200 blk Day                  Theft
Police Services Aide Flynn was on station duty when a victim of theft came in to report their missing items. The victim stated that he went to go play basketball at a recreation center and left his backpack on the bleachers. When he finished, he returned to find his backpack missing. Inside the backpack were his cell phone, wallet, and his credit card. The victim cancelled his credit card and deactivated his cell phone. Report number 120654977

6:50pm       200 blk Leland             Theft
Officers Ocreto and Walsh responded to a local library regarding a theft. The library manager told officers that someone had stolen one of the library laptops. She was closing up the library when she noticed that one of the laptops was missing. The library does not have any security cameras and the laptop was taken by an unknown suspect. Report number 120654052

9:00pm       5000 blk Mission         Theft
Officers Dilag and Khan responded to a theft incident. The victim told officers that someone had broken into her vehicle. She heard glass shatter and ran outside to find the suspect running down the street. One of the car’s windows was shattered and the suspect had stolen her cell phone. Report number 120655680

10:30pm     Unit blk Sears              Vandalism
Officer Kerlegan was on station duty when a victim came in to report his vandalized vehicle. An unknown suspect had scratched around the victim’s car and broke his right rear tail light. He took his car to a body shop and his insurance company told him to file a police report. Report number 120655997

11:30pm     5300 blk Diamond Hts Vandalism
Officers Peregrina and McMilton were dispatched to respond to an incident of vandalism. A fight had broken out inside a residence between family members and in the end, two windows were broken. One of the family members stated that some of the people inside started to fight one another and she tried to break it up. The suspect who started the fight was left outside and not allowed back in. From there, the suspect grabbed an unknown object and shattered two windows. Photos of the broken windows were taken and booked as evidence at Ingleside Station. Report number 120637923


5:00am                        San Jose/Mt. Vernon   Stolen Vehicle: 1995 Honda Accord, 4D, Blu
7:27am                        1500 blk Alemany       Recovered Vehicle: 2011 Ford Econoline, Van, Whi
9:15am                        Waltham/Alabama      Traffic Collision
10:30am                      Ocean/Phelan             Traffic Collision: Hit and Run
11:00am                      Morse/Allison             Stolen Vehicle: 1981 Toyota Truck, Pk, Blu
11:18am                      900 blk Athens            Recovered Vehicle: 1991 Honda Accord, 4D, Blk
1:00pm                        Unit blk Harrington     Stolen Vehicle: 2000 Isuzu Truck, Pk, Whi
3:00pm                        Unit blk Naples          Stolen Vehicle: 2006 Toyota Tundra, Pk, Red
5:00pm                        1 Sgt John V. Young  Recovered Vehicle: 1995 Honda Accord, 4D, Blu
5:15pm                        Unit blk Mullen           Recovered Vehicle: 1993 Honda Civic, 4D, Blu
7:30pm                        200 blk Staples          Stolen Vehicle: 1997 Infiniti J30, 4D, Gld
9:00pm                        Unit blk Naples          Stolen Vehicle: 1991 Honda Accord, 4D, Gry