Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 15, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

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3:00pm       500 blk Munich             Possession of Fire Bombs
Officers Suguitan and Fung responded to an incident regarding a report of fire bombs. A nearby citizen saw three suspects carrying a gasoline tank and emptying bottles in a backyard. The citizen observed the suspects pouring gasoline into the bottles and making “molotov cocktails”. She immediately called police and multiple units arrived. Officer Lim assisted in the scene and found the three suspects walking away with the bombs. He detained them and found the molotov cocktail bombs. The bottles were filled with gasoline and a cloth sticking outside of the bottles was soaked with gasoline. The suspects were cited for the possession of the fire bombs and SFFD Investigator Moy took custody of the fire bombs. With the help of the citizen’s observations and the abrupt call to the police, a potential disaster was avoided. Report number 120648447

6:07pm       5000 blk Mission           Warrant Arrest
Officers Almaguer and Lustenberger were on patrol when they saw observed a male walking down the street that they have had prior contacts with were aware that the suspect was on probation with a warrantless search condition. The officers confronted the suspect and conducted a computer check to find out that he had multiple active arrest warrants. The arrest warrants were for the possession of methamphetamines and being under the influence of an illegal substance. He was transported to Ingleside station and booked upon confirmation of the warrant. Report number 120649116

Other Incidents:

7:16am       500 blk Diamond Hts   Theft
Officer Morgante responded to an incident regarding a theft. Two cars were broken into at a supermarket parking lot and an iPad Touch and a bag containing receipts were stolen. Both vehicles belonged to the store’s employees and both were notified. The store’s cameras showed the suspect eyeing the cars and stealing from them. The video tape was seized and booked as evidence at Ingleside Station. Report number 120644809

9:00am       3700 blk Mission         Robbery/Threats
Officer Conceicao and Officer Morgante responded to an art museum where a robbery took place. The owners told officers that two suspects came in that morning and brandished tasers towards them. The victims recognized one of the suspects as he was a previous customer of the store. One of the suspects pushed the victims to the backroom and continued to threaten them with his taser. The other suspect emptied the safe and stole 26 gems, $3400 dollars, and three statues worth $4000 each. The suspect told the victims that if they called the police, he would kill them and their family members. A nearby witness saw the suspects fleeing the scene and aided in giving the descriptions of them.  Photos were taken of the robbery and documentation of the stolen items was booked as evidence at Ingleside Station. Report number 120647427

9:00am       Unit blk Hearst           Burglary
Officer Ferronato responded to an incident regarding a burglary. The victim told Ferronato that someone kicked in his front door. The door was barely hanging off of the frame. The suspect also stole his Mac book pro laptop from his living room. He was advised to give the serial number of the stolen laptop to the police. Report number 120650016

10:30am     600 blk Myra              Burglary
Officer Ferronato responded to a burglary in the area. The victim told Officer Ferronato that an unknown suspect broke into her home and stole several items. The front door was kicked in and her laptop, camera, internet router, and iPod touch were stolen. There were no surveillance cameras in the area and the victim was advised to notify Ingleside Station if there were any other missing items. Report number 120649887

1:20pm       Unit blk Leland           Vandalism
A police cruiser was vandalized while Officers Ng and Tillan were away handling a case. The officers arrived to find a five inch crack on their police cruiser’s windshield. The damage was not there before and no witnesses or suspicious persons were found. Report number 120648567

1:45pm       100 blk Loehr             Burglary
Officers Sugitan and Fung were dispatched to respond to an attempted burglary. The victim stated that someone tried to pry open his patio door and was unable to enter the home. No other areas were disturbed and no items were missing from the victim’s home. Report number 120644746

2:00pm       400 blk Arlington       Theft
Officers Hom and Castillo responded to an incident of theft. A victim’s bike was stolen from his backyard. The bike was not secured or locked and there was no attempt at entry to his home. Report number 120649780

2:47pm       Visitacion/Peabody    Theft
Officers Tam and Johnson were on patrol when they responded to a theft incident. The victim told officers that she was riding the bus when the suspect stole her iPhone from her hands. The suspect fled the bus and the victim gave chase. She chased him and eventually lost sight of him when he passed a construction site. She borrowed a phone from a nearby construction worker and called 911. Another witness also helped her chased the suspect and knew the first name of the suspect. Details of the suspect were provided to the officers. The officers attempted to locate the phone through iPhone tracking software, but were unable to locate the phone. The officers continued to search the area to no avail. Report number 120648362

7:45pm       Unit blk Brazil           Theft
Officers Khan and Dilag were dispatched to respond to a stolen iPhone. The officers met with the victim and an accused suspect. The suspect was walking his dog down the street when the victim ran up to him and accused him of stealing her iPhone from a laundry mat. The suspect told her he never stole her phone and even emptied his pockets to show his own phone to her. However, the victim told a different story where she saw the suspect come into the laundry mat and take her phone. The phone was later located in a planter’s box nearby and given back to the owner. The victim did not file any charges towards the suspect. Report number 120649661

10:50pm     Mt. Vernon/Delano   Robbery
Police Services Aide Flynn was on duty when someone came to Ingleside station to report a robbery. The victim told Flynn that he was walking away from Balboa BART station when two unknown suspects started to chase him. They eventually caught up to him and threaten him with a gun. The suspects robbed the victim of his cell phone, wallet, and his backpack. He cancelled his cell phone and provided Flynn with a description of the suspects. Report number 120649655


9:45am            Unit blk Chenery        Stolen Rear License Plate
10:15am          100 blk Cayuga          Recovered Vehicle: 1995 Honda Accord, 2D, Blu
12:30pm          900 blk Hamilton        Recovered Vehicle: Honda Accord, 4D, Grn
1:30pm            800 blk Moscow        Stolen Vehicle: 2003 Nissan Frontier, PK, Grn
3:17pm            San Jose/30th             Traffic Collision: Hit and Run