Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August 13, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, August 13th, 2012

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4:20pm       400 blk Silver                Vandalism
Officers Chew and Lim responded to an incident regarding vandalism. The victim told officers that the suspect grabbed a nearby brick and threw it at her car, causing the rear window to break. The victim’s husband followed the suspect after she walked away from the incident. The husband of the victim flagged down Officer Duffin who was in the area and Duffin detained the suspect. The suspect was not wearing pants and wearing only a pink tank top. She was acting bizarre which caught the attention of the victim and her husband. The suspect was cited for vandalism and given a court date. Report number 120643760

11:04pm     5000 blk Mission           Warrant Arrest
Officers Padilla and Seavey were conducting surveillance at a motel where the two have made previous arrests for narcotics and warrant arrests. They observed a subject walking out of his motel room looking around cautiously. He went back into his room and kept moving his curtains and peeking out through the small spaces in between the curtains. The officers determined the suspect’s actions to be suspicious as he appeared to be nervous. Padilla and Seavey contacted the motel manager who provided the registration records for the motel rooms. They found the suspect’s name and ran a computer check to see if there were any warrants. The suspect had a no bail warrant for a parole violation regarding a robbery. They contacted Officer Cavanaugh who provided a picture of the person under the parole violation warrant. They identified the suspect and the person in the warrant picture as the same person. The suspect exited his room and the officers confronted him. He was placed under arrest and transported to Ingleside Station. He was booked for the parole violation warrant. Report number 120643760

Other Incidents:

1:00am       Unit blk Hanover           Robbery
Officer Pedersen responded to the area regarding a robbery. The victim told Officer Pedersen that he was robbed at gunpoint. The suspect pointed the gun towards the left side of the victim’s head. He stole the victim’s backpack, wallet, and cell phone. In his wallet, he had his School ID card, debit cards, and $40 dollars in cash. The victim stated that he wouldn’t be able to identify the suspect. The debit cards were cancelled and the phone was deactivated. Report number 120640766

1:10am       Cortland/Coleridge       Robbery
Officers Ma and McMilton were on patrol when they were flagged down by a victim who just got robbed. The victim stated that while he was walking, he saw two unknown suspects walking towards him. One of the suspects grabbed him and placed him in a head lock position. The other suspect went through the victim’s pockets and stole his wallet. The suspects fled the scene soon after. The victim told officers that he had his credit and debit cards and $2.00 dollars in his wallet. He was advised to cancel his cards. Report number 120640647

12:00pm     Unit blk Flood               Identity Fraud
Police Services Aide Cato was on station duty when a victim of fraud came in to make a report. The victim told Cato that she was out of town for two months. When she came back, she discovered several letters from Wells Fargo and other businesses about opening accounts with them under a different name. She also received notices that there were numerous amounts of magazine subscriptions under the different name. The victim is working with the Wells Fargo Fraud Department and they advised her to file the police report. The letters sent to the suspect’s name was booked as evidence at Ingleside Station. Report number 120643011

12:30pm     100 blk Britton              Burglary
Officer Naval and Officer Morrow were dispatched to respond to an incident of a burglary. The victim told officers that someone had stolen her television from the living room. There were no signs of forced entry and the victim told officers she locked her doors and windows before she left.  Report number 120642552

5:50pm       Unit blk Maynard          Robbery
Officers Bernard and Duffin responded to the area regarding a robbery. The victim was sitting on a staircase and was bleeding from his forehead. Officer Bernard immediately requested paramedics to arrive. As the medics were treating his wounds, the victim told officers what had happened. The victim was getting off MUNI and walked towards his car. As he got in his car, an unknown suspect tapped the window and was asking for directions. The victim opened the passenger window and tried talking with the suspect. At this time, the suspect reached in and opened the glove box. He grabbed a steering wheel lock and shouted at the victim to get out of the car. The victim got out and tried to walk away. The suspect chased down the victim and knocked him down on the sidewalk. He started to punch the victim repeatedly in the face. The suspect went through the victim’s pockets and stole his wallet which contained $200 dollars, his credit cards, and his ID. From there, the suspect fled in an unknown direction. When all of this was happening, a nearby neighbor video tapped the robbery on his cell phone. The witness showed officers what happened and emailed the video to Officer Duffin who booked it as evidence at Ingleside Station. Sergeant Gasanyan retained the video and is now investigating the case. Report number 120643099

10:47pm     Cayuga/Balhi                Robbery/Assault
Officers Lozano and McCall were dispatched to an incident of an aggravated assault. The officers met with the victim who told them that she was attacked by two unknown suspects. She had exited MUNI and was walking back to her home when she was struck in the head by a skateboard. One of the suspects told the other to grab her stuff. Luckily, no items were missing but the victim suffered a large laceration to the top right side of her head. The victim was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital. Report number 120640368


8:00am                        S.J./Mt. Vernon          Stolen Vehicle: 1993 Honda Civic, 4D, Whi
8:00am                        Harrison/Precita          Stolen Vehicle: 1993 Infiniti J30, 4D, Blk
8:37am                        Unit blk Visitacion       Recovered Vehicle: 1990 Toyota Corolla, 4D, Red
9:30am                        Unit blk Trumbull        Recovered Vehicle: 1990 Toyota TK, 2D, Gry
11:30am                      Unit blk Rudden         Stolen Vehicle: 1993 Nissan Quest, Van, Blu
1:55pm                       700 blk Naples           Recovered Vehicle: 2009 Chevy Malibu, 4D, Blu
3:30pm                       Sunnydale/Talbert       Traffic Collision: Hit and Run
4:43pm                       Cambridge/Silver        Traffic Collision
5:00pm                       600 blk Duncan           Stolen Vehicle: 1998 Honda Civic, 2D, Dark Blu
9:00pm                       200 blk Hearst            Stolen Rear License Plate