Thursday, July 5, 2012

June 30, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, June 30th 2012

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9:25pm       Cortland/Prospect        False Imprisonment
Officers Jones and Hauscarriague were sent to investigate a case where the victim was held against their will. The officers spoke to the victim and learned that the victim was on their way home when they noticed a suspect following. The victim told the officers that the suspect kept pace and that he crossed over and stood in front of her. The suspect put the victim in a bear hug but did not say anything. The victim began to yell for help and “Stop”. The victim told the officers that she struck the suspect on the throat which caused the suspect to let go of her, at the same time two unidentified witnesses came to the aid of the victim. The suspect fled the area. The victim told the officers that she would be able to identify the suspect if she saw him again.
Apparently the suspect left there and was involved in another incident where he was arrested. When the victim gave the officers the description, they noticed that it matched the description of a suspect that was detained by other Ingleside officers on similar circumstances.  A cold show was conducted and as soon as the victim saw the suspect she nearly jumped out of the back seat “That’s him, that’s him!”  She yelled to the officers.  The officers had the suspect! Because the officers close attention to details, they were able to match up descriptions from a different case that turned out to be part of their own! Another criminal in jail charged with five felonies! Because of the nature of this case there is no report number listed.
                                            ****Best Arrest of the Day****                        

Other incidents:  

2:30pm       2900 blk Diamond        Fraud
Police Services Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi prepared a report regarding a fraud incident. The victim told the PSA that he received a call from his bank informing him that someone was attempting to make charges in New York. The victim also told the PSA that he got an email from someone trying to open bank accounts in his name. The bank told the victim to make a police report. Report number 120515131

6:00pm       100 blk Sears                Shooting into Dwelling
Officer Pai was sent to investigate a complaint that someone shot into a home. The officer met with the victim who told the officer that he was on vacation and that when he got home he discovered 13 bullet holes through the front window. The victim does not have any enemies or a reason why anyone would do this to his home. Report number 120515034

12:01am     4000 blk Castro            Fraud
Police Services Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi prepared a report regarding a fraud case. The victim told the PSA that a home care provider had been charging her the wrong amount and also discovered that the suspect may not even be working for the company she had told her. The loss is over $11,600 in a 9 week period. Report number 120515125         

12:30am     Unit blk Otsego             Vandalism
Officer Tam responded to a vandalism incident. The victim told the officer that he parked his car in his driveway and that when he checked on the car the next morning the entire right side of the vehicle had been scratched. There were no suspects observed. Report number 120515084

1:37am       400 blk Cortland          Vandalism
Officer Hauscarriague was sent to investigate a vandalism incident. The victim was at work when she told the officer that unknown suspects walked in and began throwing eggs at her. Then quickly ran out. 2 other victims told the officer that a short time later they were smoking outside the same place when four suspects crossed the street and began throwing eggs at them as well. One of the victims ran after the suspects but lost them. There is surveillance of the incident. report number 1205142337

8:45pm       800 blk Prague             Arson
Officers Cassinelli and Pereira were sent to meet with the SFFD on a suspected arson. The Firefighter told the officers that there had been a fire alarm at the location. When the SFFD made a walk through they discovered that someone had started a fire on the second floor of this building and then extinguished it with an extinguisher. The SFFD felt this to be suspicious and deemed it to be arson. The case has been assigned to an arson investigator. Report number 120516452

4:55pm       Maynard/Craut            Theft/Person
Officer Archilla was dispatched to a theft call. The officer met with a witness who saw the victim calling for help. The witness told the officer that he saw the victim yelling and possible suspects running from the scene. By the time the officer located the victim other ingleside officers had detained possible suspects without a victim. The officer’s identified the suspects and wrote a report. The victim’s property was located and returned. This case is still open and under investigation. Report number 120515915

6:05pm       600 blk Andover           Battery
Officers Pereira and Cassinelli were sent to investigate a battery case. The victim told the officer that two suspects walked into his store and walked out without paying for an item. The victim followed the suspects outside and grabbed one of the suspects by the shirt. The suspect punched the victim in the face.  The officers spoke to the suspects that were still there. The suspects told the officers that they went into the store and paid for everything and were followed outside by the victim. The suspects told the officers that he punched the victim only after the victim had manhandled him for no reason. The victim refused to file a complaint because he realized he could have made a mistake. Both parties were released and a report of the incident generated. Report number 120516123


12:01am       Kingston/Coleridge                  Stolen Auto, 2003 Honda S2000 blu
12:31am          Geneva/280 on ramp               Traffic Accident/pedestrian SFGH major injuries
  2:30pm          Unit blk Precita                       Stolen Auto, 1990 Honda Accord 4dr wht.
10:05pm          Mission/29th                           Traffic Accident/drunk ped cause accident