Thursday, July 5, 2012

June 29, 2012

Incident Date:
Sunday, June 29th 2012

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2:29am       Geneva/Naples              DUI
Officers Jones and McCall were patrolling the district when they noticed a van cut off a taxi when it turned left causing the taxi to come to a screeching stop. The officers followed the van in an attempt to stop it. The officers pulled the van over and approached the driver. The officer immediately observed that the driver had bloodshot eyes. The driver was having problems following the officers’ instructions as well. The officer could also smell that the driver had been drinking. The officer then requested for the driver to submit to a Field Sobriety Test as mandated by state law.  The driver could not pass any of the tests and was placed under arrest. His license was suspended and he was booked for driving under the influence. Ingleside officers arrest a drunk driver before he causes any damage or injuries. Report 120511480

11:00am     600 Blk 29th                   Burglary
Officer Preston responded to a burglary call after the victim had come home and witnessed a burglar fleeing from her residence. Officer Preston along with other Ingleside officers had responded to the area where a man fitting the description of the suspect had been seen. The officers set up a perimeter and proceeded with a yard to yard search. After a long search the suspect was found inside a laundry room attempting to hide and was arrested. As he was being arrested Captain Mahoney confirmed that this was the correct suspect in the burglary. The stolen property was recovered and given back to the victim, it totaled $7450. An inspection of the victim’s house showed that there were no signs of forced entry. Upon further inspection more items were found to be missing and CSI was contacted and will respond to process the crime scene. Due to Captain Mahoney’s experience and training even while driving around the district he was able to spot a burglary suspect, chase and eventually capture him. The fast responding Ingleside officers were able to spread a dragnet and capture this burglar cutting the Ingleside count of burglar’s down by one. Enjoy your stay at camp San Bruno!  Report 120512187  
                                     **** The Best Arrest of the Day****

1:59pm       Unit Blk Brumiss         Warrant/Arrest
Officer Hurwitz had been conducting an investigation on a property that is regarded as a place for criminal activity. While she was in the area Officer Hurwitz spoke with residents that had expressed their concerns about the location she was investigating. As Officer Hurwitz was speaking with a man 2 other officers had arrived to assist Officer Hurwitz, as she was still speaking with the man she witnessed two male subjects quickly cross the street, one of which had been recognized by Officer Hurwitz from prior surveillance of the premise. Officer Trujillo then made contact with both subjects, as he approached, one of them began reaching for something, which was considered to be a concealed weapon, however due to the officers training he ordered the subject to put his hands in the air, at which point it was determined to be a large knife. Officer Trujillo kept searching the subject to find a total of 4 knives 3 of which are considered prohibited. Both subjects had outstanding warrants, coming to a total of five and being in excess of $60,000. Due to the vigilance and training of the officers they were able to detain the subjects and make the area safer. Report 120512563

Other incidents:  

6:00pm       400 Blk Day                  Vehicle Tampering
Officer Morrow answered a call dealing with tampered vehicles. When he arrived he spoke with one of the victims, she stated that she had locked her car the previous night and when she left her house she saw the doors open and that someone had been through her belongings, however nothing was reported stolen.
Other vehicles on the same block had been treated in a similar manner with no signs of forced entry, broken glass, or damaged locks. No suspects were observed. Report 120512507

8:00pm       900 Blk Geneva            Threats
Officers Khan and Dilag had reported to a call about threats to an employee of a business. The victim had been assisting a patron with their order when the subject reached across the counter to open a heated display case containing Buffalo wings, the victim had told the subject that he needed to pay for those, the suspect then became belligerent and made a threat to the victim. The suspect was described as a black male adult, between the ages of 25 and 28, approximately 5’9” in height weighing approximately 145 lbs., with short black hair that came down to his ears, brown eyes and a white colored t-shirt. The entire exchange was recorded on the stores surveillance camera. The footage will be picked up and used as evidence.  Report 120513696

10:00pm     200 Blk Drake              Vandalism
Police Services Aide Flynn assisted the victim of car vandalism when he arrived at Ingleside station. The car’s windshield was cracked, the right wiper was bent and the rubber wipe had been torn. The victim did not see anyone damage the vehicle. Report 120513652

10:30pm     Unit Blk Excelsior        Burglary
Officer Morrow responded to a call regarding a burglary. He spoke with the victim whose laptop and cell phone had been stolen the previous night. The items had been on the victim’s nightstand with a window slightly open next to the nightstand. There were no signs of forced entry. The phone’s GPS has pinpointed it in Brisbane.  Report 120511612

  4:15pm          300 Blk Lisbon           Recovered Vehicle:  1995 Plymouth Voyager, van, green
  8:00pm          Naples/Italy                 Stolen Vehicle:  1992 Honda Accord, 4dr, white
  8:00pm          29th/Noe                     Stolen Vehicle:  2005 Dodge Magnum, SW, green