Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 1st, 2012

Incident Date:
Sunday, July 1st 2012

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4:35pm       400 blk Wilde         Dog Bite/Attack
Officer Hornstein acted as backup to a call about loose dogs. When he arrived the dogs had already bitten one person and were running on the street. One dog was finally stopped by numerous officers and Animal Control. Only one was captured while the other slipped through a fence. Animal control requested the help of several officers once their supervisor had told them that the dog was a threat to public safety. Officer Hampton had opened the locked door with bolt cutters. Officer O’Connor was the first to enter with less than lethal weapons followed by Officer Yuen acting as lethal cover, ACC Officer’s Hegler and Rose, and lastly by officers Hampton, Tan and Hornstein. As the officers tried to capture the dog, it freed itself and ran while barking, it was about to attack when the officers drew their firearms to put down the dog and protect their fellow officers. After the incident Officers Tam and Yuen did a welfare check on the neighbors to find that everyone was accounted for and uninjured. Sgt. Riskin arrived on scene and took control. CSI had also come in to take custody of the evidence. Due to their training and camaraderie the officers were able to stop a public threat and prevent and officer from harm. Report 120518408       

4:38pm       500 blk Visitacion    Warrant
Officer Morse and Archilla were patrolling the 500 block of Visitacion Ave. they recognized a male suspect with an active warrant they exited the vehicle and proceeded to arrest the man, he was brought back to Ingleside station where the warrant was confirmed and the male was convicted. Report 120518436

6:30pm       Crocker Amazon Park     Dog Bite/Attack
Officers Padilla and Sullivan answered a call regarding a dog bite in Crocker Amazon Park. The victim had been walking his dog when a German Sheppard ran toward the victims dog, in an attempt to save his dog the victim picked his dog up, the German Sheppard proceeded to attack the dog in its owner’s hands but instead bite the victim on the left index finger, the dog then returned to its owner. The victim went to the owner and got his information. SFFD had come to the scene with an ambulance for the victim. The officers then proceeded to the address that was given to the victim and talked to the owner, after the officers heard the story they cited the owner for an unprovoked dog attack as well as it being off leash. Report 120518759

6:39pm       Mission/Geneva            Warrant/Resisting Peace Officer Duties
Officer’s Padilla and Seavey were on patrol, they saw two male subjects sitting inside a MUNI shelter. As they proceeded they saw a female subject wearing promiscuous clothing walking with a male subject, they appeared as if to enter a parked vehicle. As the officers continued patrolling they came back to the bus shelter and saw the two male subjects still present even though a bus had passed, the officers were suspicious that these men may have been looking for potential victims to rob. As they kept patrolling the two male subjects and the female subject had met up, the officers had them speaking about money. The officers then proceeded to see if the female was loitering with the purpose of prostitution. The group was asked to stand next to a wall one of the male suspects resisted and Officer Seavey began to arrest him. After a brief altercation the male was arrested and was revealed to have an active warrant. The other male subject fled on foot he is described as being a black male, 20 years old, light skinned, short black hair and wearing all black clothing. After the male was arrested the female was also arrested, when several Ingleside officers arrived at the scene. No officers sustained any injuries. Report 120518787      

Other incidents:  

11:55am     1500 blk Church          Stalking
Officer Bernard responded to a call about a male being stalked. According to the man the restaurant he works at is receiving threats and protests for the use of Foie Gras. The employee stated that as he drove home a Black Ford Explorer had been following him for some time the driver and passenger had been photographing his car and license plate. Report 120518107

1:45pm       500 blk Amazon           Robbery
Officer’s Padilla and Sullivan answered a call about a home invasion. The victim was in his residence when four male suspects forcibly entered their way into his home. They are described as a Filipino male, a Hispanic male wearing an olive/green sweatshirt, another Hispanic male and a White male. The four suspects ransacked the house but nothing was determined stolen and the victim was not injured. Report 120518185

1:45pm       Precita/Alabama           Theft
Officer Duffin reported to Precita Park. A woman and her family had been looking for parking in the area but when they could not find any the woman decided to offload her family as well as her bag. She found parking further away where she was met by her family without the bag. When they went back to look for it, it had disappeared the female had told the officer that she had noticed a black male approximately 40-50 years old with shoulder length dreadlocks sitting by the area she had tried to originally park in and when they returned he was gone. Officer Duffin proceeded to search the area for the suspect but did not find him. Report 120517949

2:00pm       Unit blk Addison          Harassing Calls
Officer Duffin proceeded to a residence in response to harassing phone calls. The victim had received several calls from a blocked number; the victim stated that she did not feel threatened at any time. Report 120517682

9:00pm       4000 blk Mission          Burglary
Officer Tam reported to a burglary call. Officer Tam conducted an interview with the victim and found that 3 Bicycles and 1 Bicycle trailer had been stolen from the victim’s garage. Officer Tam found no forced entry points, the lock which had been used for one of the bikes was cut but no fingerprints were found.  CSI was not notified due to lack of evidence. Report 120517886 
  8:00am          300 Blk Laidley          Stolen Vehicle:  2003 Kawi, motorcycle, green
  2:00pm          Precita/Mission            Traffic Accident
  2:15pm          Unit Blk Farnum         Traffic Accident, Hit and Run
  6:00pm          4200 Blk Mission        Stolen Vehicle:  1995 Honda Civic, 2dr, red
  9:00pm          Excelsior/Paris Stolen Vehicle:  1990 Honda Civic, 4dr, grey