Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 2nd, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, July 2nd 2012

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10:26pm     300 blk Chenery Vandalism/Arrest
Officer Brown responded to investigate a person throwing rocks at cars. As the officer arrived he saw a female pointing down the street. The officer understood that to be where the suspect was. The officer responded further up the street and discovered the suspect. The officer tried to stop the suspect with negative results. The suspect told the officer that he did not know what he was talking about. The officers requested identification from the suspect, who refused and started walking away. The officer had to grab the suspect and when he did the suspect turned as if to punch the officer. That was the wrong thing to do, the suspect found himself face down on the sidewalk and the officer attempting to cuff him. By this time several Ingleside units had arrived to assist the officer. The suspect was still resisting and Officer Morse assisted in bringing the suspects hands together for cuffing. Both victims and witnesses came forward and identified the suspect. The suspect was arrested for vandalism, resisting and delaying and damage to private property! Report number 120522471
                          ****Best Arrest of the Day****
Other incidents:  

6:30am       100 blk Dublin       Harassing Calls
Officers Archilla prepared a report regarding harassing call incident. The victim told the officer that he has been receiving calls from a blocked number and that he believes the person calling is known to him. Report number 120522039

12:00pm     200 blk Ocean        Threats
Officer Wong prepared a report regarding a threats incident. The victim told the officer that the victim said that an unknown suspect came to the business and threatened her for no reason. The victim told the officer that she wanted the report so that she can also get a Restraining Order. Report number 120520306

6:00pm       300 blk Leland       Robbery
Officers Pedersen and Hom were sent to investigate a robbery case. The victim told the officers that an unknown suspect grabbed her purse and started pulling. The victim told the officers that the suspect caused her to fall. The victim told the officers that she swung her foot and kicked the suspect in the “crotch area”. The suspect stopped for a moment and then punched the victim twice on the face. The victim got mad and retaliated with two more kicks to the same area on the suspect. By this time the suspect was feeling and slowing down, when the victim heard a car and a voice from the car saying “Let’s go!” the suspect fled without the purse and lots of pain! The victim received a small cut. Report number 120522374

8:50pm       Unit blk Blythdale   Vandalism
Officers Yuen and Morse were sent to investigate a vandalism incident. The victim told the officers that because of an argument the known suspect threw a chair the window. The case is under investigation. Report number 120522261

12:00pm          Francis/Alemany                     Stolen Auto, 1994 Jeep Cherokee white
12:00pm          100 blk Wildwood                  Stolen Auto, 2001 Lincoln LS 4dr gray
  4:15pm          Farnum/Addison                     Traffic Accident, Hit and Run
  6:00pm          Paris/Rolph                              Stolen Auto, 1995 Nissan Maxima 4dr black
  6:00pm          Unit blk Whittier                     Traffic Accident, Hit and Run
  8:00pm          Modoc/Cayuga                       Stolen Auto, 2000 Honda CRV green