Monday, July 9, 2012

July 8, 2012

Incident Date:
Sunday, July 8th 2012

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3:07pm       Mission/Park              Burglary/Vehicle Tampering
Officers Johnson and Hurwitz responded to a call regarding a possible carjacking. When they arrived they spoke to the victim.  The victim said that she was sitting in her car when a suspect opened her passenger door and began harassing her. She exited her vehicle and called the police. Another victim told the officers that he was with his friend in a nearby restaurant eating.  The victim went outside to smoke and looked towards his vehicle.  The victim saw the suspect sitting inside his vehicle.  The victim screamed at the suspect to get out of his car.  The suspect got out of the vehicle just before the officers arrived.  The officers detained the suspect, who was positively identified by the victim’s.  The suspect was in possession of several tools commonly used to break into vehicles.  The officers also located a pair of scissors stuck into the ignition of one of the victim’s vehicles.  The suspect was arrested and transported to Ingleside station.  While inside the holding cell, the suspect damaged the door trying to escape.  He also used a piece of metal he ripped from the door to scratch into the cell door glass.  The suspect was booked with additional charges for the damage.  Report 120538434

8:03pm       Unit blk Naples           Warrant
Officers Hurwitz, Padilla and Seavey responded to a call regarding an outstanding warrant. The officers contacted the suspect at his residence but the suspect tried to flee.  Officer Seavey was able to catch the suspect.  After a brief struggle, the officer was able to subdue and arrest the suspect.  The officers conducted a search of the suspect and found drugs and paraphernalia on his person. Report 120539244


 5:04pm           Geneva/280 SB On-Ramp      Traffic Accident