Monday, July 9, 2012

July 7, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, July 7th 2012

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11:57am     5800 Blk Mission           Stolen Property
Officer Hurwitz and Johnson were on patrol when they saw a subject, which had been previously detained for selling illegal MUNI transfers.  The officers witnessed the subject make an exchange. They exited their vehicle and pursued the man on foot. Officer Johnson told the suspect to stop, but the suspect continued down the street and tossed a small object through a chain-link fence. Officer Hurwitz detained the suspect and Officer Johnson went behind the fence to recover the object which was found to be a roll of MUNI transfers. A MUNI inspector was called to the location and confirmed that the man did not work for MUNI and that the transfers were the property of MUNI.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 120535838

10:41pm     4900 blk Mission           Robbery
Officers Barajas and Benavidez were on patrol when they witnessed a victim signaling them. They stopped and the victim stated that two men had just attempted to rob him. The officers then went after the two men that were still in the area and detained them for further investigation. The victim said that the two suspects exited a bus and began demanding money from the victim, but the victim refused.  One of the suspects spotted the police approaching and alerted the other suspect.  The suspect’s attempted to flee before being detained by the officers. The men were taken to Ingleside station along with the victim whom provided a full statement. Both men were sent to jail. Report 120537066

Other incidents:  

1:25am       100 blk Appleton           Threatening Phone Calls
Officer Anderson responded to a call in regards to a threatening phone call. Officer Anderson met with the victim. The victim showed the officer the text messages she had received.  The victim called the police because she felt she could have been assaulted. Report 120535139

2:00pm       Unit blk Moffitt             False Personation
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi assisted a victim that came into Ingleside station. The victim had received a letter in regards to suspicious financial activity.  The victim later received a phone call from her bank to inform her that an account was being accessed fraudulently. The victim had not authorized the activity on her accounts.  Report 120535634

3:00pm       4100 blk Mission           Theft
Officers Fung and Sugitan responded to a local business regarding a theft. An unknown suspect had entered the business and had asked the victim if it was possible to speak with her boss. The victim had left the front area to speak to her boss. When she returned a phone and digital camera had been stolen from her desk. The victim stated that the objects were in plain view and that the suspect was the only one near the objects. Report 120536171

9:30pm       100 blk Trumbull          Stalking
Officer Dilag assisted a victim of stalking that came to Ingleside station. The victim had stated she heard a knock on her windows and saw a silhouette leaving.  The next morning the victim had found a letter taped to her window. The victim has no idea who the person is. Officer Dilag told the victim to call if the suspect is to knock on her window again. Report 120536121

10:03pm     Mansell/Visitacion        Arson of Vehicle
Officers Hauscarriague and Ma responded as back-up for Officer Obot.  Officer Obot had been on patrol when he saw a car engulfed in flame.  The officers were unable to locate any possible suspects in the area.  SFFD Lt. Hunter arrived on scene and stated that he suspected the incident to be arson. Report 120536955

11:00pm     300 blk Hazelwood        Burglary
Officer Archilla responded to a robbery call. The victim stated that she had left her house in the day and when she returned her TV and game console had been stolen. Due to a lack of fingerprints and printable services CSI was not called to process the scene. Report 120536911

  6:15am          100 Blk Naples           Traffic Accident
  7:50am          Blythdale/Santos          Recovered Vehicle: 1989 Mazda, Red  
  8:50pm          200 blk 30th               Stolen Vehicle: 1998 Honda Accord, 4dr, Green