Monday, July 9, 2012

July 6, 2012

Incident Date:
Friday, July 6th 2012

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4:50pm       Unit blk Prospect       Threats
Officers Barajas and Almaguer responded to a call regarding threats. The officers arrived at the residence of the suspect and arrested him. The suspect was on parole and officer Almaguer conducted a search of the residence, with negative results in regards to a parole violation. At Ingleside station officer Almaguer interviewed the suspect to better understand the situation. The suspect stated he got into a verbal argument with the victim but no threats were made. Report 120513276

6:15pm       Mission/Norton          Warrant
Officer Naval was investigating the parking lot at Mission and Norton. The parking lot has received numerous complaints for drinking in public, sleeping and aggressive solicitation. Officer Naval viewed a suspect soliciting a vehicle and ran a background check to find that the suspect had an outstanding warrant. Report 120534294

7:50pm       500 blk Ellsworth       Intoxicated Person
Officers Barajas and Almaguer answered a call regarding someone under the influence and throwing garbage cans into the street. When the officers arrived Officer Lustenberger had a subject that matched the description of the suspect wanted for being under the influence. The officers searched the area to determine if property had been damaged but did not find anything. Report 120534539

8:00pm       100 blk Leland            Warrant
Officers Burke, Johnson, and Hurwitz were patrolling the area which is known for criminal activity. Officer Hurwitz was speaking to a subject in a vehicle when a suspect with a warrant exited a building. Officer Burke made contact with the suspect and ran a computer check which confirmed the outstanding warrant. Report 101023446

11:31pm     3300 blk Mission         Warrant
Officers Barajas and Almaguer responded to a call from a local business of a subject refusing to leave. The owner stated the subject was a nuisance and wanted her to leave the premises but refused to do so until the officers showed up. Both officers approached the subject and recognized the subject from a mugshot. A records check showed that the subject had an outstanding warrant. Report 120534824    

Other incidents:  

10:00am     100 blk Brookdale      Robbery
Officers Hart and Phillips responded to a call regarding a robbery. They arrived on scene and the victim had described what had happened. The victim answered the door and was immediately struck. The three suspects entered the victim’s household and ordered the victim not to move.  The suspects stole the victim’s wallet and cell phone.  The suspect’s threatened the victim’s life before fleeing.  CSI was called in to process the scene. Report 120533462

2:47pm       2800 blk Diamond      Robbery
Officer Hornstein answered a call regarding a theft. As he arrived, other Ingleside units had also reported the scene.  The victim said that she was working when a male suspect entered the business and stole the tip jar from the counter. The victim ran after the suspect and was able to grab the suspect by the wrist but the suspect broke free of her grip. The officers searched the area for the suspect but were unable to find the suspect. Report 120533569

3:30pm       100 blk Britton            Robbery
Officers Paras and Quintero responded to a call regarding a burglary. The victim had been out when it occurred, and upon arrival noticed a window was smashed and that the deadbolt had been unlocked. Officer Quintero had determined the point of entry to be the window and the door was the point of exit. The victim’s camera and some cash were taken.  Report 120534777

6:00pm       100 blk Red Rock        Robbery
Officer Wong responded to a call regarding a burglary. The victim had described that several items were broken and that other items had been stolen including a hard drive which held video of the area. Since the incident, all of the items had either been fixed or replaced so that no prints could be retrieved. Report 120532969

11:30pm     400 blk London            Vehicle Tampering
Officer Dilag answered a call in regards to a tampered vehicle. The victim described that he parked the car the night before and when he went out in the morning found the driver side door to be unlocked.  A piece of the ignition had been broken. Due to lack of evidence and printable surfaces the vehicle was not processed for prints. Report 120534250


6:45am            1700 blk Geneva         Recovered Vehicle: 1993 Honda Civic, 4dr, White
11:48am          900 blk Ellsworth        Recovered Vehicle: 2005 Dodge Magnum, 4dr, Silver
12:04pm          Lisbon/Excelsior          Hit and Run
6:30pm            300 blk 29th               Stolen Vehicle: 2001 Acura Integra, 2dr, Black
7:08pm            Unit blk Wabash          Recovered Vehicle: 2001 Acura 3.2 CL, 2dr, White
10:55pm          300 blk Day                Recovered Vehicle: 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee, LL, White