Friday, July 6, 2012

July 5th, 2012

Incident Date:
Thursday July 5th, 2012

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6:21am       4300 blk Mission          Theft/Vandalism
Officers Frisk and Morrow responded to a theft case. the victim told the officers that two people got into an argument in her business that quickly escalated and one of the combatants grabbed a glass coffee pot and broke it. The argument carried out to the street. The officers were able to locate four witnesses that gave the same story. The subject that broke the pot was the only one still at the scene from the combatants. The officers stopped the subject to ascertain more information as the owner of the business came out and demanded action. The victim signed a citizen’s arrest for the subject. The officers accepted the arrest and arrested the subject and then cited him for vandalism. Report number 120529392

12:30pm     3200 blk Folsom           Public Nuisance
Lieutenant Engler was riding with Sgt Rainsford when they were flagged down. The reportee told the officers that a subject had just urinated in front of a home and that now he was in a business where she dropped her pants. The 71 year suspect was intercepted by the officers as she exited the business pant less and aided by a walker. The area had pedestrian traffic that included minors. The officers directed the suspect to put her pants on and obtained a signed complaint by the owner of the business. The officers arrested the suspect for public nuisance and issued a citation to appear in court. Report number 120530270

Other incidents:  

8:00am       300 blk Bennington      Vandalism
Officers Curry and Sanchez responded to handle a vandalism report. The victim told the officers that construction worker had damaged his car by hitting it with an unknown object. The victim told the officer that the suspect was at the construction site. The officers responded to the site and asked to speak with all the workers. Once the officers had everyone in sight of the victim they asked the victim to identify the suspect. The victim then told the officers that he did not see who had done it but suspected someone from there. The officers advised the victim that he could sign a citizen’s arrest, but he declined. Report number 120529518 

9:00am       200 blk Staples            Theft
Officer Curry prepared a report regarding a theft for a victim that responded to the station. The victim told the officer that she employs a housekeeper for the last three years. The victim went on to say that she noticed a decorative plate missing from its spot. The victim told the officer that when she paid the housekeeper she noticed the housekeeper acting strange by trying to cover her purse as if try to hide it from her. The victim told the officer that she has had no visitors besides the housekeeper. The victim also told the officer that a $1000 necklace disappeared just as mysteriously several months ago. The victim told the officer that she confronted the housekeeper about the items, which she denied any involvement. The victim wanted the incident documented. Report number 120523623

10:00am     Unit blk Fairmont        Fraud
Police Services Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi prepared a report for a victim that responded to the station. The victim told the PSA that he received a call from his credit card company advising him that there had been unusual activity on his card and that when an unidentified caller tried to change the password he failed with the wrong one. The company closed the account and red flagged it. The company requested a police report be made by the victim. Report number 120527261

12:00pm     300 blk Athens              Fraud        
The victim of a fraud responded to Ingleside Station to file a fraud report. The victim told officer Hom that he was contacted by Macys regarding unusual activity on his account with a $704 charge. The company requested a police report be made by the victim. Report number 120530866

12:00pm     Unit blk Moffitt            Fraud
Officer Hom prepared a report regarding a fraud. The victim told the officer that she accepted an employment opportunity she arranged over the internet with an unknown person. The instructions given to the victim consisted of cashing a check that the suspect was going to mail her in the amount of $2600 and sending $850 and $1450 money grams to separate parties and she could keep the extra $300. The victim followed instructions to the “T” only to receive a call from financial institution that the check she had cashed was no good and they wanted the money back. The victim was now out $2300! Report number 120530850


  1:30am          100 blk Flood                        Stolen Auto, 1991 Honda Accord 4dr Black
12:45pm          2600 blk Bayshore                 Recovered Auto, 2006 Nissan Maxima 4dr White
  5:16pm          500 blk Raymond                   Recovered Auto, 1992 Honda Accord 4dr Black
11:23pm          Blythdale/Santos                     Recovered Auto, 1995 Honda Accord 2dr Green