Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 9th, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, July 9th 2012

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12:45am     5100 blk Mission        Warrant Arrest
Officers Contreras and Hermosura were dispatched to a report of several gang members with weapons.  While on their way to the scene, dispatch advised the officers that a holdup alarm had been triggered, indicating someone was in need of urgent help.  The officers arrived and contacted a security guard standing in front of the business.  The guard told the officers that there had been a physical fight involving several suspects who were now standing in front of the premise.  One suspect was walking away from the scene.  The officers arrested the suspect for the fight that had occurred.  A records check revealed that the suspect was wanted on a No Bail warrant for drunk driving.  After investigating further, there was no merit to an emergency from the holdup alarm, and no further police action was wanted.  The suspect was taken into custody.  Report 120542413

5:39pm       100 blk Precita           Drug Arrest
Officers Hurwitz, Johnson and Sgt. Alvarez were on patrol when they spotted a parked car with the driver’s side door wide open.  The officers stopped to investigate since they found this suspicious.  The officers conducted a DMV check on the vehicle revealing to the officers that the car was registered to a suspect that the officers knew from prior police contact.  They confirmed that the suspect was on Federal probation with a warrantless search condition.  The officers got back into their vehicle and drove around the block, this time pulling directly behind the suspect’s car. The officers noticed that the suspect was now in the car.  As they pulled up, the suspect exited the car and walked to the hood area, opening the hood as if to conceal himself behind it.  The officers contacted the suspect and immediately noticed a clear plastic bag sitting on top of the engine.  The bag contained a white, powdery substance that they suspected to be cocaine.  The suspect was placed under arrest.  The officers also found a bag containing a white powdery substance in the suspect’s pants pocket.  Presumptive tests of the suspected drugs confirmed the officer’s suspicions that the substance was in fact cocaine.  The suspect was booked on two felony charges. Due to the officers’ keen observation abilities what started as a possibly abandoned car turned into a drug arrest, thus placing another felon in jail in the Ingleside. Report 120541738
****Best Arrest of the Day****

Other Incidents:

1:00am       900 blk Moscow           Theft
Officer Brown assisted a victim at Ingleside station whose car had been broken into. The victim had parked his car the previous night and returned in the morning to find the glove compartment lock had been broken. The loss is $30 in change and other property.  Report 120542297

8:00am       100 blk Shawnee           Threatening Phone Calls
Officers Cassinelli and Archilla were dispatched to respond to a threatening phone call incident. The victim told the officers that she has been receiving threatening phone calls for some time from a known suspect. The case has been assigned to Ingleside SIT Report 120542281

3:00pm       500 blk Monterey         Theft
Officer Marino responded to investigate a theft that took place at a worksite. The victim told the officers that all their work equipment had been accounted for the previous Friday, but when they returned on Monday parts of the equipment was now missing. The officers were also told that no one had permission to remove anything from the site. Report 120540558

10:00pm     3300 blk Mission          Attempted Abduction
Officers Peregrina and Jones were sent to investigate an attempted abduction. The victim told the officers that she was walking on Mission St. when the suspect approached from behind on a bicycle and attempted to engage her in conversation, the victim did not reply and the suspect continued past her. As she kept walking she saw the same suspect reappear, this time driving a 90’s model Volvo 4 door, which had slowed down and began to follow her. The victim stopped at a gas station to purchase some items, the suspect stopped the car in a parking lot. As she exited the gas station the suspect grabbed her in an attempt to abduct her and force her into his car. The victim bravely and fearlessly kicked and pushed the suspect away. During the ferocious struggle she realized that the suspect was speaking Spanish. After the victim was able to break free from her captor she ran home and notified the police. The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, approximately 5’6”, heavyset, with short black hair. The suspect was wearing a black Northface jacket, a white t-shirt and dirty blue jeans. Report 120542219

7:30am                        Unit Blk Marsily         Recovered Vehicle: 1999 Acura Integra, 4dr, Grn            
8:00am                        700 Blk Silver             Stolen Vehicle: 1988 Chevy Silverado, Pickup, Rd
9:45am                        400 Blk Capistrano     Recovered Vehicle: 1994 Honda Accord, 4dr, Blk
2:04pm                        200 Blk Circular          Recovered Vehicle: 1990 Honda Accord, 4dr, Gry