Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 21, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, July 21st, 2012
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8:00pm       600 blk Holly Park       Burglary/Vandalism
Officers Jones and Dominguez responded to a burglary alarm at a local school. When they arrived, they searched the perimeter and found a back door unlocked.  They entered the school and began to search for suspects. While searching, they heard a loud noise from the second floor, they ascended the steps and found the suspect who immediately put his hands up and looked shocked. The suspect had a key ring with several keys on it. When the suspect was ordered to lie on the floor, 2 phones slipped out of his pocket. The suspect told the officers neither the phones nor the keys were his. During the interview, the suspect told the officers that he was walking by the school when he saw a door propped open by a garbage can and a janitor inside.  The suspect entered the building and hid until the janitor left.  He then went to the main office and found the keys and phones and pulled on the wires of the alarm box in order to disable it.  That is when the officers arrived and arrested the suspect. Report number 120577523

Other incidents:

5:00am       Unit blk Liebig             Battery
Officers Peregrina and Dominguez responded to a call of a well being check. Officers Apodaca and Gabriel were first to arrive on scene. When the officers first arrived, a man had opened the door for them and brought the officers to the man who had been struck. The officers were told that the male who had opened the door for them had gotten into a brief altercation with the other man. The first male had been in the garage when the second male entered.  They began arguing and engaged in mutual combat. Report number 120574808

4:00pm       100 blk Moreland        Theft
Police Services Aid Zabarte prepared a report for a victim of theft. The victim states that she locked and parked her car earlier in the day and when she returned later she saw her driver door open. Various items were taken. The victim had touched several parts of the car thereby contaminating and proper fingerprint analysis. Report number 120572882


11:30am          200 blk Capistrano      Stolen Vehicle: 1997 Nissan Quest, SW, Maroon
  9:30pm          Unit blk Mirabel          Stolen Vehicle: 1990 Mazda MX6, 4dr, White