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July 20, 2012

Incident Date:
Friday, July 20th, 2012
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6:15am       4900 blk Mission          Theft
Officer Morrow was on patrol when he was dispatched to a local store, concerning an attempted shoplifting and fight. The reportee told the officer that the suspect came into the store and placed items on his person and in his backpack. The store’s employees attempted to get the items back, but the suspect became violent and the security guard was forced to arrest the suspect. When Officer Morrow arrived, he conducted a check on the suspect which revealed he had a full extradition warrant out of Massachusetts. What was originally a call about an attempted theft turned into an inter-state fugitive being sent back to Massachusetts to be tried for his crimes, leaving the streets of San Francisco safer. Report number 120571826

9:52am       200 blk John F Shelley Auto Boost
Officer Frisk responded to a call regarding a theft from a vehicle. When she arrived, she was given a description of the suspect and the stolen vehicle. The suspect fled and but the information was dispatched over the radio. Officers Curry and Sanchez began looking for the vehicle and located it near McLaren Park. When the officers recognized the plate number, they enacted a felony stop. They exited their vehicle, ordered the suspect out of the vehicle and searched him.  He was then placed under arrest by the officers. Additional Ingleside units responded to the scene, including Officer Frisk, whom was transporting a witness for a cold show. The witness positively identified the suspect. Report number 120556618

1:42pm       Mission/Randall            Warrant
Officers Chew and Lim were dispatched to Mission and Randall. The officers were given a description of a suspect who was screaming and causing damage to the area. Officer Najarro met with the other two officers and detained the male suspect. The officers conducted a computer check which revealed that the man had an outstanding warrant in the amount of $10,000. If the man hadn’t started screaming, he wouldn’t have ended in cuffs.  Report number 120572692

2:18pm       30th/Mission                   Warrant
Officers Lim and Chew responded to a call about a female suspect emptying garbage cans and tearing up landscaping. When the officers arrived, they arrested the suspect. She only gave her information to the officers verbally.  A records check they found she had an outstanding warrant in the amount of $20,000. Report number 120572777

4:42pm       100 blk Cora                 Parole Violation
Officers Burke and Campos were on patrol when they were contacted by two parole agents. The agents told the suspect to open the door at which point he was handcuffed by Officer Campos.  The other officers conducted a search of the suspect’s residence, where they located 2 bottles of alcohol which placed him in violation of the conditions of his parole. Report number 120573117

8:22pm       San Jose/ Geneva          Warrant
Officers Khan and Morse were patrolling the Ingleside. They observed a vehicle with expired registration and affected a traffic stop. Officer Morse contacted the driver and asked for his license, registration and insurance. The driver had none of the items, but did possess a California Identified Card. The officers conducted a computer check to find that the suspect had an outstanding warrant in the amount of $10,000, and that he was driving on a suspended license.  After confirmation of the warrant, the officers arrested the suspect and brought him back to Ingleside. Report number 120573894  

Other incidents:

9:00am       1200 blk Ocean             Fraud
While working at the station Officer Carrasco prepared a report for a victim of fraud. The victim told the officer that his ATM card was stolen and being used fraudulently. The victim said that he ordered a new credit card but never received it. He called his credit union and was told that it had been used for several withdrawals. Report number 120579444

11:15am     100 blk Day                   Burglary
Officer Castillo was dispatched to a burglary. When the officer arrived he was met by the victims. The officer was told that the victims had left their house earlier in the day and while out they received a call from a neighbor whom stated that their front gate had been damaged. When the victims returned, the gate had been completely unhinged and the bedroom window and kitchen doors were found open. When the victims entered their house they noticed several items missing. Officer Castillo inspected the entire residence and was able to call CSI to process the scene. In a related incident, the officer was told by the victim that her neighbor had seen someone try to break into the house several days prior to this incident. Report number 120573690

4:00pm       Unit blk Ney                  Fraud
While working at Ingleside, Officer Cato prepared a report for a victim of fraud. The victim told the officer that she received several envelopes from a cell phone provider. The victim said that someone had opened several accounts without her knowledge or permission. Report number 120578838

11:00pm     100 blk Detroit              Theft/Fraud
Officer Lee was at the station when a victim of theft and fraud came in. Officer Lee prepared a report for the victim. The victim stated that he had parked his car the previous night and when he returned his car window had been broken into and various items were missing. Police Services Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi examined the victim’s vehicle for prints, but found nothing. Report number 120575828

  3:20am          Ellington/Mount Vernon         Traffic Collision: DUI
  9:50am          200 blk John F Shelley           Recovered Vehicle: 2006 Dodge Caravan, VC, Blue
10:07am          1600 blk Alabama                 Recovered Vehicle: 1993 Acura Legend, 2dr, Black
12:29pm          1600 blk Burrows                 Recovered Vehicle: 1997 Acura Integra, 2dr, Brown
  1:00pm          Unit blk Brentwood               Traffic Collision: Hit and Run
  3:59pm          100 blk Kingston                   Recovered Vehicle: 1996 Saturn SL, 4dr, Maroon
  8:00pm          100 blk Avalon                     Stolen Vehicle: 2006 Cadillac DTS, 4dr, White
  9:00pm          100 blk Tara                         Stolen License Plate