Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 22, 2012

Incident Date:
Sunday, July 22nd, 2012
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3:05pm       4900 blk Mission          Warrant
Officers Morrow and Naval responded to a local store due to transients loitering and sleeping in the parking lot. The officers passed by and notified the group of people that they were not allowed to loiter. Officer Naval later identified one of the suspects and a computer check revealed the suspect had 2 active traffic warrants.  He was taken into custody and booked upon confirmation of the warrant. Report number 120578731

7:12pm       Sunnydale/Hahn          Warrant
Officers Johnson, Hart, Phillips and Obot were patrolling the Sunnydale housing unit. While on patrol, they noticed a subject from prior police contact. The officers made contact with the subject and later conducted a computer check which revealed that he had an outstanding warrant in the amount of $75,000.  He was arrested and brought to Ingleside station. Report number 110541431

Other incidents:

2:50am       200 blk Ellington          Vandalism
Officers Apodaca, Gabriel, Benavidez and Lustenberg responded to a call about a vandalism incident. The 2 victims had been in their garage when they heard a loud noise outside. When the victims went to investigate, they saw a parked vehicle across from their residence and observed 2 suspects standing in front of their house. The victims made contact with one of the suspects at which point the suspects fled and threw a beer bottle at the garage, breaking the window. The officers then conducted a walk through with the victims and found a champagne bottle which had broken another window.  A description of the suspects was provided and officers searched the area unsuccessfully for them.  Report number 120577573

7:05am       500 blk Russia              Vandalism
Officers Paras and Shugars were dispatched to a call about a vandalism incident. The officers were met by the victim who told them that she arrived home and saw her garage door intact and undamaged.  Once inside her house, she heard a loud crash. The victim went outside to investigate and saw two suspects who had just broken a piece of glass from her garage. The victim cleaned the glass up before Ingleside units arrived. Report number 120579381

8:45pm       3200 blk Mission          Aggravated Assault
Officers Shugars and Paras were dispatched to a call regarding a stabbing. Additional Ingleside units responded as backup. Officer Burke spoke with the victim and broadcast the suspect’s description over the radio. The victim told the officers that he was inside a local store when he found a cell phone on the counter, but he did not know whom it belonged to. The victim exited the store and was approached by the suspect who asked “Why do you have my phone,” the suspect then began yelling, pulled out a knife and cut the victim. Paramedics arrived on scene to treat the victim. Officer Paras went to the local store to ask the cashier if he had any additional information but he did not. After the victim’s description, the officers searched the area and found someone fitting the description.  However, when the victim was asked if that was the man whom had robbed him he said it wasn’t. The suspect was last seen wearing a black baseball hat, a grey sweatshirt with black writing, black pants, black shoes and had a black messenger bag. Report number 120579400

12:20am     2100 blk Geneva           Robbery
Officers Gabriel and Apodaca were on patrol when they were flagged down by a female witness inside a convenient store. When the officers entered the store, the witness pointed to another female who had gotten robbed. The victim had been walking to the MUNI station when 3 suspects tried to grab her purse.  She resisted but was eventually pushed down and her purse was taken.  The victim suffered a laceration to her knee. Officer Apodaca broadcast the description of the suspects while Officer Gabriel searched the area for the suspects but with no results. Report number 120577216


  2:02am          Cortland/Putnam         Traffic Collision: Hit and Run
  3:07am          Unit blk Marsily          Recovered Vehicle: 1997 Honda CRV, SW, Silver