Friday, July 20, 2012

July 17, 2012

Incident Date:
Tuesday, July 17th 2012

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11:59am              200 blk Bradford       Warrant
Officers Hurwitz responded to a call about a possible trespasser and a person with a warrant. Two residents of a home were arguing with one another. The owner wanted the other person to vacate the premise because they believed that the person was stealing items from the upper level of the house and was bringing unwanted guests. The owner of the home also believed that the boyfriend of the downstairs tenant had a warrant. Ingleside officers Rueca, Trujillo, and Howard came to assist in the investigation. Officers conducted a warrants check and discovered that the boyfriend had an active drug warrant. With permission by the owner, the officers searched the house and discovered the suspect in one of the bedrooms. They continued to arrest and transport the suspect to Ingleside Station for further questioning. The girlfriend packed her belongings and vacated the premise afterwards. Report number 120560506

Other Incidents:

12:12pm              3900 blk Mission          Robbery
Officers responded to a call regarding three previous robberies at a possible illegal gambling location that operates out of a store front. The victim stated that he had been robbed three times by the same group of people. The victim told the officers that he could identify the suspects and later he picked them out of a photo lineup. For the past several months, the robberies occurred consecutively one after another. During the first robbery, three men appeared at the store and physically pushed down the victim and demanded access to the backroom and money. The victim recognized two of the three men as they were previous patrons of his gambling operation.   The suspects took the money out of the victim’s wallet and also took cash that was on top of a desk in that room. The victim told the officers that they escaped in a vehicle that was described as a light blue colored, four door vehicle. The second incident occurred with three different men equipped with firearms and masks. However, one of the suspected robbers was not wearing a mask and the victim recognized his identity. The unmasked man carried a shotgun and threatened the victim to open the backdoor. He continued to smash a glass window which lacerated the victim’s arm. The victim then allowed access into the backroom where there were five other people. The three armed men robbed the five other bystanders of their wallets and cell phones. The unmasked man continued to threaten the main victim of his money and managed to steal money from the back office of the store. After the robbery, the three men fled on foot and the victims managed to get out without any serious injuries. Lastly the third robbery occurred early in the morning a few days after the second incident. Being very cautious from the previous engagements, the victim started to leave the premise. However.  the victim was ambushed from behind and was threatened with a Taser. The victim was surrounded by a group of men in which he recognized that some of the men there had previously robbed him. As from before, the robbers demanded entrance to the store and wanted to steal any money that was in the store. This time there was no money in the premise, so instead the robbers stole power tools. The suspects fled in the same light blue vehicle from before. Officers showed the victim of possible pictures of the suspects in which the victim recognized some of them and could properly identify them. Ingleside officers are diligently investigating this ongoing case.  Report number 120563431

12:17am              400 blk Rolph               Warrant
Officers Lozano and Hauscarriague were patrolling when Lozano recognized a man whom he had arrested before standing a corner where Ingleside officers have conducted previous arrests for narcotic sales and use. The officer conducted a warrants check and it revealed that the man had an active drug warrant. Officers continued to arrest and transport the suspect to Ingleside Station for further investigation. Report number 110763102

3:33am                30 blk Santos                Battery
Officers Hermosura and Pedersen responded to a battery incident. Officers found a woman suffering several hits to the head and appeared to be experiencing stomach pains. The woman said she was attacked by an unknown assailant while trying to break up a nearby fight. The officers were unable to locate any witnesses to the incident and called paramedics to provide additional treatment for the victim. Report number 120565653

7:02am                100 blk Britton             Burglary
Officers Muro and Larocca responded to a complaint of a burglary. The front gate’s lock of a home was found to be broken. No property was stolen.  Report number 120562916

2:10pm                50 Phelan                      Theft
SFCCPD Officer Smith reported to City College regarding a theft. The victim had her wallet and phone stolen from a locker in the gym. There was no visible damage to the lock but it could be forced opened by hand. There are no suspects in this incident. Report number 120549334

5:00pm                700 blk Madrid            Dog Attack
A dog owner came to the Ingleside Station to report that while walking his dog, his dog was attacked and bitten by an unleashed pit bull in front of a home. The dog suffered from numerous bites throughout the body. The owner was given information and a report by the Animal Care and Control. Report number 120564382

5:00pm                40 blk Winfield             Burglary
Officers Wong and Araujo responded to a burglary call. The victim stated that his two bikes were stolen out of his closed garage after he and wife went out for dinner. Due to the lack of physical evidence, C.S.I was not notified. The victims were told to get the serial numbers for the bikes and police would notify them if the bikes were spotted. Report number 120560067

1:50pm                400 blk Munich            Fraud
A victim of fraud filed a report in the Ingleside Station to report that someone had been applying for credit cards under her name and another name. An officer initiated a query on the other name and no results were given. The victim’s bank was notified on the fraudulent cards and an investigation of the fraud will be investigated. The victim did not suffer any financial loss. Report number 120563710

8:00am            100 blk Arleta             Stolen Vehicle: 2005 Toyota Tundra, 2dr, White
12:30pm          400 blk Precita            Recovered Vehicle: 1998 Dodge Caravan, 4dr, Green
2:35pm            500 blk Precita            Recovered Vehicle: 1998 Honda Civic, 4dr, Red
3:50pm            Unit blk Alemany        Traffic Accident
4:00pm            500 blk Nevada          Stolen Vehicle: Mits Max Min, PK, Gray
5:29pm            Bosworth                    Traffic Accident