Friday, July 20, 2012

July 18, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday, July 18th 2012

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8:33pm                     3300 blk Mission              Warrant/Shoplifting
Officer Hauscarriague and Peregrina responded to dispatch regarding a shoplifter at a local market. The shoplifter had attempted to steal several tubs of baby formula until the market’s store security had apprehended him. Dispatch informed the officers that the suspect also had an active misdemeanor warrant.  Officers arrested the suspect for the warrant and transported him to the county jail.  Report number 120425897
****Best Arrest of the Day****

1:35pm                     3700 blk Mission              Vandalism
Officer Wong responded to a vandalism incident on the 3700 block of Mission. An intoxicated man had walked outside of a restaurant and punched the driver’s side mirror of a parked car. The suspect was bleeding profusely from his hand and paramedics were called in to treat him. The suspect was cited for vandalism and was sent to SFGH for further treatment.  Report number 120566855

Other Incidents:

8:30am                     200 blk Maynard               Fraud
PSA Zabarte was assigned to station duty when someone came in to report that their bank account had been overdrawn by an unknown person. The victim reported that the charges on his account were fraudulent and also reported it to his bank. The bank informed him that an investigation will be conducted and Zabarte gave him information about identity theft. Report number 120565948

9:13am                     2100 blk Geneva               Robbery/Assault
Officer Gonzalez and Yuen responded to a robbery incident on the 2100 block of Geneva. Two victims were robbed of their money and belongings after one of them had been pepper sprayed by one of the suspects. Officer Gonzalez immediately called in for an ambulance. Sergeant Gasanyan is continuing this investigation. Report number 120565142

4:45pm                     30th Street                           Dog Bite
Officer Preston responded to an incident regarding an accident involving a dog. A dog had been running in and out of traffic and nearby people tried to capture the dog. However, when trying to subdue the dog, a man was bite on his left hand, causing punctures on two fingers. The victim of the dog bite was stable and the dog was taken away by ACC.  Report number 120544083

5:19pm                     50 blk Brookdale               Burglary
Officers Peregoy, Hopkins, and Uang responded to dispatch regarding a report of a burglary. The home of a mother and son was broken into and several items were missing from the mother’s bedroom. The mother believes that some of the son’s friends may have broken into the home as she claims that the people her son associates with are “bad kids” from the neighborhood. CSI is now continuing this ongoing investigation. Report number 120564564

5:54pm                     County Jail                        DNA Search Warrant
Sergeant Gasanyan responded to a DNA search warrant at the county jail. Gasanyan obtained DNA samples from the suspect who was booked at the county jail for unrelated charges. Report number 120498220


1:30 am           1000 blk Mansell        Recovered Vehicle: 1991 Honda Accord, 4dr, White
10:50am          290 blk Arleta             Recovered Vehicle: 1993 Honda Accord, 4dr, Green
12:09am          1100 blk Persia           Recovered Vehicle: 1993 Honda Accord, 4dr, Green
1:30pm            50 blk Phelan              Stolen Vehicle: 1996 Ford Club Wagon, Van, White
3:00pm            50 blk Morse              Stolen Vehicle: 1991 Acura Integra, 2dr, Yellow
4:45pm            190 blk Teddy            Stolen Vehicle: 1993 Honda Accord, 4dr, Green
6:00pm            1400 blk Visitacion     Stolen Vehicle: 1997 Honda Accord LX, 4dr, Blue
6:00pm            370 blk Park               Stolen Vehicle: 2000 Honda CRV, 4dr, White