Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 15, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, July 15th 2012

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1:40am       Unit blk Persia              Warrant
Officers Contreras and Hermosura were dispatched to a call about a fight. When the officers arrived they met with Officers Ferronato and Anderson who already arrested one of the men in the fight. The officers conducted a computer check which revealed that this suspect was wanted on an outstanding warrant in the amount of $10,000… for fighting. Report number 120556931

1:48am       Unit blk Ina                   Firearm/Stolen Property
Officers Hermosura and Contreras responded to a call about a verbal fight taking place in a vehicle. The officers arrived on scene and approached the vehicle to engage the occupants, while walking toward the passenger window Officer Contreras noticed a black gun in the back seat of the vehicle, which was later determined to be loaded and cocked. Officer Contreras notified Officer Hermosura of the possible threat so the officers asked the suspects to exit the vehicle. When they began to question the suspects about the pistol both had said they had no idea who it belonged to. Later investigation would show that the gun was stolen. Both suspects were brought back to Ingleside station however only the driver was arrested because he was transporting a loaded firearm in the vehicle. Report number 120559769

9:30am       Unit blk Brookdale       Stolen Property/Parole Violation
Lieutenant Engler was patrolling the Sunnydale Housing area. While on patrol he noticed a stopped car which had been using its horn excessively. Lieutenant Engler approached the driver and was handed an identification card immediately. The Lieutenant conducted a check of the name on the ID and found no wants or warrants. The Lieutenant believed that the man in the vehicle was not the same man whose picture was on the ID as there were visible differences between the photograph and suspect. At this time the suspect was asked to exit the car and stand next to Officers Howard and Trujillo who had arrived to assist the Lieutenant. As the driver exited the car, the Lieutenant saw a wallet near the center console; he believed might belong to the suspect.  The Lieutenant grabbed the wallet to make sure it was the suspects. When asked, the suspect denied ownership of the wallet. To the surprise of the officer there was an ID in that wallet with a California driver’s license which matched the suspect. The Lieutenant then conducted a warrants check and found that the suspect was on felony probation with a search condition along with several traffic warrants. The suspect was brought in for follow-up investigation and interview. At the station the suspect told the Lieutenant he was sorry to have lied to him. While still at the station with the suspect a call came in with information confirming the vehicle that the suspect was driving was reported stolen. Because of the alertness of the officer and attention to the quality of life issues in the area, a car thief is locked up and our neighborhood is a little quieter. Report number 120557343
****Best Arrest of the Day****

7:13pm       5600 blk Mission          Drugs
Sergeant Alvarez and Officer Hurwitz were on patrol when they saw a vehicle and driver that they recognized from prior police contact for narcotics crimes.  As the officers approached they noticed that the suspect was watching them through his rear view mirror. Officer Hurwitz saw that the suspect was holding a clear plastic bag of what she suspected to be drugs because of its white powdery substance. The suspect attempted to destroy the evidence before the police arrived by dumping it on the floorboard, but was not successful. The officers conducted a further search of the vehicle because they believed that the white stuff on the floor could possibly be drugs. Officer Hurwitz seized the bag the suspect was holding as evidence to be booked at the station later. The suspected drugs tested at the station and tested positive for the presence of cocaine. Report number 120559117

Other Incidents:
2:21am       4900 blk Mission          Battery
Officers Ferronato and Anderson were dispatched to investigate a battery incident. When the officers arrived the victim told them that while waiting at the bus stop an unknown suspect came up to him and asked “ do you have a problem?” The suspect then proceeded to punch the victim numerous times and then fled. The suspect is described as a Hispanic male between the ages of 25 and 30. Approximately 5’5” weighing 140 lbs. and has black hair. The suspect was last seen wearing a white shirt with red squares and blue pants.  Report number 120559797

2:50am       4800 blk Mission          Theft
Officers Lozano and Jones were dispatched to a call about a theft. When the officers arrived the victim told them that he parked his car earlier in the night and then went to the bar. The victim told the officers that as he was leaving the bar he saw 2 black male suspects closing his car door and called out to them. The suspects ran as the victim ran after them but eventually lost sight of them. The first suspect is described as a black male between the ages of 20 and 30, is approximately 5’11” weighing 180 lbs. has black hair and brown eyes. This suspect was last seen wearing a white shirt, dark pants, and a dark baseball cap and was carrying a backpack. The second suspect is described as a black male between the ages of 20 and 30, is approximately 5’8” weighing 150 lbs. has black hair and brown eyes. This suspect was last seen wearing dark colored clothing and a dark baseball cap. The loss was over $300 in property and damage. Report number 120557008

4:50pm       100 blk Brookdale        Vandalism
Officers Peregoy and Hopkins were on patrol when they were dispatched on a call about a fight. They spoke with the victim whom stated that she and a known suspect got into a verbal argument and that during said argument the suspect picked up various objects and threw them at the kitchen window which caused it to shatter. The suspect is described as a black male age 20 approximately 5’7” and weighs 110 lbs. has black hair and brown eyes. Report number 120558608

8:30pm       Unit blk Seville             Burglary
Officer Jones was dispatched on a burglary call. When the officer arrived the victim told the officer that a known suspect left 2 threatening messages on the message machine. the victim believes that this burglary may have been done by that same suspect , although there was no suspect observed. Property in excess of $300 was been stolen from the victim’s house. The suspect is described as a black male age 49.  Report number 120559800

10:45pm     Mission/Laura              Battery
Officers Lozano and Jones were dispatched to assist SFFD that were on a medical call.  When the officers arrived they met with SFFD who was assisting a man whom was bleeding. The officer asked the man what happened but was very uncooperative and tried to remove the restraints the SFFD used on him so that they could tend to his injuries. The officers attempted to ask what had happened and the victim belligerently stated he was mugged. The victim kept being refusing to cooperate with the officers up until he was transported to the hospital. At the hospital the victim was unable to give any information regarding the incident because he was medicated. Report number 120559468

11:53pm     4900 blk Mission          Theft
Officers Jones and Lozano were dispatched to a call about a shoplifting incident. When the officers arrived the suspect was already under arrest by Officer Anderson. The officers spoke to the reportee who was the witness to the shoplifting incident. The reportee stated that he was standing at the end of a register when he saw the suspect come into the store with two empty bags. The reportee told officers that after 15 minutes he watched the same suspect walk out of the store with the bags full and never stopping at any of the registers to pay for the merchandise. The reportee ran after the suspect and questioned the suspect to see the receipt for the bags. The suspect refused and made a feeble attempt to run from the reportee.  Both men went to the ground struggling. While this struggle was occurring officer Anderson arrived and assisted the reportee to cuff the combative suspect. The suspect must now appear in court to explain to the judge his actions. Report number 120559634

  9:10am          Unit blk Brookdale     Recovered Vehicle: 2002 Mercedes ML320, UT, Red
11:12am          Unit blk Santa Marina Recovered Vehicle: 1991 Honda Accord, 4dr, Black
  1:13pm          200 blk London          Recovered Vehicle: 1994 Subaru Legacy, 4H, Green
  2:43pm          Unit blk Lapham         Recovered Vehicle: 1994 Honda Accord, 4dr, Blue
  3:00pm          200 blk Juanita            Stolen Vehicle: 1998 Honda CRV LL, Green
  4:00pm          300 blk Crescent         Stolen Vehicle: 1993 Acura Legend, 4dr, Green
  4:30pm          200 blk Bocana           Stolen Vehicle: 1994 Subaru Legacy, 4H, Green
  8:30pm          200 blk Willow           Recovered Vehicle: 1991 Honda Accord, 4dr, Blue
10:00pm          Unit blk Florentine      Stolen Vehicle: 1997 Honda Accord, 4dr, Silver
12:04am          Geneva/Moscow         Traffic Accident: DUI