Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 6, 2012

Incident Date:
Thursday, June 6th 2012


0:01am                900 Blk Tompkins        Battery
Officers McMilton and Peregrina were sent to an argument among tenants.  They located the victim who stated that she had been pushed by another male inside the home.  She had no visible injuries and refused medical treatment.  She insisted on signing a citizen’s arrest and the male was cited and released at the scene for the battery.  Report 120449160

6:06pm                3400 Blk Mission          Narcotics
Sgt. Alvarez and Officer Hurwitz were conducting surveillance in an area known for narcotics trafficking.  They encountered two males who they approached and began speaking with.  Officer Hurwitz checked the surrounding area where one of the males was detained and noticed it was clear from any dirt or debris.  She stepped aside for a minute and when she returned found a plastic baggie containing a crystal white substance on the floor next to the suspect.  She believed the suspect threw the narcotics on the ground after he had been detained and took him into custody.

Sgt. Alvarez assisted in interviewing the other male they had detained.  He admitted that he knew his friend had narcotics on him and that he had met up with him to ingest drug(s).  A search of his person was negative for any narcotics and a record check revealed no active warrants.  He was released at the scene.

The other suspect was transported to Ingleside station where a presumptive test was conducted on the white crystal substance.  It returned positive for methamphetamine.  He was booked at the instruction of Sgt. Alvarez.  The narcotics were hand delivered to the Narcotics Drop Box at the Hall of Justice.  Report 120447948

6:06pm                Geneva/Santos              Warrant
Officers Phillips and Hart were on patrol when they encountered a suspect loitering in an area where he had been advised not to loiter around on many occasions.  They confronted the suspect and identified him by his California Identification Card.  A record check revealed he had several outstanding warrants.  He was transported to Ingleside station pending further investigation.  At the instruction of Sgt. Riskin, the suspect was booked upon confirmation of the warrants.  Report 120448338

Other incidents:  

10:00am              300 Blk Sawyer            Fraud
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Flynn that she had received a call from a collection agency regarding an account which she never opened.  The collection agency requested she file a police report.  She was unable to provide any suspect information and was provided with follow up information.  Report 120447879

10:30am              800 Blk Delano             Theft
Officer Pai responded to an auto boost.  The victim advised him that she locked and secured her vehicle and later heard the car alarm go off.  She looked out the window and observed a window smashed and a male inside the vehicle. The male turned and noticed the victim and ran. Officer Pai inspected the vehicle but did not find any evidence.  The victim said she could identify the suspect if she saw him again.  She provided a detailed description of the suspect and several Ingleside units searched the area to no avail.  Follow-up information was given. Report 120446990

12:10pm              Appleton/Patton           Battery
A victim reported to Ingleside Station reporting battery and threats. He was walking down the street and witnessed a fight between another male and female. The male then approached the victim, verbally threatening him. He was not injured and refused medical assistance.  He was unsure if he could recognize the suspect if he saw him again.  The victim was given follow-up information. Report 120447443


  0:01am          1800 Blk Sunnydale               Stolen License Plate
  5:55am          1900 Blk Alemany                  Recovered Vehicle: 1991 Honda Civic, 4dr, black
10:09am          Prospect/Coso                        Traffic Collision
11:15am          Mansell/Bowdoin                    Traffic Collision
12:01pm          900 Blk Avalon                       Recovered Vehicle: 1996 Honda Civic, 2dr, red
  5:25pm          Unit Blk Seneca                      Recovered License Plate
  6:00pm          Russia/Mission                        Stolen Vehicle:  2004 Acura, 4dr, grey
  7:07pm          Unit Blk Seneca                      Recovered Vehicle: 1997 Acura Integra, 2dr, green
  8:00pm          900 Blk Cayuga                      Stolen Vehicle:  2002 Ford Mustang
  9:48pm          San Jose/30th                         Traffic Collision
10:00pm          300 Blk Arleta                        Stolen License Plate
11:07pm          Geneva/San Jose                    Traffic Collision