Friday, June 8, 2012

June 7, 2012

Incident Date:
Friday, June 7th 2012


5:14pm                2200 Blk San Jose          Vandalism
Officers Gomez and Morse were dispatched to meet with a reportee who observed a male vandalize and possibly steal items from a parked vehicle.  The officers arrived on scene and detained a male matching the description.  They met with the reportee and performed a Cold Show Admonition where he positively identified the male as the man he had seen vandalizing the vehicle.  The officers examined the vehicle and had the owner respond to the scene.  He told the officers the damage to the vehicle was new and that there appeared to be several items missing.

The witness signed a citizen’s arrest and the suspect was transported to Ingleside station.  The officers took pictures of the damage to the vehicle which they booked into evidence.  They provided all parties with follow up information.  The suspect was identified by his SFPD mug shot photo.  At the instruction of Sgt. Maron, the suspect was cited for the vandalism and theft.  Report 120450662

10:18pm              400 Blk 27th St.             Viol. Court Order
Officer Hauscarriague was sent to a fight regarding a male and a female.  Various other Ingleside units arrived to assist him.  They determined that one of the parties had a stay away order from the address and a record check revealed he also had an outstanding warrant.  Neither party was injured.  The suspect was transported to Ingleside station pending further investigation.  An arrest search found him in possession of an illegal knife which was confiscated and booked into evidence.  The officers confirmed the restraining order was valid and confirmed the warrant.  The suspect was then booked at the instruction of Sgt. Turner.  Report 120451397  ***BEST ARREST OF THE DAY***

Other incidents:  

6:10am                Unit Blk Newburg        Burglary
Officers Pai and Araujo responded to a possible burglary in progress.  The victim advised that he left his home with his dog but did not lock the front door.  He turned around a short time later and noticed a suspect walk near his home.  The victim returned to the home and found the front door open and several items missing.  He observed the suspect walking down a stairway and called the police.  He lost sight of the suspect but provided a vague description of him and said he could probably not identify him.  Officers searched the area unsuccessfully for the suspect.  They could locate no sign of forced entry or possible areas with fingerprint evidence.  The victim was provided with follow up information and an additional loss form.  Report 120449295

12:00pm              600 Blk Banks              Vandalism
Officers Leong and Castillo were dispatched to an attempted burglary.  The victim advised that he locked and secured his home and when he returned found damage to a screen on one of the windows and smear marks on the window.  No entry had been made to the home and no items were missing.  The officers took pictures of the damage as evidence.  They attempted to lift any latent fingerprints to no avail.  The victim was provided with follow up information. Report 120451002

12:20pm              Santos/Brookdale        Robbery
Officer Hart and several Ingleside officers were sent to assist two victims of a robbery which had occurred on a MUNI bus.  They met with both victims who advised that they were on the bus when a group of males walked toward the exit doors, grabbed several items from their person and ran off of the bus.  The victims were not injured and refused medical assistance.  They said they could possibly identify the suspects if they saw them again.  They provided a detailed description of the suspects and several officers searched the area unsuccessfully for them.  The victims were provided with follow up information.  The officers contacted MUNI dispatch and requested a copy of the surveillance video.  Report 120449938

1:53pm                Unit Blk Racine          Battery
Officer Bernard was sent to investigate a battery.  The victim stated that he had to request one of his workers to leave work early because there was not enough work for him.  The worker grabbed the victim and said things that caused the victim to feel uncomfortable.  The suspect had left the scene upon the officer’s arrival.  The victim wanted the incident documented.  He said he was not injured and refused medical assistance.  Report 120450220

4:30pm                Elk/Chenery               Theft
Officers Barrientos and Borgen responded to an auto boost.  The reportee advised that she locked and secured her vehicle and when she returned found one of the windows shattered and several items missing.  She was unable to locate any witnesses and was provided with follow up information.  The officers searched the area for any video surveillance cameras to no avail.  Report 120445588

5:25pm                100 Blk Cambridge   Robbery
Officer Pereira and several other Ingleside officers were sent to a purse snatch.  The victim was a Cantonese speaker and Officer Chan assisted with the interview. She told them that she exited a MUNI bus and was crossing a walkway to get home when she observed three males walking behind her.  As the males continued following her she began to run.  The males caught up with her and began repeatedly punching her, causing her to fall to the ground.  The suspects then kicked her and pulled several items from her person and took off running into the Alemany Housing Projects. 

The victim’s eye was very swollen and an ambulance was immediately requested.  She was transported to the hospital for further medical treatment.  The officers took pictures of her injuries and provided her with follow up information.  Officers canvassed the area in search of the subjects but were unable to locate them.  All evidence was booked at Ingleside station.  Report 120450731


  7:32am          Unit Blk Bosworth                 Recovered vehicle:  2011 Toyota Camry, 4dr, black
10:00am          500 Blk Vienna                      Recovered vehicle:  2001 Ford E150, ZZ, white
11:02am          Unit Blk Capistrano                Recovered vehicle:  1998 Honda Civic, 2dr, black
11:11am          2800 Blk Diamond                 Recovered vehicle:  1995 Honda Accord, 4dr, green