Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 4, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, June 4th, 2012


3:41pm                Alemany Blvd                         Warrant
Officer Chew was on patrol when he observed a vehicle with a failed brake light. He affected a traffic stop and the driver told him he did not have a driver’s license. A record check revealed the license was suspended and that he had two active warrants. The vehicle was towed to Auto Return and the suspect was transported to Ingleside Station pending further investigation. At the instruction of Sgt. Riskin, he was booked upon confirmation of the warrants. Report 120442136

3:52pm                100 Blk 28th St                        Auto Theft
Officer Hurwitz, Sergeant Kumli and Officer Tam all responded to the call of a stolen vehicle which was occupied. They detained two males inside the vehicle.  A computer check revealed the driver had an outstanding warrant and he was transported to Ingleside Station, pending further investigation. An arrest search located a clear plastic bag containing a green leafy substance, believed to be marijuana. At the instruction of Sergeant Alvarez, he was booked into custody.

The owner of the vehicle was contacted and he responded to Ingleside Station where the vehicle was released to him. All evidence was booked at Ingleside Station and the narcotics were hand delivered to the Narcotics Drop Box at the Hall of Justice. Report 120441683

Other incidents:  

8:36am                300 Blk Oxford St                  Burglary
Officers Conceicao and Campion-Healy responded to a burglary. The victim advised that he left and secured his home, and when he returned, found the front gate open and the door lock damaged. The front door had been forced open but it did not appear that entry had been made. The officers took photographs of the damage and booked them into evidence. They provided the victim with follow-up information. CSI was not contacted due to the lack of physical evidence. Report 120441467

1:30pm                600 Blk Edinburgh St            Dog Bite
Officers Sullivan and Padilla responded to a home where two dogs were fighting. One of the dogs had bitten the owner on her arm and an ambulance was requested to treat her. She refused to be transported to the hospital and told the officers she would quarantine her dogs for the next ten days. The offices provided her with follow-up information and faxed a copy of the report to Animal Care and Control. Report 120441865

4:00pm                100 Blk Capistrano Av          Dog Bite
A victim responded to Ingleside Station and told PSA Cato that he had been bitten by a dog.  Because the victim only spoke Spanish, the PSA used an interpreter from the Language Line. The PSA took pictures of the injuries which she booked into evidence. The victim was provided with follow-up information. He was able to provide an address where the dog resided. Sergeant Inocencio responded to the address in an attempt to locate the dog to no avail. Report 120442948

9:00pm                300 Blk Maynard St              Vandalism
A victim responded to Ingleside Station and reported an incident of vehicle vandalism.  The victim got into an argument with another male regarding his vehicle blocking the driveway.  The suspect then shifted his car in reverse, causing damage to the victim’s vehicle. PSA Cato took pictures of the damage and booked them into evidence.  She provided the victim with follow-up information. Report 120442051

5:00am             800 Blk Chenery St                           Stolen vehicle: 2002 Ford F250, tan
9:40am             10 Blk Santa Rosa Ave                      Recovered vehicle: 2000 Honda Civic, green
1:00pm            3400 Blk Mission St                           Stolen vehicle: 2005 Ford Focus, red
2:00pm            Unit Blk Naples St                              Stolen vehicle: 1997 Acura 2CL, black
2:01pm            800 Blk Peru St                                  Recovered vehicle: 1996 Honda Civic, green
3:57pm            100 Blk 28th St                                  Recovered vehicle: 2005 Ford F250, brown
5:08pm            5200 Blk Diamond Heights Blvd         Recovered vehicle: 1989 Nissan Maxima, silver
7:00pm            200 Blk Athens St                              Stolen vehicle: 2001 Ford E150, white
11:00pm          200 B1k Cordova                              Stolen vehicle: 1995 Honda Accord, blue