Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 3, 2012

Incident Date:
Sunday, June 3rd, 2012


3:30pm                4900 Blk Mission                    Robbery
Sergeant Rainsford and Lieutenant Engler were on patrol near the 4900 block of Mission when they were flagged down by a citizen regarding a possible fight. The citizen directed them to an area where they found a male lying on the ground with another male standing over him. The male standing was searching through the pockets of the male on the ground, removing several items and placing them in his own pocket. Sergeant Rainsford, moving quickly, was able grab the now suspect and cuff him. While searching the suspect he recovered items from the suspect’s pockets belonging to the victim. An ambulance was called to the scene and rendered treatment to the victim. The victim refused to be transported. Sergeant Rainsford took pictures of the recovered items, which were later booked into evidence at Ingleside Station. The injuries to the victim were not serious.

The suspect was arrested taken to Ingleside Station where he gave a taped interview and a full confession to the robbery. Sergeant Kumli was notified and ordered the booking of the suspect. Report 120439246. Another job well done by our officers! This is ***The Best Arrest of the Day***

Other incidents:  

2:30pm                600 Blk Vienna                      Tire Slashing
Officer Naval was sent to investigate vandalism of a vehicle. He met with the victim who told him that she returned to her vehicle and found one of the tires damaged. The suspect had left a note telling her not to park where she was parked. She was unable to provide any further information. Officer Naval attempted to fingerprint the note, with no success. He provided the victim with follow-up information and booked the note into evidence. Report 120438862

3:48pm                500 Blk Congo                       Fraud
A victim responded to Ingleside Station and told Officer Lee that she received information that various credit cards had been opened in her name which she did not authorize. She provided a copy of her credit report, which was booked at Ingleside Station. She was provided with identity theft and follow-up information.
Report 120439105

6:00pm                Unit Blk Del Monte St            Fraud
A victim responded to Ingleside Station and told PSA Cato that she received a credit card statement that had unauthorized charges. No suspect information was provided. The victim provided a letter providing the details of the unauthorized charges that was booked into evidence at Ingleside Station. She was given follow-up information. Report 120439666

7:15pm                100 Blk Hazelwood                Fraud
A victim came into Ingleside Station and told PSA Zabarte that his bank application had been declined. He discovered unauthorized activity on his credit report. No suspect information was provided.  The victim was given identity theft and follow-up information. Report 120439252


 8:47am           300 Blk Edinburgh                 Stolen vehicle: 1991 Acura Integra, white
 4:06pm           100 Blk London                     Recovered vehicle: 1993 Honda Civic, blue
 8:00pm           900 Blk Duncan                     Stolen vehicle: 1997 Honda Accord, blue
11:00pm          200 Blk Richland                   Stolen vehicle: 2010 Nissan Murano, silver
11:00pm          1549 Blk Dolores                  Stolen vehicle: 1996 Nissan Maxima, black