Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Incident Date:
Saturday, June 2nd, 2012


2:18am                3400 Blk Mission St.              Warrant
While out on patrol, officer’s Barajas and Almaguer observed a large group of people hanging out in front of a gas station. The officers then decided to observe the large group from a distance. The officers observed that one person in the group seemed to be hiding something. The officers drove up to investigate and discovered that what the subject was hiding was a can of beer. The officer’s then conducted a computer check on the subject, which revealed that the subject had an outstanding warrant from a neighboring county for drunk driving. The suspect was booked at Ingleside Police Station. Report 120435755

7:22pm                3400 Blk Mission St.              Narcotics
While patrolling in the area of the 3400 Block of Mission Street, Officer Hurwitz recognized a female exiting a building that she had arrested before. The Officer knew that the suspect was on probation, as well as a search condition as a part of her probation while speaking with the suspect, the officer noticed that the suspect was trying to hide something in her hand. The officer asked the suspect to show her what it was. The officer discovered that it was a glass smoking pipe, that inside of it had large white rocks. The officer has seen similar contraband and suspected methamphetamines. A search of the suspect led to the discovering of more contraband (methamphetamines) and a green leafy substance, which is suspected Marijuana. The suspect also had numerous identification cards, credit cards, and social security cards that did not belong to her. Officer Hurwitz was able to contact one of the owners of the identification cards and was told her that her purse was stolen from her vehicle, and that it contained the ID, cash, and credit cards. The victim had also filed a report with San Carlos Police Department. The suspect was arrested and booked at the Ingleside Police Station. Report 120437438. This is.................          ***The Best Arrest of the Day***

Other incidents:  

12:30am              5700 Blk Mission St.                Assault
Officer’s McMilton and Peregrina responded to a call on Mission Street, regarding a possible assault that had just occurred. Upon arrival, the officer’s observed the victim of the assault sitting in the driver’s seat of his vehicle, with a swollen eye, and covered in blood. The officer’s met with the original 911 caller, who told them that the victim had walked out of a bar. The caller told officers that he heard a scuffle outside and when he went to check, the victim was in the passenger seat of his vehicle covered in blood. The witness also saw a possible suspect running, but did not see him get in the altercation. Additional Ingleside units responded to the call to canvas the area, but were unable to find the suspect. When Officer McMilton attempted to speak with the victim, the victim was uncooperative, and refused to speak with the officer’s, or go to the hospital when being treated by the medics. No arrest has been made. Report 120435658

3:48am                4800 Blk Mission                    Burglary
Officer’s Brown and Dominguez, along with several other Ingleside units, were dispatched to an alarm signaling, at a clinic on Mission Street. Once at the scene, it discovered that the front door had been smashed open, and a walkthrough was conducted of the location. No one was inside the clinic at the time. The alarm company was able to contact the director of the clinic, and officers spoke to him, and discovered that only a “tip jar”, containing about $100 was missing. No arrest has been made. Report 120435880

10:14am              Mateo/ Chenery                     Theft
Officer Morgante prepared a report regarding theft from a vehicle.  The victim told the officer that he parked his vehicle and left it in good condition the previous night.  When he returned, he discovered the vehicle had been broken into and ransacked.  The victim told the officer that one of the car windows can be forced open.  Report 120433414

11:31am              300 Blk Amber                       Threats
Officer Lee took a report regarding threats.  The victim was confronted by the suspect regarding plants that he had removed from a garden.  The victim said she was instructed to do so by the center that oversees the garden.  The victim told the officer that the suspect threatened to harm her as he was yelling obscenities at her.  The victim was in fear and wanted to report the incident.  Report 120433583

1:07pm                100 Blk Del Vale                    Fraud
Officer Curry was dispatched to a call regarding a possible fraud. At the location, Officer Curry met with the victim who told him that he had responded to a job add over the internet, and was instructed by an unknown man to run some errands for him. The victim then received a check, and was given various instructions, to eventually send it in a money wire to England. The victim cashed the check, and when he arrived to a location to wire the money, it was determined that he was about to be scammed. The victim returned to the bank where he cashed the check, and did spoke with a representative. No arrest has been made at this point. Report 120436543

8:10pm                400 Blk Alemany                    Burglary
While out patrolling, Officer’s Dilag, and Khan responded to a call on the 400 Block of Alemany Boulevard, regarding a break-in. the officer’s met with the resident of an apartment building, who stated the following: At 2:30am, he had gone to sleep, and when he woke up at 8:15am, he discovered that several electronic items were missing from his apartment, along with a jacket that contained his wallet, and some personal items. The victim says that all the doors of his apartment were locked, but that when he woke up, they were unlocked. The victim also told the officers that he lives with a roommate, but was not present at the time. The roommate told the victim that he had arrived home late during the night, but was intoxicated, and could not remember anything, but passing out shortly after arriving. The roommate also told the victim that he came home in a taxi cab, and that the driver helped him to get inside his home. No witnesses or fingerprints were discovered. No arrests have been made. Report 120437472

9:29pm                100 Blk Loehr                        Vandalism
Officer Apodaca responded to a report of a suspect breaking in to a residence.  The officer made contact with the victim who told the officer that she was inside her residence when she heard what sounded like a group of people talking outside.  Suddenly, she heard another loud noise, as if someone had kicked her front door.  The victim got scared and ran to call 911.  The officer observed damage to the victim’s front door and door frame.  Report 120435294

10:27pm              Unit Blk Richland                  Burglary
Officer Hom was dispatched to a report of burglary.  The victim told the officer that he recently evicted two subjects, and provided proof from the Sheriff’s office.  The documents stipulated that the property left behind by the two subjects were considered abandoned.  The victim believed that at some time, the subjects gained entry to the unit and took the abandoned items.  There were no signs of forced entry and the officer was unable to obtain any fingerprints.  Report 120435501


  1:00am          Alemany & Ellsworth                         Traffic Collision
  7:00am          Unit Blk Gladstone Dr                        Stolen Vehicle
  8:13am          200 Blk Sanchez St                            Recovered vehicle
10:44am          300 Blk Winfield St                            Recovered vehicle
11:23am          Mission & Richland St                        Vehicle accident
12:15pm          Holly & Highland St                           Stolen Vehicle
12:47pm          Paris & Brazil Ave                              Stolen vehicle
  1:01pm          100 Blk Kingston St                           Recovered vehicle
  1:06pm          600 Blk Chenery St                            Recovered vehicle      
  1:30pm          Mission & Ocean Ave                        Traffic Collision
  3:15pm          Geneva & Mission St                          Traffic Collision
  4:17pm          Marsily & St. Mary’s Ave                   Stolen vehicle
  5:23pm          Laidley & Mateo St                            Stolen Vehicle
  5:35pm          Mission & Cortland Ave                     Vehicle accident
  7:25pm          Avalon & Paris St                               Vehicle accident
10:07pm          Unit Blk Hahn St                                Recovered vehicle
10:12pm          Ocean & San Jose Ave                      Vehicle accident
11:47pm          Morse & Guttenberg St                      Stolen motorcycle