Monday, June 4, 2012

June 1, 2012

Incident Date:
Friday, June 1st 2012


3:30pm                Ocean & Freeway Onramp   Warrant
Sgt. Maron and Lt. Engler were on duty at Ingleside station when they were contacted by a victim from a prior incident.  The victim told the officers that she spotted the suspect from her incident at the BART station nearby, and provided them with a description.  The officers immediately responded to the BART station and searched for the suspect.  They spotted a subject matching the description given by the victim.  Upon contact, the subject identified himself, and it was determined that he was not involved in the incident with the victim.  However, a records check of the subject revealed that he was wanted on an outstanding warrant for a separate incident.  The subject was arrested.  Report 120051599

7:48pm                300 Blk Harkness Ave           Warrant
Officers Burke, Campos, Almaguer, Barajas and Suslow identified a suspect wanted for being a parolee at large.  The officers tracked down the suspects last known address and responded.  The officers made contact with the suspect and arrested him without further incident.  Report 120435147

Other incidents:  

10:14am              Mateo & Chenery                  Theft
Officer Morgante took a report regarding theft from a vehicle.  The victim parked his vehicle and left it in good condition.  When he returned, he discovered the vehicle had been ransacked.  The victim told the officer that although he can lock his car, one of the windows can be forced open.  Report 120433414

11:31am              300 Blk Amber Drive             Threats
Officer Lee took a report regarding threats.  The victim was confronted by the suspect regarding plants.  The suspect was angry that the victim had removed the suspect’s plants from a shared garden because they were diseased.  The victim said she was instructed to do so by the center that oversees the garden.  The suspect threatened to harm the victim and screamed obscenities at her.  The victim felt scared and wanted to report the incident.  Report 120433583

9:29pm                100 Blk Loehr St                    Vandalism
Officer Apodaca responded to a report of a suspect breaking in to a residence.  The officer made contact with the victim.  The victim told the officer that she was inside her residence when she heard what sounded like a group of people talking outside.  Suddenly, she heard another loud noise, as if someone had kicked her front door.  The victim got scared and ran to call 911.  The officer observed damage to the victim’s front door and door frame.  Report 120435294

10:27pm              Unit Blk Richland Ave           Burglary
Officer Hom was dispatched to a report of burglary.  The victim told the officer that he recently evicted two subjects, and provided proof from the Sheriff’s office.  The documents stipulated that the property left behind by the two subjects were considered abandoned.  The victim believed that at some time, the subjects gained entry to the unit and took the abandoned items.  There were no signs of forced entry and the officer was unable to obtain any fingerprints.  Report 120435501


  8:13am          200 Blk Sanchez St                             Recovered vehicle: 1994 Honda Accord, green
10:44am          300 Blk Winfield St                            Recovered vehicle: 1996 Nissan Maxima, black
11:23am          Mission & Richland St                        Vehicle accident: Two vehicles involved, D.U.I.
12:47pm          Paris & Brazil Ave                              Stolen vehicle: 1997 Honda Accord, red
  1:01pm          100 Blk Kingston St                           Recovered vehicle: 1997 Honda Accord, tan
  1:06pm          600 Blk Chenery St                            Recovered vehicle: 1996 Honda Accord, maroon     
  4:17pm          Marsily & St. Mary’s Ave                   Stolen vehicle: 1995 Acura Integra, white
  5:35pm          Mission & Cortland Ave                     Vehicle accident: Two vehicles involved, minor injury
  7:25pm          Avalon & Paris St                               Vehicle accident: Four vehicles involved, no injuries
10:07pm          Unit Blk Hahn St                                Recovered vehicle: 1984 Pontiac Bonneville, white
10:12pm          Ocean & San Jose Ave                       Vehicle accident: one bicycle involved
11:47pm          Morse & Guttenberg St                      Stolen motorcycle: 2005, gold