Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 17, 2012

Incident Date:
Sunday June 17th 2012

Remember that you can register your bicycles


9:47pm       Bernal Heights Park              Public Nuisance
Officers Baldovino, Hauscarriague and Otaguro responded to a call about a group of males throwing rocks. They detained the males who matched the suspect’s descriptions for possible vandalism. A female who was at the park advised the officers that she had seen the males throwing rocks and breaking bottles in the park from her house and had called the police to have them removed from the park. Two of the males appeared to be intoxicated and became belligerent and began to argue and resist the officers. This led the suspects to be transported to Ingleside Station where they were given evening accommodations “Cell 1 Please!”.  Both were booked at Ingleside Station for public intoxication and resisting arrest. Report 120477123

Other incidents:

1:30am       Alemany/Ellsworth                Robbery
Officers Dominguez, Ma and Aleman were sent to assist the victims of a robbery.  A description of the suspects was dispatched and several officers canvassed the area for them.  The victims told the officers they were sitting in their vehicle when two males with masks approached the vehicle and demanded their money.  The victims were startled and didn’t know what to do when one of the males began smashing the windows of the vehicle with an unknown object.  The males then reached inside the vehicles and the victims handed them whatever items of value were in their possession.  The males then ran away in an unknown direction.  Both victims said they would not be able to identify them if they saw them again.
One of the victims suffered cuts from the smashed glass and an ambulance was immediately summoned to treat her.  The officers took pictures of the vehicle and the victim’s injuries for evidence.  A search of the area located a beanie and a rifle stock which were seized as evidence and transported to Ingleside station.  At Ingleside station Officer Dominguez attempted to obtain any latent finger prints from the rifle stock with negative results.  All evidence was booked at Ingleside station. Report 120477343

3:00am       2200 blk Bayshore                 Assault
Officer Gabriel and Hom were flagged down by a woman who was driving regarding a shooting. She advised that she had given a ride to a male acquaintance when a man had exited a car on the road in front of them and began shooting at the passenger side of her vehicle. She turned down the street in an attempt to locate police officers. The officers then went back to where the shots were fired and found numerous casings and took photos which were later booked into evidence at Ingleside Station. Report 120475206

12:00pm     100 blk Brookdale                 Burglary
Officers Peregoy and Trail responded to investigate a burglary. The owner of the house said that she left her house secured and undamaged and returned to find a hole in the wall and the bedroom ransacked. The victim could not identify what was missing from her home. Photographs were taken and booked as evidence. CSI was called and responded to processes the scene for evidence. Report 120476157

1:11pm       1700 blk Diamond                 False Plates
Officer Preston responded to a call regarding a car displaying two separate license plates. The officer conducted a computer check on the license plates and discovered that one was registered to a stolen car. The vehicle was towed for displaying unlawful license plates (Stolen). Report 120476323

2:00pm       1800 blk Sunnydale               Battery
Officers Duffin and Bernard were on patrol when they responded to a call of a fight between two women. The victim advised the officers that she had noticed that money was missing from her home and that she confronted her care provider, whom she suspected to have taken the money. The victim told the officers that the care provider shoved and slapped her. The victim was not seriously injured. Report 120476191

3:30pm       3700 blk Mission                    Dog Bite
Officers Chew and Naval were dispatched to St. Luke’s Hospital to speak with the victim of a dog bite.  The victim was visiting relatives in an apartment building which shares an adjoining yard.  The neighbor’s dog came into the yard, bit her and a family member, and then returned to his home.  The victim responded on her own to the hospital for treatment.  She told the officers she did not wish to press charges against the dog’s owner.  The officers took pictures of the wounds and booked into evidence.
The officers responded to the building where the dog and owner lived in an attempt to locate the owner.  The officers located the owner and dog and advised him to quarantine the dog for 10 days because he had bitten some of his neighbors.  Report 120476373


  7:15am          Portola/O’Shaughnessy          Traffic Collision
10:00am          Unit Blk Admiral                    Stolen Vehicle:  1995 Acura Integra, 4dr, red
10:40am          Putnam/Crescent                    Traffic Collision
  1:11pm          1700 Blk Diamond                 Recovered License Plate
  3:30pm          Arlington/Bosworth                Stolen Vehicle:  1995 Honda Civic, 4dr, grey
  3:45pm          100 Blk Wool                        Recovered Truck:  2000 Toyota Tacoma, 3dr, black
  4:00pm          2000 Blk Cayuga                   Stolen Vehicle:  1994 Honda Accord, 4dr, white
  4:15pm          Niagara/San Jose                    H&R