Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 18, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, June 18th 2012

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12:00am     4700 blk Mission          Assault with Knife
Officers Peregrina, Ferronato, Apodaca, Hermosura, Dominguez, Wilson and Rueca responded to an aggravated assault incident.  The victim of a stabbing in a nightclub told the officers that a suspect got mad when he was not allowed to bring outside alcohol into the club. The victim was the security guard. The victim told the officers that the suspect went back inside the club and began to push chairs over and yell at everyone. The victim attempted to escort the suspect out, but he became combative and pulled out a knife. The victim told the officers that the suspect began to swing the knife at him. The victim was able to take the suspect to the ground but that is when he received a cut to the ankle.
The suspect was still at the club and taken into custody when the officers arrived. The victim positively identified the suspect at the scene. The victim was transported to the hospital with none life threatening injuries. The suspect was booked for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Report number 120480302     

1:51pm       San Jose/ Liebig            Traffic Arrest
Officers Chew and Naval were on patrol when they came across a vehicle that was displaying false registration. The officers pulled the car over and identified the driver. The driver of the car told the officers that the tabs were given to him by a family member but would not say any more. The officers arrested the driver then issued citation and released him at the scene with a court date. The license plate was taken and booked as evidence. Report number 120478567

Other incidents:
1:00am       Alemany/ Ellsworth      Robbery
Officer Glynn from the Taraval Station was sent to investigate a robbery in the area of 41st Ave. the officer arrived and was told by the victims that they were robbed at Ellsworth and Alemany. The victims told the officer that his girlfriends’ car broke down at that location and he was called to come and get her.  Both victims began to get the valuables out of her car when a suspect appeared from the shadows and produced a gun. The suspect demanded all of their property. The victims gave the suspect everything out of fear they would be hurt. The suspect then fled. Report number 120477359

7:15am       200 blk Miguel              Burglary/Residence
Officers Naval and Chew were sent to investigate a burglary incident. The victim told the officers that he left home to go to work and that when he returned he discovered that someone had gained entry to his home via a window.  The officers searched for physical evidence and found none. CSI was not notified. The loss was over $4000 in property including a gun. Report number 120478846

9:55am       100 blk Harvard           Robbery
Officers Chang and Park were sent to investigate a robbery case. The officers learned that the victim was at home when three suspects came in and took over the home. The suspects grabbed the victim by the neck almost making her pass out. The suspects then ransacked the home while the victim was forced to watch. The suspects fled the scene. Unfortunately for the suspects, they were seen by half the neighborhood that gave statements to the offices. This case is under investigation. Report number 120477882

10:00am     1600 blk Sunnydale     Burglary
Officers Trail and Peregoy were sent to investigate a burglary case. The victim told the officers that when he came home he discovered a hole cut through the window. The loss was electronics valued at over $1000. Report number 120479399

12:30pm     3200 blk Mission          Threats
Police Services Aide Cato prepared a report regarding a threat incident. The victim came to Ingleside Station to report that a gang member had taken a stance that he deemed threatening. This report was for documentation in the event that the alleged gang member was to return to the place of employment. Report number 120479048

4:16pm       Mission/Appleton          Battery
Officers Bernard and Suguitan were sent to investigate a battery case. The victim told the officers that an unknown suspect had battered them on the bus. The suspect kicked the victim twice because their feet touched then slapped the victim as she got off the bus. Report number 120479004

12:40pm     4700 blk Mission          Fire Report
Officers Chew and Naval were sent to investigate a fire report. The officers met with the victim who told them that he parked his scooter on the sidewalk and went into a business only to come out and find the scooter engulfed in flames. There were no suspects observed. The victim told the officers that the scooter had just been serviced. Report number 120478272

10:57pm     3500 blk Mission          Vandalism
Officers Baldovino and Otaguro were sent to investigate a vandalism incident. the caller told officers that she was at home when she heard a loud crash and then voices laughing. The caller looked out her window and saw the suspects looking at the busted window and laughing. The caller said that the suspects started to walk away while laughing. Report number 120474678

  2:30am          Mission/Silver              Traffic Accident
   7:20am          Geneva/Carter              Recovered Auto, 1995 Honda Civic Black
   8:37am          200 blk Amazon           Recovered Auto, 1994 Toyota Corolla Red
 12:00pm          Geneva/Munich            Traffic Accident        
   1:30pm          1400 blk Somerset       Stolen Auto, 1995 Honda Civic Black
   6:15pm          4700 blk Mission         Traffic Accident
   8:44pm          Paris/Excelsior              Recovered Auto, 2000 Honda Civic Black
 11:00pm          Alemany/Leo                Stolen Auto, 1996 Honda Civic Green