Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 16, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday June 16th 2012

Captain’s Message:

Summer Youth Employment Opportunity

If you know someone between 15-17 years old who would like to participate in a job readiness program, they can contact Alexander Cotton at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center (415-307-3346).  Camp Hire is a 2-week program that teaches youth about how to prepare to get a job in the food service and customer service sector.  Each teen who participates receives $80 as “salary”.  Breakfast and lunch are provided.  Hours are from 10:00am - 5:30 pm and sessions are from June 18-29 or July 30-August 10.  Also remember that you can register your bicycles at

Captain Daniel J. Mahoney


5:33pm       4500 Blk Mission St      Resisting Arrest  
Officers Burke, Campos and Seavey were on patrol when they had to stop for a male who was crossing the street even though the “Do Not Walk” sign was on. The officers pulled over and spoke with the male who they believed to be intoxicated due to the smell of alcohol on his body and breath. The suspect began a verbal bashing of the officers. The officers asked the suspect for identification and were told where they could go! The officers arrested the suspect for being intoxicated in a public place. At the station the suspect continue to challenge the officers to a fight. The suspect was booked for resisting arrest and challenging to a fight. The suspect instead of fighting now has time to rest in a nice big cell! Report number 120474082

8:04pm       4900 Blk Mission St      Theft
Officers Morse and Shugars were on patrol and responded to a call regarding shoplifting from a business.  Security guards from the business informed the officers that he had witnessed the suspect take a bottle of Burbon from the shelf and exit the store without paying for it. Once outside, the security guard detained the suspect. The suspect was arrested and then cited and given date to appear in court. Report number 120474383

Other incidents:

1:30am       Santos /Velasco             Robbery
Officers Dominguez and Hom responded to the call of robbery incident.  The victim advised the officers that he had just gotten off the bus when he saw two males approaching him. They demanded he give them money and when he tried to run, they hit him on the head with a blunt object. The victim was able to break free from the suspects and run home where he called 911. The victim did not suffer life threatening injuries; in fact he refused medical assistance. There was no loss of property.  Report 120472638
3:30am       400 blk Edna                Arson
Officer Frisk was on patrol and responded to a call of arson at a church. The victim told the officer that an unknown suspect had cut a lock to the school and gained entry to a courtyard. The officer was shown a storage locker that was burned and inside chairs that had been burned and melted.  The officer searched for cameras and/or any witnesses to the arson with negative results. The officer forwarded all information to the Fire Investigator. Report number 120473410

8:00pm       Blythdale/ Hahn           Theft/Auto
Officers Chew and Naval were flagged down by a citizen regarding theft from a vehicle. The victim had locked his car and when he returned to it he noticed the passenger side door open and several items missing. Due to lack of evidence, CSI was not called. Report: 120473670

11:00pm     Delano St                      Theft/Auto
A female reportee responded to Ingleside Station and turned in a purse she found in the park. Officer Morgante was able to contact the owner of the purse, who later came to Ingleside Station. The owner advised that the day before she and two friends had parked and locked their car while in a club. Later they came out and saw that the back passenger window was smashed and two purses and their contents were missing. Report number 120473357

11:00pm     Naples/Amazon             Robbery
Officers McMilton and Peregrina were sent to investigate a robbery that had just occurred. The officers located the victim who told them the following: the victim got off the bus and was on her way home while talking to someone on the phone she was grabbed from behind and her mouth covered. The victim went on to say that the suspect pulled a gun and put it to her head and demanded her property by saying “Give me all your stuff”. The suspects took all the property belonging to the victim and fled the area. The victim ran home and called police. The victim was not injured. Report number 120474719

  7:45am                      600 Blk Mangles Av               Stolen Vehicle: 1994 Honda Civic, red
  5:00pm                      1600 Blk Alemany Blvd         Stolen Vehicle: 1994 Nissan Sentra, white
12:34pm                      Tiffany St & Duncan              Recovered Vehicle: 1995 Chevy Blazer, red
  7:20pm                      300 Blk Alemany                    Recovered Vehicle: 2005 Honda Accord, gray
  8:00pm                      100 Blk Del Vale                    Stolen Vehicle: 1992 Nissan Sentra, red