Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 10, 2012

Incident Date:
Sunday, June 10th 2012


4:07am                Unit Blk Newburg                 Warrant
Officers Baldovino and Otaguro were dispatched to the given location, in regards to a possible burglary. Once at the scene, the officers located a suspect who they placed in handcuffs without incident.  The officers began to investigate the scene. The officers were able to meet with the 911 caller who positively identified the suspect, and told officers that his reason for calling was that the suspect was walking up and down the block suspiciously, peering over fences, and walking up the steps of several homes. Finally, the officers conducted a computer check on the suspect. The computer check revealed that the suspect had a warrant, and he was booked upon confirmation of the arrest. Report 120459084

9:10am                300 Blk Edna                         Narcotics
While out patrolling in the vicinity of the 300 Block of Edna Street due to a recent increase in complaints, Sergeant’s Engler, Sarkissian, and Rainsford noticed a suspicious person sitting inside a parked vehicle. The subject was sitting in the vehicle with the door wide open and staring at the officers. Immediately, the Sergeant’s decided to go up to the subject, and have a conversation with him. The subject told the Sergeants that the vehicle belonged to his girlfriend, who was “around the block”. And, when asked about a smell of marijuana that was coming from the inside of his vehicle, the suspect said he had a medical marijuana card, but did not have it with him at the current moment. The Sergeants decided that the suspect’s suspicious behavior was enough to conduct a search of the vehicle, despite it not belonging to him. A search led to the Sergeants finding various amounts of marijuana, and marijuana related items. The suspect was arrested and booked at Ingleside station.  The narcotics were hand delivered to narcotics drop box at the Hall of Justice.  Report 120457072  

3:09pm                Sunnydale/Persia St.            Reckless Driving
Officer’s Hart, Obot, and Campos were out patrolling the Sunnydale Housing Development area. The officers were driving out of a parking lot, when they heard the sound of a loud engine roar, and screeching tires. Alerted, the officers began to travel on Sunnydale Avenue, when they spotted a black Lexus that was travelling at approximately 80 MPH on a road where the speed limit is 25 MPH.  There were large numbers of pedestrians out walking in the vicinity. The Officers began to pursue the speeding vehicle, which almost hit a pedestrian and drove in the opposite direction of traffic. The vehicle finally pulled over on the side of the road, where the driver was instructed to step out off the vehicle.  The suspect was arrested, and transported to County Jail #1. Report 120457668 

Other incidents:  

12:49am              3100 Blk Mission                  Assault
Officers Anderson and Ferronato were dispatched to San Francisco General Hospital, regarding a victim with a stab wound. The victim told the officers that he was at a night club on Mission when he saw that his brother had gotten into a fight with three suspects. The victim says that he went over to help his brother, but that security broke up the fight, and kicked all of the involved parties out of the club. The fight continued outside of the night club, but security broke it up again, and both sides went off in opposite directions. The victim and his brother both got inside of their vehicle, when the victim noticed that he had been stabbed in the waist, and his brother had been stabbed in the hand. Thankfully, the stab wounds were not life threatening and the victims were able to drive to the hospital. The victim gave the officers a vague description of the suspects, and the officers decided to go to the night club where the altercation occurred. The area was searched, but no suspects were found.  All parties were provided with follow up information.  Report 120456585

2:09am                100 Blk Arbor                       Threats
Officer’s Peregrina and McMilton responded to a call on Arbor in regards to criminal threats. The officers met with the victim who told them that the previous day, he saw two men staring at his vehicle, and that he recognized one of them as one of his neighbors. When the victim decided to confront the men about what they were doing by his vehicle, he says that they began to get violent, and that one even threw a swing at him, but missed. Evidentially though, the victim says that they managed to deescalate the situation, and shake hands. Later that night, at 2:05am, the victim says that someone was repeatedly ringing his doorbell, and that when he went to look, it was his neighbor’s mother, who was making threats at both him and his family. When he asked her to go home, she charged at him, causing him to pepper spray her. After that, his neighbor’s brother then arrived on the scene, and also began to make threats, but his threats were more violent, and they were mainly directed at the victim’s young children. A few minutes later police arrived on the scene, but were unable to make contact with the neighbors, for they had fled the scene, and they were not in their home either. The surrounding area was searched to no avail. Report 120456660

3:43am                Mission/Excelsior St.           Robbery
Officer’s Ferronato, and Anderson went to San Francisco General Hospital, were they received a report of a robbery. At the hospital, the officers met with the victim who told the following: The victim was at a bus stop, after spending some time at a bar on Mission. While at the bus stop, the victim was approached by three suspects, who began to attack him, and one even hit him multiple times in the face with a glass bottle. The suspects made away with the victim’s wallet and cell phone. The officers went to the area of the crime, and searched for the suspects, but were unable to find anyone.  The victim was unsure if he could recognize the suspects and was provided with follow up information. The officers took pictures of his injuries for evidence.  Report 120456751

10:48am               200 Blk Blythdale               Threats
Officers Muro and Larocca were dispatched to a report of threats.  The victim met the suspect online, and only communicated with him via the computer.  The victim believes the suspect might be in prison, but she wasn’t sure.  The suspect asked the victim to send him some money, but the victim informed the suspect that she didn’t have his information in order to send the money.  The suspect grew angry and sent the victim a text message.  The victim wasn’t sure how the suspect was able to text her if he was in prison, but said that he has texted her in the past.  The suspect threatened to send some of his friends to the victim’s house if she did not send money.  The victim is fearful of the suspect because she believes he might be in prison for murder.  Report 120452232

1:13om                1300 Blk Sunnydale             Firearm Discharge
Officers Phillips, Hart, and Obot were out on patrol when they were alerted of a firearm discharge nearby. At the scene, the officers met with a witness who told them that he saw three male subjects fire shots on Sunnydale Avenue, but was only able to provide the officers with a vague description of the suspects. Officers Hart and Johnson were able to find two vehicles that had bullet holes in them, but when the owners were contacted, they were not able to provide an eyewitness account. Sergeant McDevitt was also able to find a few 9MM bullet casings on Sunnydale Avenue. The area was searched to no avail. All parties were provided with follow up information and all evidence was booked at Ingleside station.  Report 120457464   

2:40pm                200 Blk Miguel                     Burglary
Officers Altamirano and Thompson responded to a call in regards to a burglary. The officers met with a home owner, who told them that earlier that day, he heard sounds coming from the garage and that he witnessed a subject standing next to a door that leads to his garage. The victim then began to pound on the window to scare away the suspect, which worked, but the victim was unable to see in what direction the suspect ran. The suspect was seen carrying around a bag, or object in his hands.  Later that day, the victim saw damage to his garage door, and reported this to the SFPD.  Report 120457583

6:07pm                200 Blk Chenery                   Burglary
Officer Leong was dispatched to a call of a burglary. The victim of the burglary told Officer Leong that on the previous day, he had left his garage door locked and secured, but that on the following day, he received an email from his landlord stating that the garage door was wide open. When the victim went to check on the door, he noticed that the door had been forced open, and that two bicycles, and a helmet had been stolen from the garage. No suspects were found and there was no surveillance cameras in the area. CSI was not contacted due to the lack of physical evidence.  The victim was provided with follow up information.  Report 120458042

10:46pm              1500 Blk Sunnydale              Burglary
Officers Obot, Hart, and Phillips responded to a call of a burglary that had taken progress earlier that day. The officer met with the victim who told that them she had left her home earlier that day locked, and secured, and that when she returned home, a few minutes after the officers arrived, she discovered various electronic items, and personal paperwork missing from her home. No suspects were found and she was unable to locate any sign of forced entry into the premises. Report 120458785


  8:00am          Unit Blk Mateo St                   Stolen vehicle:
  9:12am          200 Blk Precita Ave                Stolen Vehicle: 1994 Honda Accord, 4D, gold
  9:42am          Mission & Bosworth St           Vehicle accident: 1 vehicle, 1 pedestrian, no injuries
  9:45am          100 Blk Concord St                Vehicle stolen: 2010 Nissan Versa, 4D, white
11:05am          100 Blk 27th St                      Recovered vehicle: 1994 Acura Integra, 2D, white
11:54am          200 Blk Brookdale Ave          Recovered vehicle: 1995 Honda Accord, 4D, blue
12:00pm          Concord & Cross St              Vehicle accident: hit & run, no injuries
12:30pm          Hanover & Pope St                Stolen vehicle: 1994 Nissan Altima, 4D, green
  5:04pm          Unit Blk Bennigton St             Stolen vehicle: 1992 Honda Accord, 4D, maroon
  9:45pm          Cortland & Ellsworth St         Vehicle accident: hit & run, no injuries
11:17pm          Bosworth/Rousseau St            Recovered vehicle: 1991 Honda Accord, 4D, Brown