Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 8, 2012

Incident Date:
Tuesday, May 8th, 2012


9:19pm       2100 Blk Geneva           Warrant
Officers Burke and Campos were on patrol when they affected a traffic stop on a vehicle with a failed stop lamp.  A record check revealed one of the occupants had an outstanding warrant.  He was transported to Ingleside station where he was booked upon confirmation of the warrant.  Report number 070328393

Other incidents:  

1:05am       Amazon/Paris                Robbery
Officers Hermosura and Apodaca were sent to investigate a robbery.  The victim advised that she met with two friends of hers and they were talking on the corner.  Suddenly, one of them grabbed her arm and told her to give him her money.  The suspects then took her wallet out of her pants, emptied the currency and threw the wallet on the ground.  They fled the area in an unknown direction.  The victim said she was not injured and refused medical assistance.  She said she knew the suspects and could identify them.  She was provided with follow up information.  Several officers searched the area to no avail.  Report number 120367562

8:40am       400 Blk Geneva            Vandalism
Officer Frisk responded to the Balboa Bart Station to assist on an arrest.  When she returned to her patrol vehicle, she noticed it had been vandalized.  There were no witnesses and no surveillance cameras nearby which may have captured the incident.  Report number 120365011

9:10am       3300 Blk Mission          Theft
Officer Morgante was dispatched to a theft.  The victim told him that he went into the store and left his bicycle unsecured in the front of the store.  When he returned, the bicycle was missing.  He was unable to provide any further information and was provided with follow up information.

Officer Morgante spoke to a witness who told him she saw the suspect take the bicycle and can identify him as he frequents the area.  He ordered a copy of the surveillance video from store security and searched the area unsuccessfully for the suspect and the bicycle.  Report number 120365180

10:30am     5400 Blk Mission          Counterfeit
Officers Chang and Park responded to the call of counterfeit currency.  The reportee advised that while checking his register he noticed a bill which appeared to be a poorly laundered counterfeit bill.  He called the police and told the officers he could recognize the suspect if he saw him again.  The reportee also told the officers he would obtain video footage from his security camera for them.  The officers provided him with a property receipt and booked the currency into evidence at Ingleside station.  They searched the area unsuccessfully for the suspect.  Report number 120365312

2:30pm       1700 Blk Sunnydale     Vandalism
Officers Peregoy and Trail were on patrol in the Sunnydale Housing Projects when they were flagged down a citizen.  He told them that he locked and secured his vehicle and when he returned found one of the windows broken.  He wanted the incident documented for insurance purposes.  The officers provided him with follow up information.  Report number 120366326

2:40pm       2200 Blk Bayshore       Threats
Officers Sugitan and Fung were dispatched to a threats call.  An employee of the store said that one of the customers became irate because he wanted coins exchanged for bills and the employee said she couldn’t help him until she reopened the register.  The suspect began screaming obscenities and things of a threatening nature to her and another employee intervened.  They struggled with the suspect until they escorted him out of the store.  The victims were not injured and refused medical assistance.  They were provided with follow up information and told the officers they could identify the suspect if they saw him again.  Several other officers searched the area for the suspect with negative results.  Report number 120366031

3:15pm       3100 Blk Mission          Robbery
Officer Chew responded to assist in a robbery.  He met with the victim who told him she was shopping and set down her cellular phone when a suspect grabbed the phone and left the store.  The victim followed the suspect and offered him money if he returned her cellular phone.  The suspect agreed, and the victim gave him money.  He returned the cellular phone and then took it back from her.  A struggle ensued and the victim fell into a newspaper dispenser.  The victim was later told her cellular phone was on a ramp near a driveway.  She recovered the cellular phone and called the police.  She said she felt a little dizzy and an ambulance was summoned immediately.  She said she could identify the suspect if she saw him again.  The officers provided her with follow up information and searched the area unsuccessfully for the suspect.  Report number 120366144

5:30pm       200 Blk Foerster           Vandalism
Officer Frisk responded to assist in the vandalism of a building.  The reportee said the building was secure and had not been entered into, but that there appeared to be some sort of flame damage to the side of the building.  It seemed as if someone had been burning candles overnight.  The officer took pictures of the damage and provided him with follow up information.  Report number 120362954

10:00pm     600 Blk Paris                Theft
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Zabarte that he parked and secured his vehicle and when he returned found several items missing.  There was no sign of forced entry and he did not bring the vehicle with him for the PSA to process.  The PSA provided him with follow up information.  Report number 120365271

11:00pm     1500 Blk Alemany        Burglary
Officer Frisk was sent to investigate a burglary.  The victim advised that she left two bicycles in the garage area of the home, and this morning noticed the two bicycles were missing.  She said there was no sign of forced entry into the premises and did not hear anyone open the garage.  Officer Frisk located no sign of forced entry and was provided with pictures of the stolen bicycles which she booked into evidence.  Because of lack of physical evidence, she did not contact CSI.  Report number 120364922


  7:38pm           400 Blk Cortland          Recovered vehicle
  9:00pm           300 Blk Vienna            Recovered vehicle
  9:11pm           1100 Blk Cayuga         Recovered vehicle
11:30pm           2200 Blk Bayshore       H&R