Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 7, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, May 7th, 2012


1:03pm       Unit Blk Phelan             Trespassing
At the given time, San Francisco Community College Police officers were called in to assist with the removing of a student from the San Francisco City College campus. SFCCPD Officer’s Edwards, Sanchez, and Wendt, arrived to the office of the Director of Student Affairs, whom is the competent authority when it comes to disciplining the students, and serving suspensions. The officers arrived to escort a suspended student off campus. The student reluctantly began to leave campus, but then turned around and began to follow the officers. The officers repeatedly told him that he needed to leave or he would be subject to arrest. He continued to refuse and was cited by the officers. The student refused to sign the citation, and after repeatedly attempting to convince him to sign the citation, he was taken into custody. The student was arrested and booked at county jail #1. Report number 120362885

4:25pm       100 Blk Amazon           Burglary
While out on patrol, Officers Aslam and Wilson spotted a man running southbound on Mission and another man chasing him. Officer Aslam exited his vehicle and followed the suspect running southbound on Mission by foot. Officer Aslam was eventually able to catch up to him, after the suspect surrendered to him on Rolph. Many other Ingleside Units responded to assist Officer Aslam. When questioned as to why he was running, the suspect said that he was walking down Mission, looking into parked vehicles, when he saw one with a soda can inside of it. The suspect unlocked the door of the vehicle, and took the soda because he was thirsty. When the other man who was chasing the suspect was questioned, he told the officers that he had parked the vehicle on the 100 block of Amazon. When the victim returned to the vehicle, he saw all four doors wide open, and the suspect going through his personal belongings. The victim confronted the suspect, and that was when he took off running, and the chase began. The chase was briefly paused when the victim saw the suspect run into a store on Geneva in an attempt to hide from him, but when he spotted him inside the store, the chase resumed onto Mission, which was where Officer Aslam spotted the two men. The suspect was arrested, and transported back to Ingleside Station where he was booked for burglary. Report number 120363582

5:37pm       3300 Blk Mission         Theft
At a local supermarket at the given location, a female was detained by the store’s Loss Prevention Officer. The female had entered the store, and placed a liquor bottle in her shopping basket. After walking around for a while, the female suspect placed the bottle in her purse, causing it to be fully concealed. The female suspect continued to leave the store, causing the Loss Prevention Officer to follow her, and eventually detain her. The Loss Prevention Officer contacted police.  Officers Bernard and Chew responded the location.  The reportee signed a citizen’s arrest and the suspect was cited and released. Report number 120363792

9:36pm       3300 Blk Mission         Theft
Officers Baldovino and Hauscarriague responded to a call of a theft at a supermarket . At the store, the officers met with the Loss Prevention Officer, who told them that he witnessed a male suspect walk into the store, and into the alcohol/liquor aisle, were he loaded up a cart full of items. The suspect then headed to the nearest exit, without making an attempt to pay for the items. The Loss Prevention Officer followed the suspect, and detained him. The SFPD officers then transported the suspect to the Ingleside Station pending further investigation.  Because of a medical condition the suspect was taken to SFGH, where he was cleared to be booked, and was transported to county jail #9.  Report number 120364295

Other incidents:  

3:15am       100 Blk Cayuga            Burglary
Officers Hauscarriague and Baldovino were dispatched to the 100 block of Cayuga regarding a residential burglary. Once at the scene, the officers met the victim. The victim told the officers that he was asleep, and that he was awakened by his barking dog. His wife went to go look outside the front window, when she noticed a light coming out from inside their garage. The victim then went to go look into his garage, when he found that the garage door was open, and the front gate was opened. He also noticed that his bicycle was missing. He was unable to provide any further information and was provided with follow up information.  CSI was not notified due to the lack of physical evidence.  No arrests have been made at this point. Report number 120361627

10:59am     200 Blk Juanita            Vandalism
While out on patrol, Officers Campion-Healy and Frisk responded to a report of vandalism. When the officers arrived to the location, the victim told them that a side door that leads to his home was open, and that the door knob had been cut from the door. The door remained open and could not be locked. A plant of his had also knocked over.  The officers provided him with follow up information.  They took pictures of the damage which they booked at Ingleside station.  Report number 120345336

3:14pm       200 Blk Leland            Theft
Officer’s Tillan and Ng were dispatched to an SF public library branch in concern of a theft that occurred. When the officers arrived on scene, they met with the victim who told them that he had entered the library to do some research; he had a brief case along with him. The victim said that he left his brief case momentarily on the table where he was doing research, and he came back to find out that it was missing. The victim searched the immediate area, but to no avail. The officers were directed to speak to a security sergeant in charge of surveillance cameras for the public library system in the downtown main library. No arrests have been made at this point. Report number 120351446

5:20pm       Ingleside Station          Vandalism
While on duty at the Ingleside Station, PSA Cato was approached by Ingleside Officer Walsh. Officer Walsh told PSA Cato that he discovered that his personal vehicle had a cracked windshield to it. The Ingleside Station parking lot is located adjacent to that of a frequently used baseball field, and there was a game going on at the moment. Officer Walsh questioned the participants of the game, who did not deny the fact that his vehicle was hit, but no one stepped forward to claim responsibility for it. He was provided with follow up information.  Report number 120363623

6:40pm       Unit Blk Winfield        Burglary
At the given time and date, Officers Paras and Shugars were on patrol, when they were dispatched to a call regarding a burglary. When the two officers arrived on scene, they met with two victims who told them that they had left the home earlier that day, and when they returned home, they discovered that their home had been ransacked. It was determined that a window, that appeared to be forced open, was the point of entry. A pair of laptop computers, and some US currency was stolen from the property.  The officers took pictures of the scene and contacted CSI who said they would be responding.  Report number 120363968

8:01pm       Unit Blk Canyon          Burglary
Officers Cassinelli and Archilla, responded to a call of a possible burglary. On the scene, they spoke with the landlord of the building, who told officers that he was notified by his wife that the front door of the building was open. When he went to inspect, he called out for tenants, but no one stepped forth. He also noted that the front door had been forced open. The officers inspected the building, but found no one inside. When an attempt to contact the tenant of the building was made, he did not respond to the officer’s phone calls. Follow up information was left with the reportees.  Report number 120364148

8:34pm       2800 Blk Diamond       Theft
While working at Ingleside Station, Officer Leong was approached by a female victim who wanted to file a report. The victim said that she was at a gym on Diamond, taking some classes when an unknown suspect walked inside the gym, and began asking staff questions about joining. He then went on to ask the staff members for tissue, for which he was directed to go to the back of the gym, where all of those attending the class place their items. At the end of the class, the victim noticed that her wallet, and several other items that she had in her purse were missing. She believes that it was the unknown suspect who took her belongings but she had no proof of this. Another gym member also claimed to have items taken from her purse. No arrests have been made at this point. All parties were provided with follow up information.  There were no surveillance cameras in the areas which might have captured the incident.  Report number 120364160


  4:49am    300 Blk Raymond     Stolen vehicle
  5:11am    1700 Blk Visitacion   Recovered vehicle
  8:33am    100 Blk Seneca         Traffic collision
12:52pm    700 Blk Cayuga        Recovered vehicle
  1:16pm    100 Blk London        Recovered vehicle
  6:00pm     Mission/Randall        Traffic collision
  7:00pm     Unit Blk Seneca       Traffic collision
  8:42pm     Maynard/Congdon   Traffic collision