Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 6, 2012

Incident Date:
Sunday, May 6th, 2012


4:59pm       500 Blk London              Warrant
While out on patrol, Officer’s Labutan, Pereira, Archilla, and Cassinelli, responded to a call regarding two suspects participating in possible drug-related activity. When the officer’s arrived on the scene, there was only one suspect there, whom the officer’s recognized from previous contacts. The suspect was detained, and when a computer check was done on him, it was discovered that the suspect had an outstanding warrant. He was transported back to the Ingleside Station, where the warrant was confirmed. Report 120357212

Other incidents:  

0:05am       Unit Blk Coleridge        Discharge of Firearm
While patrolling, Officer’s McMilton, and Peregrina were dispatched in response to a shots fired call. While enroute to the scene, dispatch received a second call from a person claiming that she had been shot at. After identifying herself, the caller hung up on dispatch, and did not answer any calls that dispatch made in an attempt to get her location so that she could meet with officers. Officer Ma, who also responded to the call, found bullet fragments, and casings, which were later booked into evidence at Ingleside Station. At the scene, Officer’s McMilton, and Peregrina spoke with the original caller of the incident, who told them that she heard voices arguing outside of her home arguing, and then a loud bang. The area was canvassed for suspects, and a victim, but neither was found. Officers took pictures at the scene for evidence.  No arrests have been made at this point. Report 120356587

3:09am       100 Blk Brookdale       Exhibiting Weapon
At 3:09am, Officer Baldovino was dispatched to the given location, regarding a person with a gun. Officer’s Alamaguer, and Lozano also responded to the scene, to assist Officer Baldovino. When they arrived at the scene, the officer’s met with the victim, who told them the following: The victim was receiving irate messages from the daughter of his downstairs neighbor, whom he has been arguing with recently. The victim decided to go to his kitchen and open one of the shades when he saw his downstairs neighbor with an unknown male. The two sides kept on arguing until the unknown male pulled out a revolver and threatened the victim with it. The unknown suspect then retreated to a grassy knoll. While the victim was interviewed, one of his neighbors came forward, and stated the same story as the victim. The officer’s were then able to speak with the downstairs neighbor, who told the officer’s that she was walking home, when the victim opened his window, and began to argue with her. She then decided to go to her daughter’s home for a while. She then decided to go back home again, during which time she decided to ask an unknown male if he could watch her go inside her home. When she was going inside her home, the victim again began to argue with her, and this was when the unknown male stepped in, but she says that he did not have a gun on his person. The victim then pointed the officers in the direction of the home of the daughter of the neighbor whom the victim had been arguing with.

Officer Baldovino then responded to the 200 block of Blythdale where he witnessed an unknown male that matched the description of the suspect. The unknown male was detained. The victim, and the witness were brought over to the location on Blythdale Ave, and a cold show was conducted on the possible suspect. In the end, it was discovered that he was not the suspect that pointed a gun at the victim. All parties were provided with follow up information. Report 120359218

6:20am       100 Blk Otsego             Burglary
Officer Morgante responded to a call at the 100 blk of Otsego Avenue, on behalf of a possible burglary. When he arrived on scene, Officer Morgante met with the victim who told him that at approximately 6:00am, he looked outside his window, and saw a suspicious bicycle leaning up against a tree in his front yard. When he went to investigate, he discovered that his garage door was open, and that three bicycle’s were missing. There was no sign of forced entry in the garage, and the victim does not recall leaving his garage door open. He was provided with follow up information.  CSI was not called due to the lack of physical evidence.  Report  120359296

8:10am       Santos/Velasco              Robbery
Officer’s Larocca, and Muro were sent by dispatch to the given location on a complaint of a robbery. When they arrived on the scene, Officer Chang was already there, with a victim who had a rag to the left side of her head which appeared to be bleeding. The victim only spoke Spanish, spoke with Officer Muro, and told him that while she was waiting for the MUNI bus at the given location, she noticed two suspects running towards her. The suspects grabbed her purse, causing her to fall over, and hit her head and elbow on the concrete sidewalk. Officer Chang was able to get a witness for the crime, for the victim could not remember much since it all happened so quickly. A medic arrived on the scene, and it was discovered that the victim had an abrasion to the head, and a laceration on her elbow. When the witness Officer Chang spoke with was contacted, he did not respond to the calls. The area was searched for the suspects but to no avail. The officers took pictures of the victim for evidence and provided her with follow up information before she was transported to the hospital.  Report 120359387

9:23am       400 Anderson               Vandalism
Officer’s Wong, and Pai responded to a call regarding vandalism to a residence on the 400 block of Anderson Street. The victim told Officer Pai that an unknown suspect threw a white sticky substance at one of his windows. The victim believes that it was his neighbor, due to ongoing disputes that the two have had in the past, but he had no proof of this. Officers took pictures of the damage for evidence and provided him with follow up information.  There were no suitable surfaces to process for fingerprint evidence.  Report 120359519

12:03pm     900 Blk Geneva            Threats
While assigned to the Ingleside Station, Officer Lee was approached by a victim, who wanted to make a report. The victim said that she was in an ongoing civil suit dispute, with a man, whom she had engaged in a business deal with. The victim said that the same day that she came into the station, she received a call from the man, who threatened her, and told her that he was sending someone that would carry out an attack on her. She believes that the male suspect is capable of carrying out that threat, and she is afraid of him. The officer provided her with follow up information.  Report 120359763

2:22pm       100 Blk Alemany          Theft
While assigned to station duty, PSA Zabarte was approached by a male victim, who came in to report a theft. The victim stated that he is a vendor at the Alemany Flea Market, and that on the given date; he left his bicycle unattended while conducting business at the flea market. When he returned from his business, he discovered that his bicycle was stolen, and he canvassed the flea market for his bicycle, but to no avail. Report 120360118

5:40pm       300 Blk Sawyer            Battery
At the given time and date, Officers Gonzalez, and Yuen responded to a call regarding a fight. When they arrived on the scene, the victim told the two officers that she was in her home at the given location, taking care of her sick mother, when a few relatives came over. She said that she was with her mother, when she heard people yelling in the kitchen of her home, and when she went to investigate, three of her family members began to yell at her.  Eventually, this verbal argument became a physical altercation and the three family members left the home. The victim did not receive any serious injuries, and refused medical attention. No arrests have been made at this point. Report 120360704

6:28pm       200 Blk Athens             Burglary
Officers Perrerira and Labutan responded to a home burglary call at the 200 blk of Athens. They met with the victim who told the officers that an unknown suspect had entered her front yard, through an iron gate that does not lock. The suspect was able to take two bicycles belonging to the family of the reportee. She could provide no further suspect information and was provided with follow up information.  Report 120360817


  1:55am          Brookdale/Blythdale Ave.      Traffic collision                      
  8:00am          Unit Blk Burlwood Dr             Stolen vehicle
  8:51am          100 Blk Paris St.                      Stolen vehicle
  3:00pm          Cortland/Prospect Ave.          Traffic collision
  3:45pm          Tompkins/Folsom St.              Traffic collision
  8:50pm          4700 Blk. Mission St              Traffic collision