Monday, May 7, 2012

May 5, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, May 5th, 2012


2:06pm       1700 Blk Church St               Obstruction
Officer Preston was on patrol when he observed a vehicle parked in front of a red painted curb, in front of a fire hydrant.  The suspect exited the vehicle and walked towards a business.  The officer called out to the suspect and asked that he move his vehicle.  The suspect approached the officer’s vehicle and told him that he just needed to run inside and grab his phone.  The officer advised that if he left his vehicle there, he would ticket it.  The suspect got into his vehicle and drove off.  The officer continued his patrol and noticed a vehicle double parked, blocking traffic.  The officer made a u-turn and approached the second vehicle.  The officer then noticed the suspect pull his vehicle into a driveway, blocking the sidewalk.  The suspect exited his vehicle and entered a business.  The officer parked and exited his vehicle and approached the suspect’s vehicle.  The officer wrote a citation for the vehicle.  As he finished writing, the suspect approached the officer and confronted him about the ticket.  The suspect began to swear at the officer and challenged him to “come see me after work!”  The officer detained the suspect and several other Ingleside officers responded to the scene.  The suspect was placed under arrest for delaying and obstructing officer duties and was transported to Ingleside station.  The suspect’s vehicle was towed because it was not parked in a legal parking space.  An arrest search of the suspect’s property revealed a large amount of cash and three, white pills.  The suspect admitted to taking the pills for an injury, but he claimed to not know what the pills were.  The suspect was cited for delaying officer duties and released from Ingleside station.  Report 120357212

7:06pm       900 Blk Geneva Ave              Weapons
Officers Archilla and Cassinelli were on patrol in an area known for criminal activities.  The officers noticed a group of subjects standing at a bus stop.  The officer drove around the block and saw that a bus had stopped and left the area.  The subjects were still sitting at the stop.  The officers decided to contact the subjects.  Two of the suspects began to walk off from the officers.  One yelled profanities and told the other two suspects that they did not have to listen to police.  Due to the heavy crime area and the suspect’s behavior, the officers detained the suspects.  Officer Archilla conducted a pat down search for weapons on the first suspect and felt what he believed was a knife.  Several other officers responded to the scene to assist.  The officer removed the knife, and seized it as evidence.  Officer Seavey retrieved a knife from a second suspect.  The two suspects were arrested for possession of weapons, and the third suspect was released.  Report 120358022

Other incidents:  

10:12am     Silver & Gambier St              Robbery
Officers Park and Chang responded to a report of a robbery.  The victim told the officers that she was robbed at about 2:00am.  The victim said she was walking when a vehicle approached. The victim kept walking but she heard the sound of the doors opening and closing and multiple footsteps rapidly approaching behind her.  The victim turned around and saw three suspects behind her.  One suspect yelled that they just wanted her wallet and ordered her not to move.  The suspect reached into the victim’s pants pocket and took out her iPhone.  The suspects fled to the vehicle and fled.  The victim used a tracking program on her phone and it showed that it was last in Oakland, Ca.  Report 120356587

11:29am     100 Blk Ripley St                    Theft
Officers Wong and Pai were dispatched to a report of theft.  The victim had parked and secured his vehicle the night before.  In the morning, the victim attempted to start his car, but it would not start.  The victim then realized that his blue tooth was missing.  Wires under the glove box were cut and the vehicle’s registration was also gone.  There was no damage to the vehicle to indicate how the suspect gained entry.  Report 120356747

12:15pm     100 Blk Leland St                   Theft
Officers Hopkins and Uang were on patrol when they were flagged down by a victim regarding theft. The victim told the officers that she had parked her vehicle and secured it before leaving it unattended.  When she returned back to the vehicle, she found a window broken and the vehicle’s car stereo missing.  Report 120356913

12:22pm     500 Blk Carter St                    Personation
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi took a report regarding false personation. The victim received a statement in the mail regarding an unpaid bill.  The victim contacted the company, who informed the victim that the suspect had opened the account using her name, address and social security number.  The victim received a second statement from a different company regarding an outstanding bill.  The victim also contacted this company, who asked the victim to file a police report.  Report 120356907

1:29pm       Mission & Trumbull St          Robbery
Officer Goldsborough was dispatched to a robbery.  The victim told the officer that she had just got off the MUNI bus.  The suspect was standing at the bus stop when she exited.  As the victim walked past the suspect, he grabbed her purse.  The victim attempted to hold on to it, but the suspect overpowered her and was able to rip it away from her.  The suspect fled.  Report 120357121

4:50pm       200 Blk Randall St                 Burglary
Officers Morse and Gomez responded to a burglary report.  Upon leaving her residence, the victim secured all doors, however, the deadbolt on the front door was broken, so she was only able to lock the door by the lower lock.  The victim returned home and did not find anything out of place initially.  Later, she realized that some of her jewelry was missing from her jewelry box, but the less expensive jewelry remained untouched.  The victim had no idea who would have entered her residence, but acknowledged that the house was under construction with workers coming and going.  The victim did not suspect any of the workers.  There were no signs of forced entry into the residence.  Report 120357579


  4:42am          Lowell & Brunswick St           Vehicle accident
  6:31pm          Brazil & Paris St                     Vehicle accident