Monday, May 7, 2012

May 4, 2012

Incident Date:
Friday, May 4th, 2012


12:15pm     800 Blk Eugenia Ave             Narcotics
Sgt. Miller responded to a report of a suspect dumping oil into the street.  The Sgt. arrived and contacted three suspects who appeared to be working on a vehicle.  He noticed a puddle of oil underneath the vehicle.  The first suspect told the officer that he was the owner of the vehicle.  The suspect was hostile towards the Sgt. but provided him with his ID.  A records check revealed that the first suspect was the registered owner of the vehicle and that he was on probation for threats.  The Sgt. conducted a search of the suspect per his probation.  The Sgt. felt an object concealed in the suspects pants.  Several other Ingleside officers responded to assist the Sgt.  The Sgt. retrieved the object, which he suspected to be narcotics.  The suspect was also in possession of a large quantity of cash, an indication that the suspect was engaging in narcotic sales.  Other evidence was retrieved that indicated narcotic sales.  The first suspect was arrested.  The second and third suspects were released from the scene.  Report 120353771

11:10pm     3300 Blk Mission St               Vandalism
Officers McMilton and Peregrina were dispatched to a report of vandalism.  Officers Almaguer and Gomez also responded and had already detained the suspect.  Officer Gonzalez responded to assist in translation because the witness only spoke Spanish.  The witness reported seeing the suspect approach the restaurant window.  The suspect punched the window and walked off.  The witness ran outside and followed the suspect.  The witness signed a citizen’s arrest against the suspect.  The suspect was arrested.  Report 120355802

Other incidents:  

7:12am       1900 Blk Sunnydale Ave       Vandalism
Officers Larocca and Muro responded to a report of vandalism to a vehicle.  The victim parked his vehicle and secured it.  Upon his return, the victim discovered three of the vehicle’s windows had been smashed.  Nothing was taken from inside the vehicle.  The victim believed he knew who caused the damage, although he did not see the incident occur.  Report 120352983

11:29am     100 Blk Highland Ave           Fraud
Sgt. Miller was dispatched to a report of fraud.  The victim has a debit card that provides her access to her government issued benefits.  The victim had an acquaintance visit her for the day over a month ago.  When the suspect left, the victim noticed her debit card was missing.  The victim called to report her card had been stolen, and she was informed that there were fraudulent charges on the account.  The victim did not provide any further details.  Report 120353602

11:49am     3300 Blk Mission St               Theft
Officer Duffin entered a store when he was immediately flagged down by a witness.  The witness pointed to a suspect that was exiting the store carrying a large purse.  The witness told the officer that he saw the suspect steal some items and place them in her purse.  The officer followed the suspect out of the store and detained her.  The suspect told the officer that she didn’t steal anything, but complied with the officer when he asked to see the contents in her purse.  Inside her purse were several bags of candy that the suspect did not have a receipt for.  The suspect’s husband arrived at the store and offered to pay for the items.  The witness agreed and the items were paid for.  The suspect was advised to never return to the store.  Report 120353652

12:29pm     3200 Blk Mission St               Theft
Officer Hurwitz was approached by a witness regarding a theft. The witness told the officer that he saw a suspect taking money out of the victim’s pocket.  The victim was intoxicated and lying in the street.  The witness told the suspect to put the money back in to the victim’s pocket, and she pretended to do so.  The suspect fled with a second subject.  The witness provided a detailed description of the suspects.  Officers Elton and Rueca responded to the area and made contact with the victim.  The victim was highly intoxicated and was unaware of any incident occurring.  The victim was unable to communicate with the officers due to his state.  Officer Duffin also responded to the area and located both suspects.  Officer Hurwitz contacted the suspects, who she recognized from several prior police contacts.  The suspect started talking incoherently, which Officer Hurwitz contributed to a mental illness that the suspect suffers from.  The officers documented the incident and released both suspects from the scene.  Report 120353969

7:19pm       100 Blk Wool St                     Theft
Officers Morse, Cassinelli, Elton and Rueca responded to a report of theft.  The victim parked and secured her vehicle, before leaving it unattended.  The victim was shopping in a store when a witness entered and stated that a suspect had broken into a parked vehicle.  The victim walked outside and discovered that the window of her vehicle had been broken and several items were stolen from inside.  Report 120355131

9:45pm       4900 Blk Mission St               Robbery
Officers Benavidez and Lustenberger were dispatched to a report of a store robbery.  Numerous Ingleside units also responded to search the area for the suspects. The victim had arrived to lock up the store when he was approached by a suspect from behind.  The suspect grabbed the victim and demanded to know where the money was.  The victim and suspect entered the store, while a second suspect followed.  Three more victims were inside the store.  The first victim realized that the second suspect was holding a gun.  The victim led the first suspect into the back of the store to the safe.  The victim opened the safe and handed the cash over to the suspect.  Both suspects fled.  None of the victims were injured.  Report 120355517


11:13am          2000 Blk Burrows St              Recovered vehicle
  5:13pm          100 Blk Blythdale Ave            Recovered vehicle 
  5:54pm          300 Blk London St                 Recovered vehicle
  8:00pm          Unit Blk Phelan Ave               Recovered vehicle