Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 29, 2012

Incident Date:
Tuesday, May 29th 2012


3:49pm                4700 Blk Mission St               Battery
Officers Aslam and Wilson responded as back-up to Officers Trail and Peregoy.  The officers were flagged down in regards to an incident of battery.  Officer Aslam interviewed both parties who were involved in a road rage incident.  The victim was spit on by the subject during the altercation.  The victim wanted to press charges against the suspect and signed a citizen’s arrest for battery.  The suspect was cited and released from the scene with a court date.  Report 120425740

10:05pm              3900 Blk Mission St               Warrant
Officer Gomez was on patrol driving behind a vehicle.  The vehicle had a broken center brake light, so the officer decided to pull the vehicle over.  The officer contacted the driver and advised her of the violation.  A records check of the driver revealed that she was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The driver was taken into custody without further incident.  Report 120426964

Other incidents:  

9:17am                600 Blk Hearst St                   Vandalism
Officer Trujillo took a report regarding vandalism to a vehicle.  The victim reported three work vehicles had been damaged at a work sight overnight. Report 120424576

10:54am              Unit Blk Garrison St              Robbery
Officers Muro and Larocca and several other Ingleside officers were dispatched to a report of robbery.  The officers met with the victim, who appeared to be in shock from the incident.  The victim was making a delivery when a suspect approached him and demanded some boxes from the delivery truck.  A second suspect was also present, and stood by the passenger side of the vehicle as the lookout.  The first suspect lifted his jacket and showed the victim a gun that was tucked into his waistband.  The suspect jumped in to the truck and began throwing packages onto the street where the second suspect was standing.  Both suspects gathered up several boxes and fled the scene.  Four of the packages were recovered by other officers searching the area.  Report 120424861

12:11pm              Italy & Lisbon St                   Robbery
Officer Johnson responded to a report of robbery.  The officer contacted the victim, who was bleeding from the mouth and suffered from a small scratch to his cheek.  An ambulance was summoned.  The victim told the officer that he had parked and was about to exit.  Two suspects approached the driver side door, and one of them opened it.  The first suspect demanded the victim’s money.  The victim handed the suspect his wallet and asked the suspect to only take his money, not his ID.  The suspect agreed and took the victim’s cash out of the wallet.  The second suspect opened the passenger side door and began rummaging through the glove box.  The victim started to scream for help.  The second suspect told the victim to shut up and punched him twice in the mouth.  The suspects both fled on foot.  A witness heard the commotion and saw the suspects fleeing the scene, but refused to cooperate with providing further information.  Medics arrived and treated the victim with an ice pack.  Report 120425126

1:14pm                Unit Blk Gladys St                 Burglary
Officers Wong and Pai were dispatched to a report of burglary.  The victim went to her front porch to retrieve her bicycle when she discovered it was gone.  She looked closer at the fence where the bicycle was secured and noticed that the fence post that the bicycle was locked to was pulled away from the railing.  She also realized that the main door that leads in to her apartment was unlocked, although she was sure that she had locked it. The officers located a crowbar nearby that was likely used to pry the fence post from the railing.  Report 120425251

1:35pm                300 Blk Monterey Blvd         Theft
Officer Hornstein responded to investigate a theft incident.  The victim went into his storage unit and realized that several pieces from his camping equipment were missing.  The suspect could have gained access to his storage unit from the unit next to his by climbing over the wall.  The victim wasn’t sure when the items went missing as he had not used them in some time.  Report 120425411

6:47pm                3100 Blk Mission St               Robbery
Officers Tam and Hurwitz were dispatched to a silent hold up alarm that is activated in cases of an emergency, usually when a robbery is occurring.  The establishment was known to the officers for illegal gambling.  The victim told the officers that he just stepped outside in front of the premise when he was surrounded by four suspects.  One of the suspects had a shot gun.  The suspects barged into the establishment and ordered everyone to the ground.  The suspects made off with cash, and no one was injured.  The suspects fled in a vehicle.  Report 120426572

7:48pm                200 Blk Brazil Ave                  Burglary
Officers Labutan and Pereira responded to a burglary incident.  The victim came home to find her residence had been ransacked.  There were no signs of forced entry.  Several pieces of jewelry were taken.  The victim identified possible suspects, but did not see who stole her belongings.  Report 120426550

8:19pm                300 Blk Monterey Blvd           Burglary
Officer Gomez was dispatched to a report of burglary.  The victim removed her bicycle from her storage unit so that she could go for a ride.  She specifically remembered locking the unit before she left.  When she returned, she found that the lock to the unit was damaged and several items were taken from inside.  An adjacent storage unit also had damage to the lock.  Report 120426663


  6:20am          1200 Blk Alemany Blvd          Stolen vehicle: 2003 Dodge Caravan, blue
  6:50am          100 Blk Conrad St                  Recovered vehicle: 2002 Dodge Caravan, maroon
10:10am          Unit Blk Duncan St                 Recovered vehicle: 1990 Honda Civic 4D, blue
  6:09pm          100 Blk Mirando Way            Recovered vehicle: 1997 Honda Accord 2D, blue