Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 28, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, May 28th 2012


8:09pm                1200 Blk San Jose Ave          D.U.I.
Officers Archilla and Chan responded to a report of a vehicle stuck on the MUNI tracks.  The officers located the vehicle and advised MUNI to stop running trains until it was safe to do so.  Upon further investigation, the officers realized that there was no one in the vehicle, but that it was disabled from damage caused to the axle.  While waiting for the tow to arrive, a suspect approached the officers and told them that the vehicle was his.  The officers immediately noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming from the suspect’s breath.  The officers asked the suspect if he had been driving and he told them “yes”.  The suspect admitted to the officers that he had at least two shots of alcohol, and kept repeating himself as he spoke.  He had other signs of being under the influence, such as watery, bloodshot eyes and an inability to stand steady on his feet.  The officers moved the suspect to a safer location and conducted field sobriety tests on him.  The officers determined that the suspect had been driving under the influence of alcohol.  The suspect was subsequently arrested.  Report 120423471

Other incidents:  

8:04am                5600 Blk Diamond Hgts        Vandalism
Officer Morrow responded to a report of vandalism to two vehicles.  The victim had left both of her vehicles parked on Diamond Heights in the evening. The following day, she returned to her vehicles and discovered all the tires on each vehicle had been slashed.  Report 120421726

1:28pm                100 Blk Laidley St                 Burglary
Officer Morrow was dispatched to a burglary report.  The victim’s had left for a day trip.  The witness arrived at the house and found that it had been burglarized.  The victim’s were notified of the incident and responded to the scene.  The officers determined that the suspect had entered through the window on the front door that had been smashed out.  Some large items were moved from their original locations, such as a large screen TV.  Other items were stolen.  The victim’s advised that the residence had an alarm system installed, but it had not been activated.  The officer searched the area for witnesses but was unable to locate any.  Report 120422564

2:10pm                Unit Blk Niagara St               Stay Away Order
PSA Zabarte took a report from a victim regarding a violation of a court order.  The victim provided proof of a valid restraining order issued against the suspect.  PSA Zabarte was able to confirm the order through a records check.  The victim said that the suspect came to her residence.  The victim confronted the suspect and threatened to call the police.  The suspect fled the premise without further incident.  Report 120422586

3:11pm                800 Blk Bosworth St              Vandalism
Officer Antonian was on duty at Ingleside Station when a victim came in to report vandalism.  The victim was in her residence when she heard footsteps coming from the stairs that lead to the back entrance.  The victim walked to the rear door and saw the suspect standing on the stairs.  She yelled at the suspect and asked what he was doing there.  The suspect fled down the stairs, through the victim’s garage and ended up in front of the residence.  The suspect got into a vehicle and fled.  The victim believes she saw some kind of object in the suspect’s hand, but was unsure of what it was.  The victim continued to tell the Officer that about two weeks ago, she found an unknown liquid on her vehicle, which she later discovered was battery acid.  The acid caused damage to the vehicle.  The victim has had several other incidents with the suspect, all of which she reported to the police.  Report 120422724 

3:25pm                3100 Blk San Bruno Ave       Dog Bite
Officers Sugitan and Fung were dispatched to a report of a dog attack.  The victim was walking her dog when suddenly an off-leash pitbull charged out of a nearby house.  The pitbull bit her dog on the back and carried it into a bush where it mauled at her dog.  The owner of the pitbull came out of the house and gained control of the pitbull.  The victim found her dog hiding in the suspect’s driveway, cowering under a truck.  A witness wrapped the injured dog in a jacket and told the victim to take the dog to a veterinarian.  Due to the dog’s injuries, it had to be euthanized.  The suspect agreed to take care of the victim’s vet bills, and provided her with some information.  The officers returned to the address where the suspect had been earlier, and was unable to contact her.  The officers contacted the witness, who provided the officers with the suspect’s true identity, since she had lied to the victim regarding her information.  The officers were unable to locate the suspect or the suspect’s dog.  Report 120422809

4:33pm                5500 Blk Diamond Hgts.       Vandalism
Officers Chan and Archilla responded to a report of several cars being broken into.  When they arrived, there were several tow trucks on scene.  The officers contacted a victim.  The victim told the officers that he owns five cargo vans, which were all parked on the street along Diamond Heights Blvd.  Although he could not name a suspect, the victim believes that one of the neighbors is upset with him parking all of the vans in the area.  The victim discovered that all of the tires were slashed on four of his vehicles, causing an estimated $2,000 in repair and replacement costs.  Report 120423114

5:51pm                200 Blk John F. Shelley         Theft
Officers Pereira and Quintero took a report regarding a car break in.  The two victims took their dogs to the park to walk them.  They left their vehicle secured and left it unattended for about 15 minutes.  When they returned, they discovered the rear passenger window was smashed.  One of the victim’s had left her iPhone and laptop in the vehicle, and they were both taken.  Report 120423283

5:54pm                Unit Blk Wilder St                 Theft
Sgt. Inocencio took a report of a vehicle break in.  The victim parked and secured her vehicle early in the morning.  She returned late in the afternoon and found one of the vehicle’s windows had been smashed.  The victim’s GPS was stolen from inside.  Report 120423227

6:07pm                Unit Blk Baden St                  Theft
Officer Antonian took a report of theft from a vehicle.  The victim parked and secured her vehicle, and left it for several days.  When she returned, she discovered the driver side door was unlocked.  The victim walked around to the passenger side of the vehicle and found the passenger door slightly open, although still locked.  The victim went in to her vehicle and found leaves, branches and some dirt inside.  Her paperwork from the glove box was scattered about and the face plate from the CD player was missing.  Report 120423255

9:41pm                100 Blk Britton St                  Burglary
Officers Ma and Jones were dispatched to a burglary incident.  The victim secured his residence and then left for the day.  When he returned late that night, he entered his residence and discovered that a suspect had ransacked it.  The victim looked around and found the window leading into a bedroom on the second floor had been damaged.   The officers located a screwdriver next to the damaged window, which did not belong to the victim.  There was also damage to the front door of the residence.  The victim noticed many items that were missing, including a laptop, camera, TV and several pieces of jewelry.  Report 120423813

10:59pm              4800 Blk Mission St               Robbery
Officers Hermosura and Contreras responded to a panic alarm.  The officers contacted two victims and two witnesses.  One victim had been working at the cash register when a suspect walked into the restaurant.  The suspect demanded money and lifted his shirt, exposing a handgun tucked in to his waistband.  The victim opened the register and started handing over the money.  The suspect told the victim to empty out a second cash box located underneath the register, which he did.  A second victim, who was away from the register at the time of the incident, saw the suspect put his hand in the tip jar. The second victim walked up to the suspect and tried to grab the tip jar away from the suspect. The suspect again lifted his shirt, revealing the handgun.  The second victim jumped back, startled. The suspect fled with over $2,000 in cash.  Report 120423904


  1:24am          Virginia & Eugenia Ave           Vehicle accident: 2 vehicles involved, hit & run
  9:00am          Precita & Harrison St              Vehicle accident: 2 vehicles involved, hit & run
  6:18pm          500 Blk Raymond Ave           Recovered vehicle: 2002 Acura TL 4D, black
  6:32pm          400 Blk Arlington St               Stolen license plate: CA
  8:29pm          San Jose & Randall St            Vehicle accident: 2 vehicles involved, hit & run
  8:30pm          3400 Blk Mission St               Recovered vehicle: 1990 Honda Civic 2D, red
  8:30pm          3400 Blk Mission St               Recovered vehicle: 1997 Honda Civic 2D, silver
11:30pm          Girard & Harkness Ave          Vehicle accident: 2 vehicles involved, hit & run