Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 27, 2012

Incident Date:
Sunday, May 27th 2012


2:49pm                Mission & Ocean Ave           Traffic Violation
Officers Fung and Sugitan were on patrol when they spotted a suspect riding a bicycle on the sidewalk, a violation of the traffic code.  The officers stopped the bicyclist and advised him of the violation.  The officers questioned the suspect regarding the bicycle.  The suspect told the officers that he purchased the bicycle for $3,000, but was unable to tell the officers what model it was.  The officers grew suspicious and retrieved the serial number of the bicycle.  The officers conducted a records check of the serial number, but the bicycle did not come back stolen.  The officers took several pictures of the bicycle as evidence and issued the suspect a citation for the traffic code violation.  The suspect was released from the scene.  Report 120420013

8:07pm                5200 Blk Mission St               Warrant
Officers Hurwitz and Tam were on patrol wearing plain clothes, in an unmarked vehicle.  The officers spotted two suspects that they recognized from prior police contact.  The suspects were also involved in an investigation regarding a stolen vehicle.  The officers knew that one of the suspects was wanted for an outstanding warrant and the other was on probation with a warrantless search condition.  The officers stopped their vehicle, contacted the suspects and identified themselves as police officers.  The officers asked one of the suspects to take a seat on the ground.  The ground was clearly free of debris when the suspect sat down.  The officers handcuffed the second suspect who had the outstanding warrant.  She was also in possession of a glass pipe commonly used to ingest narcotics, and a digital scale that had narcotic residue on it.  The suspect also had tools on her person that were consistent with tools used in burglaries. 

The officers then conducted a probation search on the second suspect.  As the suspect stood up, a key fell from the suspect’s pocket.  The key was altered with file marks, consistent with keys used to start vehicle engines of certain older model Honda’s that are often stolen. 

The first suspect was arrested on her outstanding warrant and two other charges.  The second suspect was cited for possession of burglary tools and released from the scene.  Report 120420938

3:26pm                Unit Blk Prospect St             Warrant
Officers Hurwitz and Tam were on patrol working in plainclothes.  The officers were focused on one particular residence that had received several complaints regarding criminal activity.  The officers had both made prior arrests at this residence in the past.  The officers spotted a suspect that they recognized from prior police contact and who was wanted on an outstanding warrant.  The suspect spotted the officers, and he made a motion towards the house as if he was about to flee inside.  The officers exited their vehicle and identified themselves as police officers.  Officer Tam asked the suspect for his name.  Officer Hurwitz overheard his answer, and told Officer Tam that the suspect was lying about his name.  Realizing that he knew Officer Hurwitz from prior contact, the suspect gave his correct name.  The officers confirmed the suspect’s outstanding warrant and he was arrested.  Report 120420176

Other incidents:  

7:13am                4100 Blk San Bruno Ave       Shooting
Officers Pai and Wong were dispatched to a report of a broken window.  The victim told the officers that she was home when she suddenly heard a window of her residence shatter.  The victim did not immediately call the police, waiting until the morning to report the incident.  The officers located a hole in the window consistent with a bullet hole.  The officers were unable to locate a casing or any other evidence.  The officers contacted dispatch who advised them that there were two shots fired calls around 2:30 and 2:45am.  Report 120419301

12:21pm              5500 Blk Mission St               Robbery
Officers Sullivan and Padilla responded to a report of a robbery involving a gun.  The robbery had occurred approximately 30 minutes prior to the victim calling the police.  When the officers arrived, they contacted the victim.  The victim said he was alone in his store when a suspect approached him.  The suspect pulled his hand out of his pocket and pointed a gun at the victim.  The victim was scared and told the suspect to take whatever he wanted.  The suspect ordered the victim to grab a plastic bag and empty the contents of the cash register into it.  The suspect also demanded a pack of cigarettes.  The suspect fled.  The victim told the officers he tried to call 911, but kept misdialing because he was so confused.  The victim instead called his boss who instructed him to wait until the morning to call the police.  The officers were able to view surveillance footage of the incident.  Report 120419680

2:07pm                1600 Blk Dolores St               Burglary
Officer Naval was dispatched to a report of an attempted burglary.  The victim told the officer that a couple days prior, he had left his residence to go on vacation.  All of the windows and doors were secured.  The victim received a phone call from a neighbor informing him that there was a burglary in the area, and that he police had taken a suspect in to custody.  When the victim returned home, he found damage to the exterior of his home, such as the roof and gutters as if the suspect had walked on the roof at some point.  The suspect did not gain entry into the victim’s residence.  Report 120419969


11:14am          1500 Blk Geneva Ave             Stolen vehicle: 2004 Toyota Corolla 4D, turquoise
11:34am          100 Blk Harvard St                 Stolen vehicle: 1995 Honda Civic 2D, green
  1:00pm          Avalon & Naples St                Stolen vehicle: 1988 Toyota Camry 4D, silver
  1:10pm          5300 Blk Mission St               Stolen vehicle: 1992 Honda Accord 2D, grey
  1:23pm          Delano & San Juan Ave          Vehicle accident: two vehicle’s involved, hit & run  
  2:40pm          Unit Blk Roemer Way            Stolen vehicle: 1990 Toyota Camry 4D, black  
  5:09pm          Carrizal & Velasco Ave          Vehicle accident: 1 vehicle/1 ped involved, minor injuries
  7:20pm          Vienna & Brazil Ave               Vehicle accident: two vehicle’s involved, hit & run
  7:25pm          700 Blk Brazil Ave                 Recovered vehicle: 1988 Toyota Camry 4D, silver